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  1. Brand/Advertiser visit OneStopAdvert.com to register buy preferred plan for a month, click here to order a plan.
  2. After Subscribing and Making Payment for a plan, the Brand will be eligible to post set maximum number of campaigns; used by a single or spread across chosen maximum number of influencers. For 1 influencer posting for all the campaign or tell each of them the maximum number of posting by each influencer.
  3. Admin will review the new campaign approve it for publishing. The campaign become visible to all eligible influencers.

(Meanwhile, the ineligible Influencers can also see the campaign by switching a search filter, but if they click on it, they will see which of the parameters of the campaign doesn’t correspond to their platform profiling)

  1. ]Influencers will receive proposal that matches their niche that popup from the brand, prefilled with the original content provided by the brand.
  2. The influencers that want will signify interest to the proposal, by editing or making a custom proposal to use it to send a request.
  3. If the brand is not okay with the proposed version, He/She will re-edit and send for the influencer to publish.
  4. Once the influencer publish, he’ll copy the url and paste here, to indicate that it’s done. (system will verify this first).
  5. The brand will be notified to check too, and if okay with it, the supposed wage will be available to the influencer for withdrawal on their dashboard

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