[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]A painted rooftop ad with OneStopAdvert offers a dual benefit: if your roof is in need of repair or re-coating, you can take advantage of OneStopAdvert, our licensed, full service roofing company, and roll the cost of your roofing ads into your roof repair job at a significant savings. Additionally, we ensure that neither the roof repair nor the ad installation will void any existing roof warranties. This is Ideal for a Logo or Long-Term Ad Campaign (5 years or more).

Painted roof ad installation procedure:

  • Roof is prepped, repaired, primed and power-washed, and all seams are sealed
  • Approved final logo or advertisement is painted directly onto the roof with high quality industrial paint suitable for the climate
  • After drying, logo or advertisement is sealed with a liquid laminate that slows fading
  • Both the roof and the ad can be maintained and serviced for the life of the contract, or on an as-needed basis to ensure that colors stay bright and true and that the roof is completely protected

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