Working with local farmers, OneStopAdvert can develop a sustainable, multi-hybrid, and all natural field ad using edible crops like corn or soybeans. Ads can also be designed using different grass varieties and it’s ideal for Long-Term Ad Campaigns. In addition to being sustainable, these dramatic, edible field ads command attention in the landscape. An advertisement placed in a field would be the only message around for miles and miles, making it a perfect way to stand out in a busy, cluttered outdoor environment.

Most Nigerian passengers have never seen a field ad from the air before, making the appearance of field advertising even more unique and demanding of attention. Beautifully designed field ads are a work of art in themselves and, when executed correctly, appear in harmony with the natural environment. OneStopAdvert can scout the location, work with the farmer, and develop the copy and creative for you, or convert your logo or existing ad design into a format that would look fantastic on a wide open field.

Line art, such as logos, text and artwork with heavy, defined outlines work best for field ads.
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