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Lamppost advertising is one of the most traditional forms of outdoor advertising because of their ability to guarantee exposure in high traffic locations. Lampposts provide advertisers the ability to specifically target their desired geographical location and target specific consumers. OneStopAdvert offers lampposts in prime, high traffic locations where ads will be strategically displayed.

Lamp post is cheaper when compared with many outdoor medium of advertisement. In fact, Lamp post banners are proven to be 10x cheaper than a billboard. Aside from the fact that it does not require a lot of space, its location could be available to any ages. They are up above head height and out of the way. Mostly, lamp posts are tall enough and done right, adding banners from 3×10 ft to 3×12 feet will only add a visual value to the scenery.

Advertiser Benefits of lampposts

  • Guarantee excellent visibility both night and day
  • Offer eye-catching and desirable locations for daily audiences
  • Remain durable and weather resistant
  • Cost effective

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