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Why Nigerian and Global Influencers Should join OneStopAdvert Influencer Marketplace

OneStopAdvert Influencer Marketplace is a proudly Nigerian, Global Influencer and Creator Community. We arguably have one of the World’s biggest influencer marketing platform with campaigns conducted worldwide on a daily basis. We make it easy for you to earn when you post contents daily. We bring the brands to you, so you don’t have to waste time looking for contact details and pitching ideas, so that you can focus on doing what you love and engaging your audience. We present


Influencer Marketplace Vs Influencer Marketing Agency

There are multiple reasons why you are advised to use an influencer marketplace; as it has numerous benefits. At the same time; for busy entrepreneurs, you can also engage the service of an influencer marketing agency; to handle your next campaign. We try to xray the pros of adopting either or both below: Benefits of using Influencer marketplaces and platforms Self-service marketplaces and platforms put the power in your hands. Great for a savvy in-house team. Gives you direct access


Professional ways to Incentivise Influencers

Content marketing has gotten more creative over the decades. The onset of influencer marketing proved to be a gamechanger for the way brands interacted with their target audience. But there’s always the question of compensating the influencers for their work; for making sure they receive a deal they are happy to work for, and that they continue endorsing and not vilifying your brand. Monetary compensation is one way, but not all brands or campaigns can always afford or wish to


Easy Ways to Turn Reviewers into Top Brand Advocates

In the influencer marketing sphere, intelligent shortcuts taken towards acquiring influencers really helps towards brand building and ultimately, sales. Taking reviewers and turning them into brand advocates is one of such shortcuts you should not be missing out on right now. If you are counting on reviews on ecommerce websites, forums, social events among others, to build a community, an audience base or both – read on.   Identify potential influencers among reviewers Watch over your reviewers like a hawk guarding


Finding the Best Hyperlocal Influencers for Your Small Business

The next most effective strategy for influencer marketing is here.   Who are hyperlocal influencers? Hyperlocal influencers are those who post their opinions and reviews on a plethora of forums — bloggers, Instagram engagers and the Twitterati make up what are today popularly called “hyperlocal influencers”. They are users who have gained a high following on social media due to the traction their content receives. These hyperlocal influencers end up endorsing brands through creative advertising and can influence buying patterns.


Proven Ways Brands/Advertisers Can Take Advantage of Instagram Story

Instagram Stories was introduced over the years, overtime, they’ve added a countless number of story updates – including GIF stickers, Instagram Music, polls and emoji sliders. While everyone is trying to keep up with the latest tools, it’s easy for readers to simply miss your posts. But not all hope is lost! There are still some innovative ways to take advantage of these story features and make your content stand out. Use Instagram Story Stickers to Engage with Your Followers.


How to Draft Professional Outreach Email to Influencers and get desired Response

Influencer outreach is a make-or-break step in your efforts towards content marketing for successful, high engaging influencer campaigns. Ask an Influencer: Why Aren’t Influencers Responding to My Emails? Brands need to send a proposal to influencers about their campaign. This is quite simple but over the years it is discovered that Influencers don’t respond to some emails or there are a lot of back and forth before the detail is sealed. Some Brands ask influencers to buy into a service


Proven Strategies to become a Top Social Media Influencer

What do you need to become a social media influencer? A unique voice, deeply engaging content and a niche that makes your content unique to you. Throw in a bunch of followers that grow consistently, and you’ve nailed it. Easy, right? Not quite. With the active of social media users growing to millions, it takes more than ‘great content’ to turn into a social media influencer whose voice is respected and whose following is so genuine, brands employ them to


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