[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Tri-Vision are rotating billboards which allow three unique advertisements to be placed on the same billboard at the same time. Tri-Vision boards are like bulletins, with two additional features: they “move” and they carry more than one message.

A Trivision is an outdoor billboard sign that consists of triangular prisms, also called slated faces, placed inside a frame. The prisms rotate 120⁰ at intermittent intervals, each showing a new message of advertisement. As implied, three individual images, or messages, can be displayed on a Trivision which is also known as a three-message out of home advertising sign. In many cases, Trivison mechanical billboards are being replaced by digital billboards which allow operators to generate revenue from six to eight (6-8) advertisers instead of just 3.

The surface of a Tri-Vision Billboard is divided into vertical strips. Each strip has three sides which rotate on a timed schedule to provide three messages on one billboard. Compared to a static board, the changing of the message alone draws more eyes to your advertisement. You can purchase one of the sides, or create a three stage message by purchasing all three sides

Advantages of Tri-Visions to Advertisers

  • Unique Rotation of Trivision Billboard drives more attention to the billboard as compared to static boards.
  • There is increased viewership Tri-Visions which means increased frequency as against static billboards.
  • Attract & Hold Attention. The Motion has a powerful grip on people’s attention and perception.
  • Trivisions have higher recall rate than static billboards
  • Cost-effective as multiple advertisers are sharing the advert space cost as against static billboards.
  • Visual interest is stimulated with Trivision technology which is impactful and attracts more attention to the message shown and makes your outdoor advertising even more effective.
  • Design. Purchase one of the sides, and your message is “revealed” on every third turn of the prisms. Purchase all three sides to create multiple messages that rotates to display.
  • Huge value for money and increased attention value due to movement

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