Outdoor, Online Ads, Prints, Newsmedia, Social Media, Influencer & Digital Media Adverts
  1. Influencers visit OneStopAdvert.com to sign up free as a influencer
  2. Add applicable social media platform(s)
  3. Admin will review that platform, note the volume of followers, engagement and other parameters, then set amount chargeable per post (click here to see our average post price guide), the influencer cannot receive more than set amount as maximum for each publishing done
  4. Brands will send in their proposal for Influencer to review and accept/reject
  5. For accepted campaigns, the influencer will post and send url of where its posted for the Brand to Validate.
  6. Brand will confirm and acknowledge it’s posted
  7. Fund will be available for withdrawal to Influencers supplied payment detail (Bank Account, Paypal ID, Bitcoin and other channels)

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