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Who are Micro-Influencers

Micro-influencers are brand advocates who have a deeply engaged, niche audience. They generally have between 1,000 and 10,000 followers, and while they don’t boast Laura Ikeji’s levels of stock-affecting social influence, they do offer opinions that are deeply trusted by their followers, who are generally like-minded folks looking for real talk.

The Micro-Influencer often have greater commitment and influence over their communities than mass influencers. Micro-influencers have “involved audiences” tend to act with more passion because they feel more connected with the influential and its content.

The Pros of the Micro Influencers
They are authentic: Micro influencers work in a similar way to word of mouth: It is often easier to believe that a micro influencer has bought or used a presented product. This type of authenticity attracts commitment, awareness and the memory of the brand.
It’s cheap: First of all, highlight that your marketing campaign with micro-influencers will be surprisingly profitable and good, it’s cheaper than the macro influencers.
A micro influencer campaign is easy to execute: Free and easy-to-use online platformssome, allow internal marketing specialists to take the initiative, such as OneStopAdvert.com Influencer Marketplace.


Why Do Micro-Influencer Marketing?
So why should you venture into these still somewhat uncharted marketing waters? The answer is simple: engagement. Our battle cry as marketers is doing what we can to break through the noise in today’s content-saturated digital environment, working tirelessly to get our audiences to engage with us. And while a traditional influencer campaign or post will likely result in a higher volume of eyes on your brand, in a study of over 5 million Instagram posts Markedly found that the rate of engagement with influencer accounts actually decreases with increased followers.

This engagement spike in micro-influencer territory is because they are hardcore brand advocates. Their passion for their niche area makes them powerful brand evangelists adept at sparking authentic interaction with their followers: Experticity found that micro-influencers have, on average, 22.2X more conversations than other Instagram users.

And those conversations translate into action: the same study found that 82 percent of people reported they were highly likely to follow a recommendation made by a micro-influencer.

Not only do micro-influencers have more conversations, their unique position somewhere between average joe and thought leader lends itself perfectly to brand endorsements that don’t feel forced. This unique ethos makes them more able to be direct in their recommendations with 74% using a “buy it or try it” call to action in posts.

How Can Micro-Influencers Help Brands?

Micro-influencers are people who have already built the audience a brand looking for, and they’ve already established trust with them. It is professionally advised to tell a story, rather than blatantly sell to audiences. Influencers have established relationships with their followers through their stories. And when they’re willing to share a brand’s story, their followers are ready and willing to listen. When you consider that Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Youtbue users have made a purchase as a direct result of a post or blog post from an influencer, it’s easy to see why many brands use influencers to spread their message.

Tips for Your Campaigns with Micro Influencers to Be Successful

  • Concentrate on Engagement: Engagement, that is, the number of reactions and interactions that the Micro Influencer obtains from its followers, is essential to achieve conversions.
  • Establish a content agenda: Just as you would in your Social Media strategy , it is highly recommended to generate together with your Micro Influencer an agenda of publications or contents , monthly or weekly, put together.
  • Send a weekly email with your business news: Doing so allows you to keep your Micro Influencer informed about your latest proposals in a non-invasive way, while giving you a general overview of where your brand is heading.
  • Show him love: To get the best results from your Micro Influencer and get him to maintain a fresh and enthusiastic attitude, it is essential to show him how much you value him.


Working with Micro-Influencers for the Best ROI

For a brand to achieve the best possible ROI on a campaign, it’s ideal to hire a group of micro-influencers. Micro-influencers will not have the same reach as the Advocates and Tier One influencer celebrity, therefore, working with a group of micro-influencers is necessary to increase the reach of a campaign. The concept that an influencer must have millions of followers to be valuable to a brand is misleading. The reality is that the larger the following an influencer has, the lower the engagement rate is. Hiring a combination of micro-influencers and celebrity influencers may raise the ROI of a campaign and lower the overall marketing spend.

How to Find Micro-Influencers to Work With

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