Bus Transit Advertising

Bus Transit Advertising is recognized as one of the most effective forms of outdoor advertising. Used by both local and national advertisers across Nigeria, bus advertising can be tailored to fit almost any budget. Out-of-home advertising channels, like bus advert takes your message to your audience. It’s the medium that reaches active consumers where they are most available to notice.

Bus Transit Advertising in the Nigeria can be very effective for marketing any business, product or service. The term itself might limit one’s thinking to the bus itself, but Bus Advertising as a broad concept can involve many aspects of the form of transportation. Most people envision the large advertisements on the exterior of buses – which indeed are very high-impact, mobile, and reach a huge audience. Sizing can be very flexible, and affordable. Amazingly, Bus Advertising also includes Bus Tv Advertisements.

These are Buses conducting regular, everyday commerce while providing you a “Moving Canvas” for marketing your brand image. It’s a fact that (Dynamic) moving images catch the eye more than (Static) still images. Customers notice Ads on Buses and Believe that the Ads lend credibility to the advertisers in terms of exposure. You will get thousands and even millions of impressions daily, an advertising value that’s unprecedented.

This unique form of transit advertising provides high visibility for your products/services on a daily basis. Also, your audience may not necessarily be able to ignore your ads as they would, for example, by fast-forwarding through a television commercial, radio advertisement or flipping past a magazine ad. Many times, it may be hard for a person to ignore an ad they are sitting across while in transit, simply because it’s in their direct line of view.

Bus advertising in Nigeria is ideal if you want to reach a large audience consistently. It will be seen by thousands upon thousands of people every day, which is the equivalent of millions of impressions over the course of a campaign. States like Lagos, Abuja (FCT), Benin, Ibadan, Port Harcourt and others Have High capacity buses which are most recommended, where we can place your Bus Branding Advertisements on Companies like Abuja Urban Mass Transport Company Limited (AUMTCO), Greenline Bus Company (Lagbus)

The cost of bus advertising is different depending on the city that you want to advertise in and on what particular routes. Some Buses and routes will cost more because more people will see your ad, newer buses on the routes among others. Smaller cities offer great value for money and, if you are looking to run a geographical campaign, they are ideal. The type of bus ads greatly differs on the demographics that you may want to target in.

Advantages of Bus Transit Advertising to Advertisers

  • This unique advertising medium enables advertisers communicate with consumers on a personal level thereby giving them the opportunity to influence consumer’s buying decisions. Studies have revealed that people tend to make shopping decisions when on the move. In transit ads are a great way to break into the thoughts of your consumers and direct their attention to your products and services.
  • Also, unlike TV advertisements, the advertiser has more control over the audience not the other way round. Consumers can’t tune into another station or go to the kitchen to prepare a meal while your ad is running. Your advert will be featured amidst entertaining content such as musical videos, news, league results and so on. This guarantees large viewership of your advert.
  • The efficacy of in transit advertising in fostering brand identification and recall among consumers cannot be over-emphasized.
  • In addition in transit ads provide an alternative option for advertisers who do not have the resources to advertise on Television. TV adverts are usually very expensive to run, however, since the LED screens installed on the buses are like small television sets, advertisers can now reach multiple audiences simultaneously at cheaper cost as opposed to a TV advert.
  • In transit is a unique advertising medium which embodies all other advertising media such as Television, Radio and Print. It converges the features of traditional media and affords advertisers the luxury of running an advertising campaign seamlessly.