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Why Nigerian and Global Influencers Should join OneStopAdvert Influencer Marketplace

OneStopAdvert Influencer Marketplace is a proudly Nigerian, Global Influencer and Creator Community. We arguably have one of the World’s biggest influencer marketing platform with campaigns conducted worldwide on a daily basis.

We make it easy for you to earn when you post contents daily. We bring the brands to you, so you don’t have to waste time looking for contact details and pitching ideas, so that you can focus on doing what you love and engaging your audience.

We present you opportunity to get fantastic products and services with huge discounts or even for free. Infact, we can get you mouth watering deals. In other words, you get special discounts for product or services in exchange for your posts. Take advantage of being an influencer and benefit from OneStopAdvert exclusive Deal offers.

You join campaigns you are interested in, check your rates, and get paid – all in the OneStopAdvert Simplifed Dashboard! It’s easy. You can participate in campaigns on: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Blog etc

Influencers Must Have. Gain access to our technology and discover all the possibilities it has to offer

Collaborate. Choose your favourite compaign, execute the task and publish the post on your social media profile

Withdraw. Money will be in your bank account, Bitcoin (BTC) wallet or paypal account within hours of a request for withdrawal

Register. Signup now by filling your details on the registration form at

Why Social Media Influencers and Creators must Join OneStopAdvert Influencer Marketplace?

  • Access to Nigerian and Global business and advertisers
  • Transparent medium of pricing for brands and influencers (You know how much you earn and when)
  • Multiple Payout Payment Mediums (Bank Transfer, Paypal, Bitcoin [BTC])
  • Simplified user dashboard
  • Access to other influencers from Asia, America, Europe, Australia, Africa to collaborate on single project and have a unique fusion; giving brands access to race they like to rock their products/services in their target region

How does OneStopAdvert Influencer Marketplace work?
OneStopAdvert Influencer Marketplace is a free application that allows social/digital influencers earn money by participating in brand campaigns on their social media profiles. After logging in, Social Media influencers can see the list of campaigns divided by brands working with OneStopAdvert Influencer Marketplace. Only campaigns available to specific Social Media influencers are visible to them. By clicking on details Social Media influencers receive the informations containing conditions and tasks that need to be done to complete the assignment. Influencers have to write text contents, take a photo or record a video and publish it on a social media account. In the description there should be specific #hashtag and brand’s @tag/mention. After completing the task correctly, the Social Media influencers receive a payment. Social Media influencers are able to see their remuneration even before they decide whether to participate in the campaign or not.

How can I join OneStopAdvert Influencer Marketplace?
To join OneStopAdvert Influencer Marketplace, register online at and add your social media influencer accounts. Our team will verify your account and approve accordingly.

I’ve registered, but my account isn’t activate yet. How long does it take to verify a new account?
Verification of your account may take up to 24 hours.

Why wasn’t my profile accepted?
OneStopAdvert Influencer Marketplace is a community of digital influencers who have sufficient engagement on their profiles, i.e. the number of likes and comments on posts that matches the number of followers. There may be several reasons if your profile has not been accepted yet by the moderator:
Too little time and the moderator has not yet managed to examine your profile,
You have too few followers – we accept profiles with over 1000 followers,
You have insufficient level of follower engagement in relation to content published on your profile,
Your profile contains content which is incompatible with the terms of use of either OneStopAdvert Influencer Marketplace or other social media channels
It is likely that photos published on your profile are not yours, or that you don’t have the copyrights to publish them,
Your profile contains too little content.

Still need help?
You can contact us on, Chat with us live or Call/Whatsapp: 08095029999

To signup now as a social media influencer, visit:

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Influencer Marketplace Vs Influencer Marketing Agency

There are multiple reasons why you are advised to use an influencer marketplace; as it has numerous benefits. At the same time; for busy entrepreneurs, you can also engage the service of an influencer marketing agency; to handle your next campaign. We try to xray the pros of adopting either or both below:

Benefits of using Influencer marketplaces and platforms

  • Self-service marketplaces and platforms put the power in your hands.
  • Great for a savvy in-house team.
  • Gives you direct access to influencers or their representatives.
  • First hand access to campaign performance and real-time analytics.
  • No lag or lead time to implement changes to your campaign whenever you want to.
  • More affordable since you’re only paying to use the platform.
  • Monthly subscriptions make it even more cost-effective if you’re only running a few small campaigns a year.

Benefits of using an influencer marketing agency

  • While influencer platforms save you money, an agency will truly save you time by taking most of the manual work off your hands.
  • Let the experts handle it. Agencies have specialists who take care of your outreach, management, optimisation, and reporting.
  • Agencies have access to a wider network with established relationships, meaning they’re able to negotiate rates that are normally fixed on marketplaces.

For custom made; all in one influencer marketplace, signup here and get started as a brand or influencer. You can also contact our professional influencer management team to handle your campaign for you now.


Professional ways to Incentivise Influencers

Content marketing has gotten more creative over the decades. The onset of influencer marketing proved to be a gamechanger for the way brands interacted with their target audience. But there’s always the question of compensating the influencers for their work; for making sure they receive a deal they are happy to work for, and that they continue endorsing and not vilifying your brand. Monetary compensation is one way, but not all brands or campaigns can always afford or wish to pay money and you know what? You really do not have to take the money route to compensate influencers every time.
But then, how do you engage with your influencers? What deals can you strike to convince them to promote your brand without monetary incentives?

Influencers know first
Launching a new lipstick range? Releasing a new mountaineering package to the Zuma? Just released a unique men’s grooming product? Let your influencers know first! Make them a part of the brand inner circle and give them some bragging rights as well. This is also a great way to build brand loyalty.

Grow your influencer’s following
Crossposting is a great way to announce collaboration with influencers and works as an incentive for them, too. Mentioning and tagging influencer’s accounts when you use their photos or adding a good word if you retweet or repost them is a great incentive. Growing their channels grows yours in a wonderful loop that is not vicious at all.

Level up with influencer goodie bags
Is your product Coconut oils? Give them an entire 5-flavour pack. Better yet, accompany it with a trip to a spa that uses your oils. The idea is going big with the gifting, more so than you would with giveaway winners or other guests. And make sure the goodies you give them are valuable and worth it. If you give well enough, it could be something that your influencers post about on social media out of sheer love for the product.

Send influencers to the stars
Give your influencers the celebrity treatment they deserve by giving them extraordinary experiences. If you are an FMCG brand, you could gift your influencers backstage passes to their favourite concert. If you are a travel company, gift them a luxurious weekend with the stay paid for. As a company, it always matters how you make your influencers feel – and this will leave them feeling very good.

Give your influencers the top discounts
Another place where knowing your influencer comes in handy. Note the products and services used commonly by your influencers and get them offers and discounts on the same. Such incentives help influencers automatically build and retain brand loyalty.

Work in collaboration with influencers
Your social media influencers are most often than not creative and intelligent people, so you can work with them instead of making them work for you. A great incentive used by fashion brands especially are products that feature the influencer, or co-planned and co-designed shoots, or other artistic campaigns that showcases the skills of the influencer with the product or services of the brand.

Give visibility to influencers
Take this point to quite literally mean ‘visibility’. Many influencers would jump at the idea of being a part of events, or of product placements shoots done creatively. Allow them to be seen openly associating with your brand.
If you are working with social media influencers, play the long term game. Work out arrangements that can retain your influencers and give them enough to want to say every single time you wish to work with them!

To engage the service of our personally reviewed and handpicked social media influencers, signup now at


Easy Ways to Turn Reviewers into Top Brand Advocates

In the influencer marketing sphere, intelligent shortcuts taken towards acquiring influencers really helps towards brand building and ultimately, sales. Taking reviewers and turning them into brand advocates is one of such shortcuts you should not be missing out on right now. If you are counting on reviews on ecommerce websites, forums, social events among others, to build a community, an audience base or both – read on.


Identify potential influencers among reviewers

Watch over your reviewers like a hawk guarding her flock and identify the list of repeaters. By this we mean the people who simply cannot resist their fingers from tapping reviews for almost every product or service that they use on your platform. Once you have identified your list of potential influencers, you will need a tool to pick from the lot.

Scans through profile of your customers/reviewer’s social media profiles to give you a clear measure of their social footprint and their presence on various social media channels. It also gives you numbers on their engagement and following, helping you decide whether to onboard a reviewer as an influencer.


Hook potential influencers on to your platform.

A kind response to a review goes a long way and have them returning. Unless very strong feelings have been developed towards a product, item or service, people need incentives to review. This can come in the form of rewards to the reviewers, or making the platform engrossing and interesting for reviewers, or both.


Give reviews their importance

Reviews can be instrumental in guiding a user’s decision. According to a survey by BrightLocal, 88 percent of consumers trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation—which is astounding, considering most online reviews are posted by total strangers. The same survey found that only 12 percent of the population did not regularly read reviews for consumer products. With this being the case, it helps to have the site designed in such a way that the reviews section is easily accessible and visually pleasing.


Aim to make reviews truly social

Unless special measures are taken, reviews can live and die on your website without ever seeing the light of day and generating leads. What would incentivize a user to make the reviews truly social and take them to a platform that will give them more eyeballs?


  1. a) Gamify the act of reviewing

Amazon gives importance to the top reviews; this works in the brand’s favour as well as in the reviewer’s!

Make it rewarding for users to review on your platform. In other words, the platform must natively encourage the very act of reviewing. One way of doing this could be showcasing most viewed reviews on top. Another could be giving levels to various kinds of reviewers, based on the frequency and popularity of their reviews. Observing reviewer’s behaviors to such cues also helps determine who among the reviewers can be converted into a brand advocate eventually. Website developers like can help customise such for you.


  1. b) Rewarding reviewers with goodies

Reviewers have it in them to automatically review the things that come their way. When the festive season is on its way or the opportunity for a sale presents itself, reward your consistent reviewers. Thank them for their support by sending in a bunch of goodies. You can send a bag with items or services that you have seen these individuals order or use most frequently. This way you can start dividing your reviewers into brand advocates of a certain type and start building your database, too!


Stay in touch

Carefully bring top and consistent reviewers into the funnel to turn them into brand advocates for your brand. Respond to their reviews and encourage them to be regular with their feedback. Give them privileges like discount vouchers and gift cards – little gestures to say thank you. And stay in touch through emailers or maybe even notifications on your website, to give your brand advocates something to look forward to.


Reviews, by adding content about your product or services, contributes to searchability of your site and boosts your ranking. You can turn this into your advantage by following these steps and using your platform itself, along with a consistent reward system, to easily transform reviewers into brand advocates.


Want to advertise your products/service online in a unique way, sign up to any of our package as a Brand/Advertiser here. Meanwhile, if you have huge fan base, a lot of friends or followers and willing to advertise products/services for clients on your social media account, click here to signup as an influencer.



Finding the Best Hyperlocal Influencers for Your Small Business

The next most effective strategy for influencer marketing is here.


Who are hyperlocal influencers?

Hyperlocal influencers are those who post their opinions and reviews on a plethora of forums — bloggers, Instagram engagers and the Twitterati make up what are today popularly called “hyperlocal influencers”.

They are users who have gained a high following on social media due to the traction their content receives. These hyperlocal influencers end up endorsing brands through creative advertising and can influence buying patterns. In a fast-moving in a country like Nigeria where positive feedback and reviews do influence buying habits to a large extent, hyperlocal influencers can be especially effective as they become known names and faces within their own communities.


Why does hyperlocal marketing work?

Hyperlocal social marketing allows brands to communicate to a group of individuals with similar interests in a specific community or neighborhood. Providing agents with opportunities to connect with customers on a more personal level further demonstrates that they care about them and the local community.


Your business made happy by happy hyperlocal influencers

Hyperlocal influencer marketing works wonders because it allows for a core group of individuals who are most likely to use the brand, to become loyal to the brand. There is an interesting correlation between the rise of hyperlocal marketing and the influencer marketing industry, where early adopting brands with big budgets activated large level influencers to reach a national or global audience. Recently, with the democratization of attention and influence, there has been a shift toward using the hyperlocal Micro Influencer.

Engaging in micro communities allows brands of all sizes to target and activate their local customers to use word of mouth marketing within their personal network (just like the good old days). These communities also produce higher engagement rates, making them more efficient.


How can hyperlocal influencer marketing be leveraged successfully?

Through reviewers and other specific customer feedback

Brands and platforms that allow for reviews or other specific customer feedback should definitely keep an eye out on who’s saying what about you. Brand loyalists can easily be turned into hyperlocal influencers by bringing them into the funnel of your brand, through a comprehensive process that can yield you gold if you follow it!


Through regular followers

Approach individuals who have been constantly and consistently engaging with your brand. They are either regular customers or avid followers of your work on social media. These hyperlocal influencers can then go on to convert the people within the vicinity – who are your most important target audience – into loyal customers, too!


Through local bloggers

It can be tricky to get the right traction from a blog, especially when there are so many un-optimised, unvisited blogs out there. However, if you do notice a local individual or group blog performing exceptionally well and are inclined towards the same field as your business and are getting enough attention online – go for it.


 Through local sponsorships and associations

Commemorate the important moments of your company through local associations. Tie up with either local organisations or budding local celebrities for endorsements and collaborations, and do not stop there! Keep them in the loop with every offer you have or campaign you run; and turn them influencers!

Technology is already making it easy to target individuals hyperlocally on social media. Social Times reports that nearly 60% of marketers plan to increase influencer marketing budgets. If you target audiences on a more hyperlocal level activate them using micro influencers, you are bound to get increased engagement on your spends! Go ahead and start building your brand with a great bunch of hyperlocal influencers.


Want to advertise your products/service online in a unique way, sign up to any of our package as a Brand/Advertiser here. Meanwhile, if you have huge fan base, a lot of friends or followers and willing to advertise products/services for clients on your social media account, click here to signup as an influencer.

Brand/Advertiser How To's Influencer/Bloggers Instagram

Proven Ways Brands/Advertisers Can Take Advantage of Instagram Story

Instagram Stories was introduced over the years, overtime, they’ve added a countless number of story updates – including GIF stickers, Instagram Music, polls and emoji sliders. While everyone is trying to keep up with the latest tools, it’s easy for readers to simply miss your posts. But not all hope is lost! There are still some innovative ways to take advantage of these story features and make your content stand out.

  1. Use Instagram Story Stickers to Engage with Your Followers.
    Tools like the poll sticker, emoji slider, and questions sticker allow your followers to directly interact with your Instagram story. With the poll sticker and the emoji slider – both of which have been around for months – you can ask a customized question and your followers can vote on your customized answers .

    For example, Benefit Cosmetics used the poll sticker to get a sense of what the audience wanted to see in their stories. Another story included an emoji slider that encouraged the audience to vote on how they felt about a new product.

    The questions sticker, a newer addition recently, is open-ended and a bit more personal. With this feature, you give your followers a chance to ask you any question. You can answer the questions publicly and feature them in your story, or you can answer them privately by direct-messaging the inquirer. The sticker can also be used to ask your followers a question they can answer freely.


  1. Run a Contest (But Contestants Must Use the Reposting Tool).
    Instagram giveaways and contests have been popular for years – and for good reason. As a participant, you have the potential to win amazing prizes in exchange for a few effortless clicks. As a brand, you have the ability to grow your fanbase by establishing requirements such as follows, likes, and comments. I know the idea of running an Instagram contest hardly seems original. But one new update is a gamechanger. With the new reposting option, Instagram has made it possible to share feed posts and other users’ stories with your own story in two simple moves. Making a story-repost a rule for entering your contest may create high engagement since Instagram has streamlined the process. For instance, a Boutique has already taken advantage of this feature by publicizing their giveaway on their story. This may encourage more participants to take part in your contest, and in turn, your brand may grab the attention of more people.


  1. Work with an Influencer for an Instagram Story Takeover.
    Straying away from the typical #sponsored feed posts, an Instagram story takeover allows the influencer to post from your brand’s account. It’s a mutually beneficial relationship! It presents an opportunity for both your brand and the collaborating influencer to get exposure to two different audiences. To run a successful takeover, find an influencer who already feels connected to your brand. As Chloe mentioned in her recent #AskAnInfluencer blog, this is key to creating authentic partnerships. Takeovers work because the audience sees your content presented in a new way. To increase traffic, make sure beforehand to promote the takeover on every possible channel. Have the influencer share day-in-the-life videos, skincare routines, Q&A’s, or behind-the-scenes looks. The influencer can then use their creativity to use hashtags, play around with face filters, and tag people in the story. Most importantly, end the influencer takeover with a call-to-action, whether that be to click a link in your bio or to “Swipe Up.” After the takeover, you can add the entire thread to your story highlights and feature it on your brand’s profile.


Take a look at how Brook & York collaborated with @taymbrown to show off a variety of their jewelry pieces. You can now rewatch the takeover on Brook & York’s highlights. It’s easy to focus on feed posts to build your brand, but it may be time to shift gears. Instagram stories are a great way to connect and resonate with your followers on a day-to-day basis. So take advantage of story features. Don’t be afraid to be a little more candid and show off your brand’s personality!


How to Draft Professional Outreach Email to Influencers and get desired Response

Influencer outreach is a make-or-break step in your efforts towards content marketing for successful, high engaging influencer campaigns.

Ask an Influencer: Why Aren’t Influencers Responding to My Emails?

Brands need to send a proposal to influencers about their campaign. This is quite simple but over the years it is discovered that Influencers don’t respond to some emails or there are a lot of back and forth before the detail is sealed.

Some Brands ask influencers to buy into a service that “guarantees” followers, and others are asking me to try a new product in exchange for a post on my feed. Many times, such emails are ignored. This sounds rude and harsh but, but you have to understand. For many influencers, creating content is our full-time job. They have to be strategic about the brands they work with, so their feeds don’t become an overwhelming gallery of product placements.

OneStopAdvert understands how disheartening this can be when an influencer that matches your perfect requirement doesn’t respond to your collaboration proposal. To help you get the attention of potential influencers – and to get them to read your proposal emails – we have asked professional influencers and we will break down the biggest reasons why influencers might be ignoring you. In addition, we will offer you few examples of amazing and not-so-great emails we’ve received from brands.


Top 3 Reasons Your Email Proposals are not Working

  1. Lack of personalization

First things first, please address the influencer by first name. Please don’t just say “Hello.” Some of the brands they automatically ignore are ones that don’t even personalize their emails. For instance, If you’re a payment brand asking me to promote your new app, it’s apparent you haven’t spent much time looking at my Instagram to understand that I usually talk about Outdoor Adverts, Social Media Influencer, and Indoor Ads products that we love. It will save us time down the road if you reach out with relevant products with a bit of personalization.

  1. Signs of automation we get it, you are busy and can’t craft each email individually. We are not new to email automation programs. However, if you are going to use a tool like this to send out mass invites, make sure that everything looks professional before sending it off. The worst case is when we are addressed as “{{First_Name}}” – that shows true automation at its finest which is discouraging.
  2. Lack of details about your collaboration If a brand emails us and by the time we are done reading their email, we still have no idea what they are asking for, we are most likely not going to spend the time responding. Please don’t ask to join your affiliate program or ask to provide a service if you haven’t given me information about your brand and product. Another noted that I am not a huge fan of when brands start a conversation off by offering a lot of money before talking about any of the fun collaboration ideas. This automatically makes the conversation seem like a business transaction rather than the start of a long-term relationship. Outline your thought-out collaboration idea and then let us know if it is something we would be interested in!


How to send an email the right way

Check out the sample email below. I’ll point out what I love about it.


The brand says, “Hi Yetunde or Dear Emeka.” While it is simple, you’d be surprised by the number of brands that don’t take the time to do this. This brand already has my attention!

Hi Emeka works way better than the confusion of adding prefixes or surnames – the more the variables, the more the chances of messing up. And a first impression will end up as the last ever impression, if communication does not go forward!



The brand mentions who they are and why they think I would be a good match for their campaign. They mention that my “colorful and fun content” will be really great for their campaign idea. They have done their research.



To avoid being mistaken for spam, back up your email with information about who you are and what brand you represent. Write to the influencers from an email domain that incorporates elements of the personal as well as the professional. An email from ‘Kikelomo, CEO –” is an example of good email marketing, and is less likely to get filtered as spam!

You should ideally also have links to the brand website and social media handles for the influencer to check out, as well as samples of previous influencer campaigns that you have worked on. It helps potential influencers gain a feel of your brand.



The brand gives me a brief overview of their campaign ideas, timeline, and the deliverables they are looking for. They also let me know that they are free to chat me up on Instant Messenger to talk more about the collaboration. You can guess I responded to this email! Even if I wasn’t interested in working with this brand, I would respond telling them why.

Let your influencer know why they are important to your brand and to your campaign. What about them or their work makes you believe they are the perfect for? Tell them in the first paragraph of your email itself. Give influencers no reason to hit delete and move on!


Moving forward, here are three tips to increase your response rate with influencers


Make your outreach proposal brief personal! Address an influencer by their first name and let them know why you’re reaching out to them specifically.



Make sure there is a call to action at the end of the email. What do you want the influencer to send you? Insights, media kit, rates, or more ideas on what their ideal collaboration would be? Is there a date you need to know if they have opted into the campaign or not? Add it in!

I hope this helps score your next collaboration with an influencer! If you really think the influencer just doesn’t have the time to respond back to you, make sure you send them a follow-up email after about 48 hours. This will make sure that influencer will respond right away if they are interested in collaborating.



Provide details about the campaign overview, timeline, and deliverables you are looking for. This not only helps cut back on the back and forth, but the influencer can then get back to you with a response, and without a ton of questions!



Don’t be vague about the requirements of the influencer campaign. What is it that you really need the influencer to do? 3 Instagram posts, 1 live video and a series of tweets? Would the influencer have to go to a specific location or use a certain prop in their photos? Let them know in the second paragraph of your email.

Here’s a good example of a campaign brief sent to an influencer:


“Hi Debola,

Hope you’re doing well!

As discussed with you, is launching a new Shoes soon and wants to  promote the same. The Shoe URL will be sent to you. The Shoe is to be returned back once the images are confirmed.

It will be great if you could click 5-6 images so that client can choose the best 2 and confirm about the same. Images will be confirmed from the client side before you go live with them. The deliverables are as follows:


2 Instagram posts

Note: The branding of the Shoe should be visible enough. The Images could be like a flat lay image wherein Shoe is laid with Clothing essentials,

or A picture clicked while you were wearing the Shoe,

or any creative concept you can come up with the Shoe in the picture.

The Commercial decided for 2 Instagram posts is $abc.

Do share your complete Residential address so that we can send you the Shoe ASAP.”



When your influencer shows interest in being a part of your campaign but has not yet committed, get back to them ASAP. Fill in the blanks, put their doubts to bed and be clear with your explanation of the campaign brief.



To be responsive, draft email templates and keep them ready so you can access it at the click of a finger. When influencers respond to the campaign request, promptly reply to seal the association! Do not waste time thinking of how to respond. Instead, have a series of personal, customised email templates ready with the information the influencer needs, to say yes.

And that’s it. When communicating with influencers, remember they live busy lifestyles and work selectively with brands. Keep your communication crisp but informative. Clear out expectations. Remind your influencers of all the ways they will be rewarded if they are part of this campaign. And then sit back and wait while the responses come pouring in!


Proven Strategies to become a Top Social Media Influencer

What do you need to become a social media influencer? A unique voice, deeply engaging content and a niche that makes your content unique to you. Throw in a bunch of followers that grow consistently, and you’ve nailed it.

Easy, right?

Not quite.

With the active of social media users growing to millions, it takes more than ‘great content’ to turn into a social media influencer whose voice is respected and whose following is so genuine, brands employ them to become advocates or ambassadors for the brand.

To help you achieve influencer status, here are some phenomenal tips to help you become a top influencer yourself!


Visibility matters

Be present on every platform possible and do something consistently. Work with a social media plan that you create for yourself. From Instagram Posts to Twitter chats from Google Plus among other broadcasts to in-person social media conferences, there is no better way to become a social media influencer, in addition to becoming a content creator and creating your own community, than by interacting with others, learning their needs, and helping them. With great influence comes great responsibility.


Create a unique brand aesthetic…

Delicious feeds make for successful influencers. And maintain it! Aesthetic is so important in the age of social media, especially for platforms like Instagram and Snapchat that are so visual. And if you’re selling physical products on Instagram, you need to be using a creative and consistent brand aesthetic. A vibrant brand aesthetic is core strategy for things like selling apparel.


Take It Offline

Social media is meant to be social, so you should dedicate time to meeting your community members and fellow influencers in real life. These in-person relationships can flourish beautifully online. The more time you can spend connecting offline, the more connected and engaged you will be online. Don’t just join Instagram pods, build and nurture real friendships with people in your online community and attend events where you can meet new people.


Go Live

If you are unable to host events regularly or maintain an on-ground presence, going Live really helps. Instagram and Facebook have brought people closer together than ever with the Live features, which even sends out notifications to friends and followers whenever you go Live. This feature is great for announcements and event engagements.


Focus on the idea, not the product

People who believe content marketing is simply writing about their products or services and pointing out how great their product or service is – will be getting monotonous overtime. Also, that path will not lead to you becoming a social media influencer. Instead, provide useful industry-related content 80-90% of the time, where the discussion features thought leadership and innovative ideas over actual products and services. Let the promo content be a minority.






Your individual opinion matters

There’s a topic or theme that is being discussed, but what do you have to say about it? What about your existence makes the content unique? According to a survey conducted by Augure, 79% of  respondents said a social media influencer must be able to concisely express their  opinions and create reactions when discussing a particular topic. Don’t be afraid to voice your opinions, even if that opinion may not be the most popular one.


Listen to relevant conversations on social media

Being a social media influencer means staying on top of all the news and happenings relevant to your industry. You can use tools like Social Mention to track all industry-related social media conversations. Know and follow what is being said on social media. Know what the information means. Form a concrete, well thought out opinion and express it your way!


Optimize your content for high-profile keywords

If you want to become a social media influencer for real, your favourite alphabets in the English language must become S – E – O. Use tools like Moz to discover search words relevant to your industry. Ranking for industry-related keywords is not only important for driving traffic, but for building your influence. If you rank highly for coveted industry terms, it will boost your reputation as a leader in your field.


Connect with other influencers

People tend to associate us and our reputation with the company we keep. So connecting with other influencers not only boosts your reputation as “someone to watch,” it potentially opens you up to new opportunities and relationships you would never have otherwise had.

Go ahead and work, work relentlessly to turn your thoughts and ideas into work that the world can see and appreciate. If you work consistently enough, you will be well on your way to becoming an acclaimed and much appreciated social media influencer!

Want to advertise your products/service online in a unique way, sign up to any of our package as a Brand/Advertiser here. Meanwhile, if you have huge fan base, a lot of friends or followers and willing to advertise products/services for clients on your social media account, click here to signup as an influencer.

Brand/Advertiser Content Marketing

Reasons Why Brands/Advertisers Should Work with Social Media Influencers

Brands and Influencers that are not working with influencers are missing out on all of these things! A honest question from someone not used to this type of advertising channel will ask for the reasons why should I work with influencers.

Many local, national and international brands here at OneStopAdvert have found that they may have to work with social media influencers, but they can’t just convincingly  itemize why. This can be because they don’t understand the concept. Some have seen the power of influencer marketing, others are because ‘everyone else is doing it,’ they know it’s a happening thing but when faced with the big question of why, should I join the bandwagon? Of course, we’re not going to leave you hanging – we’ve got the answers right here, with many reasons why you should work with influencers.


They generate sales

It’s a no-brainer; influencers generate sales, and that’s why so many brands are jumping on the influencer marketing bandwagon. From the minute an influencer talks about your product or service, sales generation starts. Depending on the influencer’s channel and the length of the campaign, sales will be generated immediately, in bursts or over several weeks.


They build relationships

Influencers build relationships between their followers and your brand. Without that mutual connection, or middle man if you will, it’s a lot harder to start building that relationship.


They’re excellent value for money

When compared to traditional advertising and PR activity, collaborating with influencers generates excellent value for money when your aim is to connect with a target market. In most cases, influencer collaborations generate a return on your original investment (especially when working with micro-influencers) meaning your making profit on the campaign quickly.


They can start the conversation

Before influencers can build a relationship between your brand and their followers, they must first start the conversation. Nobody likes it when people talk about themselves, so take the humble and flattering approach and have someone else do it for you (of course, only if they truly believe in your brand). Hello influencers!


They drive traffic

Driving traffic to your website, online store and social media channels is super important because it demonstrates consumers moving through the sales funnel and engaging with the brand. Influencer collaborations can drive more traffic to your website so you can convert more leads.


They create content

Influencers are the kings and queens of content creation, pumping out piece after piece of high-quality, engaging content. Essentially, they’re content machines. This is great news for brands because a), influencers are very good at it, and b), it means they can (and do) create user-generated content about your brand that can then be used on your own platforms. Remember that you don’t own the content when you work with an influencer and cannot use, share, edit or publish without permission and approval.


They build brand awareness

Influencers are the link between a brand and its market awareness, it’s that simple! While influencers do generate leads and sales as well, the brand awareness they build is unrivalled in traditional PR strategies (we’re talking about you, bland press release). Exposure and brand awareness is so important in today’s saturated retail and eCommerce space, so the more brand awareness you can achieve, the better.


They are a trusted voice

Did you know that consumers are more likely to trust the opinion of their peers than the brand itself, so partnering with an influencer to communicate your brand message has success written all over it. Step aside traditional branded advertising; the trusted voice of the influencer is now in vogue.


They have authority and influence

84% of consumers make a purchase after reading about a product or service on a blog – that’s almost 9 in 10 people! Influencers aren’t called influencers for nothing.


They convert leads

If you think of ‘leads’ as your potential customers, influencers are crucial to converting leads in the sales funnel. From the moment a consumer sees your product on an influencer’s page, they’re thinking about the product and what it would look like in their life. Now that the product is top of mind, it’s much easier to convert the lead into a paying customer.


They’re expert communicators

Influencers live and breath in the digital space so, as they’ve built their empire, they’ve developed a knack for digital communication. Therefore, they’re excellent at communicating a brand’s vision and message in a way that their followers will engage and connect.


They are engaged

Their whole job relies on how engaged their followers are and how much reach they receive, so there’s no denying that influencers are engaged, and like to encourage engagement on their platforms. Why is this important to brands? The number of engaged followers is much more important than the total number of followers because it shows how many people are actually interacting with the influencer when they talk about the brand and it is a better indicator of reach and impressions.


They are creative

There are millions of influencers across Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat, LinkedIn, Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest and blogs, so in order to stand out from the crowd influencers need to be creative in all stages of content development. To produce large volumes of unique content, you need to be creative, so it’s a hat they wear day in and day out.


They know their audience

When you work with an influencer who has a pretty good idea of who their audience is, you can understand who your collaboration will reach. Whether it be fashion-forward women, stay-at-home-Mums or creative business folk, the influencer will have a great insight into their followers and how to best engage with them.


They are information providers

Whether the campaign is about introducing a new brand, retargeting an old product, distributing information about a sale or dispersing purchase incentives (discount codes, deals), influencers are great information providers when you want to get a message out to the masses quickly.


They have a fresh perspective

The beauty of working with influencers is that they have their own ideas, perspective and experience, so they can put a new flair on your marketing strategy and uncover a fresh angle.


They grow your social following

Always include a request to tag your brand in all influencer collaborations so that your social media platforms receive some love because of the campaign. It might happen slowly, but it’s certainly worth it.


They give brands access to their target market

Influencers have a very targeted following of people in the same demographic, which brands can tap into if they are savvy with their prospecting and outreach. Our advice? Work with influencers in your niche as they will no doubt have a loyal following of consumers interested in the topic, which is essentially your target market.


They are transparent

One of the great things about influencers is that they’re quite transparent and genuine, so they will sometimes include a disclaimer if they were gifted a product, or paid to promote a product. They’re also authentic when it comes to working with brands and are known to decline an opportunity that is not the right fit. This is good news because it means you’ll only be working with influencers that really support your vision.


They distribute content

While influencers are predominately content creators themselves, they can (and do) also distribute other content on their channels. If you wrote a great onsite blog post or created an instructional video, share it with some relevant influencers and ask whether they’d be interested in sharing it with their followers, ultimately widening the reach of your content.


They think outside the box

You know how we were saying influencers are creative? Well, they also have this ability to think outside of the box and shake things up. Give them a general brief of the campaign and your goals, and then give them creative control to put the content together. The result? Probably something that blows your mind.


They become brand advocates

Working with influencers on one-off campaigns is great for raising brand awareness and generating interest, but it’s when they become long-term brand advocates that you truly start to see the value in their work.


They improve your SEO

Just as influencers drive traffic to your website, online store and social media channels also help to improve your SEO and backlink profile. While social shares are not directly linked to Google’s ranking algorithm, blog links pointing to your website are extremely beneficial.


They craft appeal

Have you ever seen a celebrity, blogger or influencer wearing a gorgeous dress and thought ‘I like that, I want that.’ Then have you purchased it, based on their recommendation after seeing it on their platform? Enough said.


So, why aren’t you working with influencers?

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PRESS RELEASE – Official Launching of OneStopAdvert Influencer Marketplace is pleased to introduce the First Nigeria Social Media Influencer Marketplace in a bid to disrupt the influencer marketing landscape today 12 November, 2018. We are a proudly Nigerian, truly international Company enabling Brands engaging influencers globally with our one-stop platform for brands on the hunt for relevant influencers, OneStopAdvert is not only an influencer discovery platform, but also a community management platform that enables influencer outreach and collaboration.


OneStopAdvert Social Media Influencer Marketplace is a Creative Social Media community built through data and analytics with focus on unique, scalable, authentic content creation. We offer marketers opportunity to build large scale communities of influencers to produce the content needed to power every marketing channel.

According to recent statistics by Influencer Orchestration Network (ION), 70 percent of teenage YouTube subscribers trust influencer opinions over traditional celebrities and 71 percent of consumers are more likely to make a purchase based on a social media reference. Influencer marketing has long evolved from a can have to a must have and it is only going north from here.

Social media is more effective than ever in driving consumer decisions, because consumers are willing to look beyond ads, and make purchase decisions after reading reviews, recommendations, and what real-life experts have to say about it.

Why Influencer Marketing?

There are some fundamental reasons that makes influencer critical to every business’ digital strategy in the 21st Century:

  1. Social media and mobile are now the new kingmakers for brands. Traditional media outlets like TV and print continue to decline at geometric progression, not just in terms of viewership but also their impact on the cultural discussion and consumer preferences. Infact, you can the number of time you watch Tv in a day, but you check your phone and social media uncountable times daily. Amazingly, brands have not evolved their own approach towards content and branding to account for this shift.
  2. On social media, the people that matters are not necessarily celebrities, but “regular” people: influencers, tastemakers, creatives and your friends. Over 55% of purchasing decisions are driven by social media and influencers provide a natural, engaging discussion for every audience on what to buy, what to wear and what to do.

But influencer marketing is hard to get right, and most brands haven’t invested in building the right processes to do it successfully. The reason is because most brands and agencies see influencer marketing as transactional: I give you money, you give me a post to engage your audience. While this is fair, that transactional nature creates the same inauthenticity and issues as found in traditional advertising and misses the entire point of working with influencers in the first place.

What we identified early in the most successful influencer-driven brands and why we built our platform the way we did – is that there is a competitive advantage in building your influencer program into a true community. This means building long-term relationships with influencers, giving brands and creators the flexibility to collaborate in any way they see fit, and focusing on developing the tools to manage communities of hundreds, if not thousands, of influencers at any given time.


Influencers as Creative Communities.

Consumer attention span is at an all-time low. To break through on any digital or social medium today, brands need to reach each consumer with the right piece of content, from the right messenger, at the right time. But while this level of personalization could be the holy grail for every marketer, it’s also impossible for most because almost no one has access to the volume and diversity of creative assets needed to deliver custom content on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. This has led to a recent shift in what “influencer marketing” means to sophisticated marketing teams.

In addition to getting influencers to post on their own social media channels, the most successful brands today leverage these communities to generate the large volumes of image and video content needed to personalize every customer touchpoint: from paid media, to website content, to email marketing, SMS Marketing and more. Building Brands from the Bottom Up

Experience has thought us that success no longer requires top-down control of your brand. It’s impossible to rely on a single creative agency or in-house team to generate the volume or diversity of custom content required to keep up. Rather, the fastest growing consumer companies are building bottom-up communities of influencers, customers and content creators to tell their own personalized stories that define these brands. Traditional influencer marketing only scratches the surface of what our platform can do.

As marketing becomes more sophisticated and consumer attention becomes increasingly split across channels, being able to deliver customized, authentic storytelling across every audience segment is a necessity. Here at OneStopAdvert, we’re excited to provide every business the platform to build their own successful creative community while empowering the next generation of content creators to realize the full value of their talents and abilities.


OneStopAdvert Unique Features

The understanding of the true potential of influencer marketing is still limited. Overtime, we have witnessed more and more brands coming to us that they are interested in collaborating with influencers. One thing we noticed is that many of them are still very tied to their own marketing objectives. This makes Brands are still a long way from looking at influencers as long-term, authentic, real-world friends of the brand. We can see why brands struggle with influencer marketing – absence of a standard measure of online social influence, reliance on celebrities and inability to discover relevant real-world influencers, multiple communication layers between brands and influencers, and so on.


OneStopAdvert addresses these challenges effectively by adopting a data-driven, Artificial intelligence led approach. In a nutshell, OneStopAdvert comprises of growing global influencers, segregated to relevant topic categories that is growing constantly, across top social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, blogs, Snapchat, among others.  The platform provides an advanced search engine to discover the most relevant influencers, a sophisticated influence analysis algorithm that helps to compare and qualify influencers, and a smart messenger to enable hassle-free conversations between brands and influencers.


How OneStopAdvert system work.

OneStopAdvert’s smart and complex ranking algorithm uses multiple quantitative and qualitative factors to assess social content and interactions and calculates a social influence score for each profile across the social media channels. It uses these scores to calculate an overall influence score for each influencer. Besides this, a social footprint analysis for each influencer is calculated. At the end, it provides the report of each influencer profile, impact, insight and engagement of each post made on the social media platform for the Brand to have value for their money.

The platform also provides a topic/category expertise score for each influencer, and demographic information on the audience of each influencer, making it easier for brands to get a sense of which influencer’s content and expertise best aligns with their objectives and audience.


Another unique feature is the OneStopAdvert Messenger, a chat application that lets brands communicate directly with influencers. Not only does this feature facilitate outreach, it also simplifies processes for their clients when dealing with a large cohort of influencers on a day-to-day basis.

OneStopAdvert aims at enabling an ecosystem where brands can create their own community of micro-influencers who already have an affinity for the brand, engage and interact with them in mutually beneficial ways, and continually grow their community by adding more such micro-influencers.

OneStopAdvert is available globally, support Multiple Language (English, Arabic, French and many others), multiple currencies (Naira, United States Dollar, Great Britain Pounds and Euro) and multiple Payment and withdrawal options (Bank Transfer, Card, PayPal, Bitcoin (BTC), PerfectMoney (PM) among others)

To join us as a Brand or influencer, , but if you are an influencer and want to get paid for posting what you like posting to your clients for free