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So you’ve decided to create your own billboard artwork. We can help. Before you begin, you’ll need to have a few things ready. First, make sure you know the size of artwork you’ll need. Creating at least these two sizes will allow you to run ads on most billboards currently in our system.
You will probably want to have a high quality logo file to add to your artwork. If you can find a logo file with a transparent background, that will work even better since you’ll be able to lay it on top of a background image or style seamlessly.

One Message Only
Make sure consumers know the one thing that will get them to react the way you want them to. If you need to say more you can design another ad and rotate the designs.

Use a clear and clean font
Make sure your font is legible to users cruising past your intended billboard at 60 miles per hour or the posted speed limit. Choosing a large, bold, and easy to read font can mean the difference between your ad getting noticed and read, or getting ignored.

Every inch counts
While good use of whitespace is important on other mediums, you’ll want to take advantage of every pixel on a digital billboard. Feel free to increase the font size you use and the size of images and logos.

Contrast Helps
When working with fonts, backgrounds, images, or colors, maintain a level of contrast that keeps your ad design legible and engaging from a distance.

One Point of Contact
Try to stick to one or less. It’s hard to write a phone number down, so we recommend a short URL. Keep in mind that people will just google the company name.

Promote your web address or location or phone number
The most successful billboard advertisers use outdoor advertising to promote their company, product and/or service and include one of the following: web address or location or a phone number (vanity phone numbers work best) there is simply not enough room include all three on your ad Many OneStopAdvert advertisers are focusing on promoting their web address since everyone is online and your web address is central to all of your other marketing initiatives (including social media, print, radio and TV). If you use your web address make sure your business or product can be found on the internet (via a URL or Facebook page).

Short Copy Lines
Shoot for seven words or less. If that seems impossible, shoot for one really strong visual and your logo.

Use White Appropriately (for digital only)
Unlike printing, white is achieved not by the absence of color, but all LEDs burning at full capacity. It may not be the smooth, soft, white you were hoping for.

Keep it simple: 1 image, 1 logo, 7 words
That’s all you need to build an effective ads. More images and words can be useful, but are more than likely going to clutter your ads and make it have less impact at a quick glance.

Be on brand
Viewers of your ads are likely to look up your business several hours after seeing your ads, so you want to make sure they know they’ve found the right business.

We also offer creative services if you’d like to hire us to build your ads. Infact, we have staff dedicated to out-of-home advertising design best practices. To engage us, fill out a design brief to get started or contact us OneStopAdvert with the contact details below.

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