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  • Be very clear on your objective
  • Know your audience. Understand and identify the factors that have an impact on your target audience
  • Determine which influencer platforms will reach your target audience
  • Find your influencers, onestopadvert.com influencer channel can present you options.
  • Choose your influencers wisely.
  • Set expectations up front.
  • Do your research. Spend time following potential influencers
  • Make sure the influencer is relevant and aligned to your business
  • Get creative with collaboration. In fact, give influencers creative control because they know their audience better.
  • Have a crisis plan – once your business is aligned to an influencers voice, any change in the tone of their output may also be linked back to your brand
  • Respect influencers’ judgment
  • Have actionable goals for influencer campaigns
  • Social media influencers can have a significant impact on your social engagement and reach. However, the key is to select the right type of influencer that aligns with your business strategy. If you’re interested in the prospects of working with a social media influencer search for them at onestopadvert.com or email us at contact@onestopadvert.com. We will love to hear from you!

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