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OneStopAdvert is the First Nigerian Social Media Influencer Marketplace and among the leading global platform where influencers, brands and agencies connect. We launched with the idea that influencers needed a platform designed just for them. A place where they could show off the amazing work they do every day and use that portfolio to find their next opportunity.

Since then we’ve expanded our vision to include everyone who contributes to the growth of the influencer community. Many brands now use OneStopAdvert to highlight previous collaborations as well as ongoing influencer relationships. Talent management, digital marketing and PR agencies use OneStopAdvert to find influencers for their clients or themselves. Photographers and content creators use us to connect and find others to collaborate with.

As influencer marketing continues to evolve at breakneck speed, we hope you find OneStopAdvert a useful place to learn, connect and execute amazing collaborations no matter which part of the community you come from.



OneStopAdvert works with world class partners to bring you the most valuable data, integrations and opportunities in the influencer marketing space.



We have partnered with ediarosms.com to help with SMS notification and communication with influencers and brands, this makes it easier and faster to notify them of urgent news, payment status, VIP Influencer Marketing campaigns among others.



We have partnered with ediaro.com to help develop the OneStopAdvert.com solution that manages the upgrades of our Influencer Software. The solution manages the registration, search engine, integration to external social media networks, integration of multiple payment gateways, web hosting on a dedicated server among other features that makes up Influencer Marketing campaigns.


The Influencer Marketing Platform for Talent and Digital Marketing Agencies

Whether you manage talent and influencers for a living or you help clients run influencer marketing campaigns, OneStopAdvert gives you and your team a complete platform to become influencer marketing professionals. We have a large database of authorized influencer profiles, tools to build digital media kits and run full influencer marketing campaigns, and an active market of opportunities for everyone. We also have the unique ability for your teams to work together to manage your clients.


Run A Complete Influencer Marketing Campaign for your Business

OneStopAdvert gives you a complete platform to run your influencer marketing campaign from start to finish. We have a large repository database of authorized influencer profiles and complimentary tools to help you reach out or accept applications and the ability to run reports on your influencers’ content performance, OneStopAdvert has your back at every step. Get by signing up today.


Your Bio Page

A influencer bio page is the essentials about your company/business so they can quickly decide if your brand and products are a good fit for their audience. Add your social media channels, product photos, and all the brands/influencers you have worked with in the past. Business Pages are public, so you can share them on your social channels to find potential influencers.


Take a Class

If you’re not ready yet, register for our training session on how to run an influencer marketing campaign. With OneStopAdvert you’ll be harnessing the power of influencers marketing in no time at all.

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