48 Sheet Outdoor Advertising Billboards

48 Sheet Outdoor Advertising billboards provides prominent billboard advertising locations in most Nigeria highways, Within the City, Airports and Train Stations. Target premium audiences in Nigeria by presenting your message and brand across 48 Sheet billboards in any state of your preference. One of the largest and most striking and popular advertisement platform available are the 48 Sheets billboards.

48 Sheets billboards offer you unavoidable advertisement for your product or service in significant urban environments. Standing at the same height as a 96 Sheet billboard, the 20-foot-wide canvas can powerfully showcase your business to a local population, with 48 Sheets also working effectively as reinforcement for a national or multi-format campaign.

Offering vast creative advertise space, 48 Sheets have the ability to generate you maximum brand amplification, with its long-range visibility drawing as many impressions as possible. With the traffic across various locations we have our billboards, your audience will be able to be fully consume your message either when walking, as passengers in a city taxi or as travellers passing by.

Displays are illuminated and available on short and long term bookings.

Benefits of 48 Sheet Billboard to advertisers

  • They are typically situated on major arterial routes where they are seen by thousands of people every day
  • High impact locations, with high traffic and footfall volumes
  • An impressive large canvas to portray strong brand messages
  • High illumination Production
  • Builds reach within a market quickly and cost effectively.
  • Ideal for localized targeting of demographic audiences and geographic areas.
  • Stimulates sales near point-of-purchase locations.
  • Highly effective for short term campaigns that require rapid consumer attention including product and service introductions or call to action messages.
  • Please contact us to discuss your exact requirements. Exact specifications will depend on a number of factors which will be resolved on application.

Dimensions / Specifications
48 Sheet 3048mm x 6096mm, Comprises twelve 60 x 40 joined sections, safe area: 200m from right hand side.

Full inhouse design, production and maintenance facility available.

Discuss your bespoke requirements with us
Our highly skilled team have a wealth of experience and will strive to answer all questions regarding your advertising needs, just call or email us.

OneStopAdvert offers a wide range of 48 Sheets Billboard types to suit different sites and advertisers. You can contact us now to get more information.

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