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Self-managed influencer marketing platform

Create a custom campaign with a budget that works for you in a few easy clicks. Select your preferred influencers and get started!

Large influencer network

We give you access to a large pool of talented influencers. Discover new talents, audiences and content-creation skills. Join forces and thrive!

Simple and straightforward

Whether you’re a niche or a major brand, an agency or an advertiser, our tool is user-friendly and guaranteed not to disappoint.

Data tracking

Get access to real-time insights and data while the campaign is running. We track campaign engagement and success on all platforms and channels. After all, data unlocks opportunities!

Creating an account on OneStopAdvert is free. But we want to explain to you why you want to set-up your OneStopAdvert account.

OneStopAdvert is the solution that we wanted for ourselves. Influencer marketing has become essential for marketing teams and individuals to understand. Your customers are following, quite attentively, individuals, publishers, and bloggers who create content shares via blogs/vlogs/social media.  We call them influencers because they influence and inspire their audiences who turn out to be your customers.

So the OneStopAdvert team began to appreciate that Influencer Marketing is essential but we needed an efficient way to implement it and to scale at it. We needed a tool that helps us do this, works for all team sizes and budgets, and is ‘agency-ready’. And, it must also not require a PhD to use.

Enter OneStopAdvert. An influencer marketing platform. Our platform gives you, brands, the tools that you need to search for and discover the right influencer partners, create campaigns, and build a direct connection to an engaged audience. Let our influencers be your story tellers.

Connecting brands to influencers and keeping it all organized is a feat in itself. With OneStopAdvert, we make it easy.

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