OneStopAdvert Products & Services

1.            Outdoor

2.            Mobile Ads

3.            Street Team Marketing

4.            Street Teams

5.            Join the Street Team

6.            Mobile Adverts Digital Truck

7.            Bus Transit Advertising

8.            Taxi Advertising

9.            Keke Tricycle Transit Advertising

10.         LED Mobile Truck

11.         Railway & Railway Stations Branding

12.         SMS Marketing

13.         Bus Shelters Advertising

14.         Billboards

15.         Unipole Billboard Advertising

16.         Gantry Billboards Advertising

17.         Wall Drape Billboard Advertising

18.         Lamp Post Advertising

19.         96 Sheet Outdoor Advertising – Billboards

20.         48 Sheet Outdoor Advertising Billboards

21.         Billboard

22.         Billboards 8乭x 4乭

23.         Billboard Balloons

24.         Hoardings Advertising

25.         Billboard advertising

26.         Digital Outdoor

27.         Trivision Billboard Advertising

28.         Led Signs

29.         Vehicle Wrap

30.         Bridge Panel Advertising sub item

31.         Digital Billboard

32.         Signage Fabrication and Installation & Dismantling

33.         Street Name Boards Advertising

34.         Rooftop Advertising

35.         Roof Top Advertisement – Location Scouting

36.         Painted Roof Advertisement

37.         Lease Your Roof for Advertisement

38.         Field Ads Using Edible/Sustainable Crops

39.         Parking Lots Advertisement

40.         Indoor

41.         Indoor Advertising

42.         Floor Branding

43.         Print Media

44.         Large Format Digital Printing

45.         Multimedia

46.         Radio Advertising

47.         Influencer Marketplace

48.         Services

49.         Professional Services

50.         Agency Representatives

51.         Media Relations

52.         Brand Ambassadors

53.         Staffing and Marketing

54.         Promotional Staffing

55.         Media Buying

56.         Marketing Planning

57.         Street Team Promotion

58.         Brand Development

59.         Celebrity Management

60.         Event Management

61.         Digital Media

62.         Social Media

63.         Online Reputation Management

64.         Digital Media Press Relations

65.         Influencer Marketplace

66.         Influencer Network

67.         Standard Social Media Profile Setup Service

68.         Analytics Consultancy

69.         Conversion Rate Optimisation

70.         Email marketing

71.         Directory Submission Services

72.         Google Research, Account Setup and Management

73.         Link Building

74.         Link Exchange

75.         Linkbaiting Services

76.         Multimedia Advertising

77.         Nigeria SMS Text Message Marketing

78.         Off-Site Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

79.         YouTube Nigeria & Online Videos

80.         Pay-per-click (PPC) sub item

81.         Pop-up, Pop-over & Pop-under Advertising

82.         Press Release Copywritting & Distribution

83.         Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

84.         SEO Micro Sites

85.         Social Media Account Manager

86.         Social Media Marketing

87.         Sponsorship Advertising

88.         Video and Multimedia Production for Nigerians sub item

89.         Viral Advertising

90.         Website Optimisation





We serve clientele in the following states across Nigeria: Federal Capital Territory (FCT Abuja),Lagos, Enugu, Akwa Ibom, Adamawa, Abia, Bauchi, Bayelsa, Benue, Borno, Cross River, Delta, Ebonyi, Edo, Ekiti, Gombe, Imo, Jigawa, Kaduna, Kano, Katsina, Kebbi, Kogi, Kwara, Nasarawa, Niger, Ogun, Ondo, Osun, Oyo, Plateau, Rivers, Sokoto, Taraba, Yobe, Zamfara and Globally.


You can register now seamlessly and use any of our accepted multiple Payment Methods such as Card, Bank Transfer, USSD, Bitcoin (BTC) and get instant value now.


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+Media Strategy and Planning     Indoor Signs and Branding            SMS Advertising               Celebrity Management

+Corporate Branding       Customization : Flash, Drive, Biro, Table Top Calendar E.T.C               Indoor Advertising           Large Formal Digital Printing

+ OOH Advertising and Media Buying      Digital Printing   Mechanising Collateral   Signage Fabrication Installation and Dismantling

+Sponsorship Activation               Vehicle Wrap (Car, Bus, Truck Branding) Outdoor and Indoor Advert   Web Design

TV Advertisement             +Social Media Marketing

Radio Advertisement

               Newspaper Advertisement           Industries :

-Interactive Kiosk.

-Bank And Financial. Institution.

-Corporate Communication.




-Restaurant Menu Board.

-Retail And FMCH

-Transit and Transportation          Value Added Services


+Paid Outdoor Monitoring.

+Outdoor for Printing.

+Order for Installation.

+Order for Deployment.

+Radio And TV

               Social Media:

+Social Media Marketing.

+Social Media Advertisement.

+Social Media Account Management.

+Social Media.

+Logo Design.

+Corporate Branches (Letterhead, Business Card).

+Agency Representation.                            

               Influences: ( Youtubers, Instagrammers, Bloggers, Fashionistas, Socialites, Entertainers E.T.C)          Influencer

1. Staffing, Marketing And Payroll             Brand

Outdoor Advertising        Unipole, Billboard Advertisement              Gantry Billboard Advertisement    Led Billboard Advertisement

               Wall Drape Billboard Advertisement         Lamp Post Billboard Adverstisement               Roof Top Advertisement

               Trivision Billboard Advertisement              Bridge Panel Billboard Advertisement               Mega Billboard Advertisement

               Long Banner Advertisement         Sign Billboard Advertisement       Mobile Billboard Advertisement

               Mobile Billboard Advertisement  Large Format Billboard Advertisement     Glass Panel Billboard Advertisement

               48 Sheet Billboard Advertisement             Transit Ads (Taxi, Bus, KEKE NAPEP, Train Advertisement, Railway Station Brands, Airport Advertising)          Street Name Billboard Advertisement

               Hoarding Billboard Advertisement             Baloon Advertisement     Digital Billboard Advertisement

               Rooftop Advertising Branding                    




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Advanced Search Functionality

Use our unique 乪Bio Search乫 feature to find influencers that are a part of the niche you want to target. Or choose from one of our broad search options – Category, Profession, Keyword, or Profile Name.


Platforms available - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Blogs

Global as well as country specific profiles

Advanced Search

Dynamic Search

Dynamic Search Filters

Refine your influencer search with smart filters that are automatically customized each time a search is done. Our unique search result filtering optimizes itself based on platform, topic, keyword, and category.


Three-way smart search filtering with eight custom filters

Geographic filtering that enables city-specific influencer discovery

Campaign Specific Optimization

Prioritize influencers to match your specific campaign needs and objectives. Sort influencers for higher reach, higher engagement, out-reach to a specific audience, and more.


Reach and Engagement based prioritization

Topic expertise and target audience based prioritization


See Scout in Action


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             Proudly helping the worlds leading brands – see attached logos of customers and also sample design interfaces

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We have serviced more than 30,000 customers

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Running Intense and Highly Scalable Campaigns has never been easier.


Change is inevitable. In an ever changing world, understanding your audience and engaging with them is key in any marketing initiative. TeraReach lets marketers plan and deploy content campaigns with real-time insights and predictive methods.



Dissecting Data

Data is everything today. Only with accurate data, smart decisions can be made. We accumulate accurate data from numerous platforms to arrive at key Insights.



Nimble Network

Our well connected and flexible network comprises of Content Makers, Publishers and Influencers who passionately disseminate content across multiple online platforms.



Accurate Automation

Infusing the accuracy of automation in as many of our processes is done to reduce human effort and error; letting you purely focus on Strategic Decision Making.



Perfect Analytics

If you can乫t measure it, you can乫t manage it乭 – Peter Drucker. We believe in clear understanding before improving and optimizing your marketing initiatives for better performance.



TeraReach乫s marketing cloud focuses on creating rich collaborated content with a tight-knitted web of acclaimed Content Makers, derives impactful insights and co-ordinates cross Marketing efforts around important campaigns.


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Bored of your typical 9 to 5 work hours & getting shouted at day in and day out? Probably you should check us out ;)



We are always on the hunt for the best of Marketing Monks, Code Ninjas and Creative Monkeys of the country! Think you will kick-ass? Drop us a line!


Account Manager

Primary Roles:

Ideate and execute campaigns end-to-end including managing, monitoring and reporting processes

Interact with clients, and interpret / communicate effectively across partnered content creators / influencers

Evaluate and suggest improvements in the brands existing content strategy and add value

Desired Ex: 2-3 Years experienced working in Public Relations or Digital Marketing Sectors

Location: Gurgaon / Mumbai.

Business Development Manager

UI / UX Developer










Get your content to pin an impactful visual story and multiple brand engagements


The Puzzle

With zillion pieces of content created every day; making your content stand out from the rest and getting the target audience to consume it becomes quite the challenge.



Our content visualization methods significantly highlight the epicenter of content, spin stories by integrating content, build simplified databases and get the most out one session to ensure better discoverability of content and build engagements around the same!


Visualizations act as a campfire around which we gather to tell stories.


Al Shalloway, CEO NetObjectives




Visual Engagement

An integral part of story-telling is to visually entice your audience with amazing picturization. We have got it covered!


Inspire Actions

Deploy Handcrafted Application Engines, engineered to instill action from the audience and generate enagement


Platform Play

Deploy beautiful microsites which enable curation or visualization powered content centred on multiple platforms like Twitter, Insta or Youtube!


Instinctive Insights

Clock more than just logins. Track users journey across your Visual hub to understand what entices them more











Get famous for the right reasons, at the right time and amongst the right audience


The Puzzle

With the outburst of different online media platforms, audiences have moved on to more than just 'reading a blog'. It has become absolutely essential for brands to expand the horizon of their reach to deploy content across multiple formats across Web platforms.



Scale Up organized content publishing across platforms to make sure that the Brand乫s presence is prominent. Sync with credible and professional publishers, YouTube Networks and Instagrammers to deliver immaculate content in different formats across varied platforms.


Content is Fire. Social Media is Gasoline.


Jay Baer, Marketing Consultant, President of Convince and Convert




Intuitive Planning

Plan your campaigns better by understanding the likeness & behaviour of your audience across the Social Web


Team Collaboration

Collaborate with your team with to designate actions within the team for efficient management while deploying your campaign.


Action Monitor

Get notified for each action by the partnered pros and monitor all planned work via one dashboard.


Content Measurement

Analyze more than reach and impressions to understand how your content triggered actions and sentiments.















Understand the Key Metrics that make or break your Brand campaign


The Puzzle

As the innumerous brands are jumping on to the digital bandwagon, rigourosly working on improvising their marketing strategy, there is a dire need for you to stay on top of your category and ahead of the competition through innovation.



Our experts will help analyze your brand's audience and strategize on plans that entice your audience each time and every time by deep-diving into insights to understand what triggers them and keeps them entertained and engaged!


The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well the product or service fits him and sells itself.


Peter Drucker, The Infamous Management Consultant




Analysis & Reporting

TeraReach's homegrown campaign measurement software helps you measure the effectiveness of your campaigns better with metrics beyond just reach or impressions.


Data Insights

There is more to numbers than a casual eye can perceive. With the able aid of our analysts understand the story what numbers got to tell and hence devise campaigns that consistently excel.



Compare and benchmark against your campaigns historically, to search and locate the key triggers of your campaign that significantly brought up your game.


Archive Reports

All your campaign oriented data and metrics are securely stored in Amazon AWS Servers. Access all your reports and data anytime, anywhere with just a login.










Create scalable Content and publish it in a short span of time with the crowd乫s aid


The Puzzle

It becomes a challenge to monitor the reach and impact of crowdsourcing. Moreover, populating the web with relevant content and knitting it back to the campaign and the brand also proves to be quite the task.



TeraReach helps you run crowdsourcing campaigns that reaches thousands of people and aids proper dispersion of content on the World Wide Web


At a time when 乪consumer activism乫 is prevalent, marketers must learn the language of the crowd.


- Paul Polman, CEO of Unilever




Quick Deployment

Plan and Deploy your Content campaign in matter of minutes. It's Easy, Fast and Hassle-free!


Vast Network

Work with over 1000 verified contributors, who create content both quantitatively and qualitatively.


Scalability Ensured

They key is to have larger impact by dispersing content with a innumerous creators for quick dispersion.



Platform matters equally as much as the content itself! Run campaigns across platforms like Twitter, Insta or Vine!















Leverage the strength of professionals to influence the target audience and drive Brand Awareness and Advocacy


The Puzzle

An influencer is the one who intends to impose his opinion about a brand or service to larger sect of audience. With an influencer led campaign; chances are that these opinion may seem irrelevant and may spread out to an audience that really doesn乫t care about your brand.



TeraReach brings together a connected network of Influencers across the most obvious sectors like Tech, Travel, Fashion & Lifestyle to more niche categories like Bollywood, Parenting, Automobile and Sports with apt guidance from our Strategy team.


The web isn乫t really made up of algorithms. It乫s made of people.


Sonia Simone, CopyBlogger




Campaign Managment

Run Multiple campaigns via powerful and intuitive wizards to run campaigns without breaking a sweat


Influencer Index

Look beyond obvious numbers to understand the real Influence of the Advocate across niches


Action Monitor

Get notified for each action by the partnered pros and monitor all planned work via one dashboard.


Response Measurement

Assess the Social Actions of the Audience triggered by your Influencers to learn and evolve better















































What is Qoruz?

Qoruz provides a platform for brands and influencers to collaborate in many exciting and mutually beneficial ways. This is aided by advanced algorithms that enable discovery, and a simple dashboard that tracks all influencers and campaigns in a single space!




What is Influencer Marketing?

Influencer Marketing, in the most simple sense, is when you get someone with a recognized expertise or influence in a particular field to talk about you or your brand, so that people who trust their word are inclined to form a positive opinion about you (or your product). Remember that cool person in your college with a huge fan following? To make a mark for yourself in the new environment, all you had to do was get this guy to 乪refer乫 to you as cool, and everyone would be flocking to have you as their friend! Naturally, in this form of marketing, the focus is on targeting these key influential individuals, rather than your entire target audience.





 How does Influencer Marketing work?

There are two ways in which you could get the social influencers to talk about your brand – either pay for it, or earn it. While paid marketing is relatively easy and should be taken up on an ad-hoc basis such as a seasonal campaign or a product launch, it is the earned influencer marketing where the real equity lies for the brand. Earned influencer marketing happens when influencers promote content about you for their own personal social growth, and is usually a result of having long-standing and meaningful relationships with influencers.







How does Qoruz help my brand execute Influencer Marketing?

Qoruz combines the power of a sophisticated search-engine, a robust ranking algorithm, and intuitive chat messenger into one platform. This enables brands like yours to search, qualify, and reach out to the most relevant influencers. Brands that can cut through the content clutter to truly leverage influencer marketing will be the ones that create loyal, ever-expanding, micro-communities of their most relevant and vocal influencers. And Qoruz helps brands do exactly this.






 I have an agency/team that does Influencer Marketing for my brand. Why do I need Qoruz?

The world of online social influencers is very dynamic and complex. Millions of people every day are growing and exerting their influence in categories from pet food to Paris travel, from cricket to calisthenics, from fashion to fast food and so on. As such, it is difficult to manually search, compare, and qualify the best influencers for your brand, and grow your influencer community on an everyday basis. That is exactly where Qoruz comes into play. Qoruz puts a method to this madness and helps agencies and brands alike to do influencer marketing and relationship management in a smarter, more consistent, and organic manner.






How does Qoruz influencer scoring work?

Qoruz乫s influencer scoring tries to mimic real-world influence as closely as possible. For this, several quantitative and qualitative factors are taken into account for each profile per platform. A separate percentile score is calculated to indicate the relative influence an individual has on each social media platform. A category expertise score is calculated to demonstrate what topics they are influential in. These and other scores feed into an overall influence score for each influencer.





What social media platforms does Qoruz support?

Qoruz currently works across 5 platforms – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Blogs.





What is the strength of Qoruz乫 database?

Qoruz boasts of more than 1 million indexed, global social profiles in its database. The search engine scans and indexes almost 400,000 profiles every day. We have segmented influencers over more than 140 categories! The keyword search also functions with more than 1 million keywords and phrases.




How do I create an account on Qoruz?

It乫s simple! Sign up for the trial version here and you get a 7-day limited access. You can upgrade your account anytime by choosing one of our paid plan options, or you can contact our product specialist to create a customized plan. You can also request a live demo of the full version, and our product specialist will get in touch with you.





 How much does it cost?

Check out our paid plans here. If you want to customize a plan for your specific needs and objectives, please contact our product specialist.





Is there a free trial available?

Of course! To give you a taste of our amazing platform, we offer a free, limited-access 7 day trial. Sign up here to get your trial started now.





 How does the free trial work?

The free trial is available to you for a period of 7 days from the day of signing up. It offers access to certain features of Qoruz, and you will be able to get your hands on.




What after my trial period expires?

If you are satisfied with your trial, you can upgrade your account anytime by choosing one of our paid plan options, or you can contact our product specialist to create a customized plan. However, if you want to see the full potential of our platform, you can request a live demo of the full version, and our product specialist will get in touch with you.





 If I have more questions, where can I find the answers?

We are available 24X7. Mail us at with your queries and we乫ll get back to you at the earliest.







Kickstart Your Influencer Marketing Today!

Choose a Plan


Great way to get started




100 Influencer Searches


30 Influencer Profile Views


Export Lists




1 Tracker


500 Conversations


Real-time analytics


Historical tracking


Share reports


Available for 7 days



Suitable for Small Brands & Agencies




1,000 Influencer Searches


300 Influencer Profile Views


Add Unlimited Influencers in Network


Export Unlimited Lists


Select Feature Upgrades are Free




Up to 3 Trackers


15,000 Conversations


Real-time analytics


Historical tracking


Export and Share Unlimited Reports


Email Support



Ideal for Mid-size Brands & Agencies




2,500 Influencer Searches


750 Influencer Profile Views


Add Unlimited Influencers in Network


Export Unlimited Lists


All Feature Upgrades are Free




Up to 7 Trackers


40,000 Conversations


Real-time analytics


Historical tracking


Export and Share Unlimited Reports


Phone and Email Support



Tailor-made for your marketing goals


Build a plan

with the features and usage quota that works

best for you.


Get in touch

with one of our product specialists.









Find the most relevant influencers for your business











Advanced Search Functionality

Use our unique 乪Bio Search乫 feature to find influencers that are a part of the niche you want to target. Or choose from one of our broad search options – Category, Profession, Keyword, or Profile Name.


Platforms available - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Blogs

Global as well as country specific profiles

Advanced Search

Dynamic Search

Dynamic Search Filters

Refine your influencer search with smart filters that are automatically customized each time a search is done. Our unique search result filtering optimizes itself based on platform, topic, keyword, and category.


Three-way smart search filtering with eight custom filters

Geographic filtering that enables city-specific influencer discovery

Campaign Specific Optimization

Prioritize influencers to match your specific campaign needs and objectives. Sort influencers for higher reach, higher engagement, out-reach to a specific audience, and more.


Reach and Engagement based prioritization

Topic expertise and target audience based prioritization


See Scout in Action


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Simple, Transparent Pricing

Your success is our success! We don乫t charge anything for brands and creators to sign up and use the marketplace. We only take a small fee for successful campaigns.


Self-Service for Creators

We Only Get Paid When You Get Paid


Sign Up Free


Service Fee

We work hard to bring creators amazing sponsorships, smart tools, and super fast payment processing so that you can focus on doing what you love. We support you at every step and ensure you乫re protected and compensated for successful campaigns. Our small 10% fee is deducted only once your content is approved for publishing and payment is released.


What Creators Get:

Access to sponsorships, flexibility and control to set your own rates, payment protection, secure workflow, super fast payments, and top notch support team.


Join as a Creator

Self-Service for Brands

Pay Only When Content Is Approved


Listing Free


Service Fee

Branded content should be affordable for all brands, which is why you control your costs by setting your own budget. What乫s more, your money is held securely in escrow throughout the entire campaign, and our small 10% fee is only processed once you approve content for publishing. In other words, when you are happy!


What Brands Get:

Access to a huge community of creators, flexible budgeting, campaign targeting, proposal filtering, simple payment options,secure workflow, post campaign reporting, and top notch support team.


Join as a Brand

VIP Service for Brands


FameBit乫s VIP service is the perfect solution for brands, agencies, and fast growing startups who want to do more with YouTube Branded Content and need a full service team. For a small management fee, our team of experts handle everything including, setting strategies and custom packages for content and media, curating custom talent lists, and managing execution, deliverables and amplification of hundreds of branded videos at a time to drive meaningful results.


Contact Sales

Join as a Creator

There are over 730 active sponsorship opportunities right now. Get hired today!


Join as a Brand

Creators are ready to send you proposals. Start a campaign today for Free!



© FameBit, LLC. All Rights Reserved. Stay Famous™









Your Payment Questions Answered

Payment options and how long it takes to receive your payment after your content has been accepted by the brand.

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Did you know that we have one of the fastest payouts for creators?


Please be sure to fill in your Payment Info in your FameBit admin panel.


Depending on the country you live in you will see different payout options. For example in the US, you can receive payments via PayPal, Direct Deposit, Check and Wire Transfer. Please note that each payout method comes with different fees, (or no fees). 



Payments are processed at the end of each business day, Monday through Friday. We reserve the first 48 hours after you've been approved to process your payment. After this time frame, your payment is released to the method you selected. Weekends and holidays are not included in operation days for payouts.


Available for US Creators - Direct Deposit/ACH, Checks, PayPal, Hold My Payments.


Available for International Creators - eCheck/Local Bank Transfer, Wire Transfer, PayPal, Hold My Payments.




No transaction fee.

No minimum payment threshold.

Payments typically take 3-5 business days to arrive in your checking or savings account after your content has been approved and missing links have been replaced after approval.

Check - USA ONLY


No minimum payment threshold.

Transaction fee: $6.00 per check.

Checks are for deposit only and cannot be transferred.

Checks are sent by mail to the address listed in your payment settings.

Payments usually arrives within 14 business days after approval and missing links have been replaced after approval.

PayPal - USA and International


No minimum payment threshold.

PayPal transaction and withdrawal fees apply.

Please review fees at

Payments typically arrive within your 3-5 business days after your content has been approved and missing links have been replaced after approval.

Hold My Payments - USA & International


No minimum threshold.

No fee.

Your payment is safe in your account until you add in a payment method for us to send to.  Payment never expires.

eCheck/Local Bank Transfer - International Only


No minimum threshold.

No transaction fee.

Payment can take up anywhere from 5-12 business days after FameBit workroom approval and processing time.

Wire Transfer - International ONLY


$75 minimum payment threshold must be met before payments will be sent.

$25 transaction fee.

Payments typically take 3-5 business day to arrive in your checking or savings account after your content has been approved and all missing links have been replaced after approval.

Did this answer your question?








Tax Information For Creators

Overview of how tax information is collected and what a 1099 and W-9 is.

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Updated over a week ago

Any US creator using FameBit that makes over $600 over the course of a calendar year will be required to fill out a W-9 form. FameBit collects W-9s digitally in the FameBit dashboard under the Payment Info tab in Settings.


International creators are not required to fill out a W-9 but will have to declare they are not a US citizen during the FameBit Payment Info process.


Please note: FameBit does not withhold any taxes from funds received on FameBit. Please consult a tax professional for advice and tax obligations.



FameBit is required by law to report any payments made over $600 over the course of a calendar year to the IRS. As such, all US creators who make over $600 on FameBit are required to fill out a W-9. The W-9 collects basic information such as name, address and social security number of the persons who received payment.  We use a secure digital form to collect this information which can be accessed via the FameBit admin panel.



WHAT IS A 1099?

A 1099 is the tax form that FameBit will send you that will give you details on how much you were paid over the course of the year from FameBit. 1099's are sent out by the end of January. Please note this form is only sent to US taxpayers.



FameBit does not give any tax advice. Please consult a tax professional for advice.









How Much Does It Cost To Use FameBit?

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Updated over a week ago

At FameBit it is our mission to directly connect creators and brands by keeping things as simple as possible while also delivering the most value for both brands and creators. With that in mind, it is completely free to sign up and post campaigns or send proposals on FameBit! No contracts, monthly charges or long-term commitments. FameBit only charges when a brand hires a creator, it's that simple.



FameBit charges a 10% fee when hiring an influencer. For example, if you hire a YouTuber for $100, the actual charge upon the completed campaign will be $110.



FameBit charges 10% upon completion and brand approval of your content. For example, if you bid $100 for a campaign, FameBit will pay you $90 once your submitted content has been approved by the brand. This does not include any PayPal or credit card processing fees.



When a brand hires a creator funds are automatically held in escrow with FameBit and is only released once the content has been submitted and approved by the brand. This protects both parties involved as we can be sure that creators get paid for the work they do and brands get the content they expect.







FTC Guidelines & Disclosure of Paid Product Endorsements

General overview of FTC Guidelines and Disclosure process

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Updated over a week ago

Adhering to FTC Guidelines is an extremely important part of doing any paid sponsorship post. That said, FTC guidelines can be confusing. Here are some best practices along with a direct link to the most up-to-date guidelines we have prepared to assist you.


Please also see our in-depth Creator and Brand articles on FTC guidelines and disclosures.


FTC Guidelines for Brands


FTC Guidelines for Creators


As guidelines often do change please be sure to visit the official FTC website for the most up to date guidelines.


Helpful FTC Rules & Guideline Links:


FTC Guidelines

.COM Disclosures

Native Advertising: A Guide For Businesses



Be clear and upfront with your audience. Never try and hide the fact that a video was sponsored. The more upfront and clear you can be the better. Our FTC Guidelines for Brands and FTC Guidelines for Creators include suggested disclosures that we recommend that you use.

Video Sponsorships: If you are posting a video you must state to your audience if you were paid by a company to talk about their product. Please do this at the beginning of your video. Simply including a link or a reference in your description is not enough, although it乫s great practice to include that information there as well.

Text Sponsorships: When posting on channels such as Twitter, Facebook or Instagram be sure to tags such as #ad, #sponsored, or #promotion at the beginning of every post.  Consider if the disclosure will be visible to the consumer without scrolling down, including on mobile devices.

Under the FTC guidelines, all content that creators and brands collaborate on to produce through FameBit乫s platform requires disclosure. The more clear and transparent you can be, the better.  Assuring that a disclosure is present is your responsibility.  For users of our VIP Curation service, we will also check to confirm that a disclosure has been made before releasing the content.  Please review our articles for more details on this process.


This article is not meant to be all-inclusive and we may update our suggestions and guidelines from time to time. We also urge you to periodically visit the FTC Website








Creator Best Practices

You乫re about to create great content working with FameBit by YouTube!

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Because FameBit content is branded content funded by brands, it is considered 乬commercial speech乭 (essentially, an advertisement). Content that is considered commercial speech cannot invoke the same 乬fair use乭 defenses as non-commercial speech.  As a Creator, this means you should be extra mindful about how you feature people, copyrighted works, locations, logos, trademarks, and other intellectual property owned by third parties in your work. You must also comply with all FTC consumer protection requirements, and disclose the relationship between your content and the sponsoring brand.


While FameBit cannot provide you legal advice, the below common issues and best practices may help  you create safe FameBit content.  Content that doesn乫t follow YouTube乫s copyright policies, FTC disclosure requirements, or other obligations under your agreement, will not be approved and will not be authorized for upload, jeopardizing payment. As part of the production process, FameBit may ask you questions about the legal status of third party materials and people featured in your content, so it乫s important that you work with your own counsel to resolve issues before you shoot.


Please review the below guidelines to avoid common copyright and third party rights pitfalls.


To protect yourself and the sponsoring brand, Creators should produce original videos without  any third party materials (unless specified by the sponsoring brand).  Any people or third party materials -- including music, photos, logos/trademarks or names -- incorporated into content created for FameBit must have the proper rights and licenses granted.


FTC disclosures.  You must adhere to the Federal Trade Commission乫s requirements around disclosure. FameBit will not approve videos that do not clearly meet them. Please refer to the FameBit Creator FAQ for more information.

Permission for People.  The general rule is that a person (famous or not!) who is recognizable in a shot requires a written release for you to use their image/likeness.  If you乫re not sure if you need a release or not, the best bet is to get one.  This includes visible faces in the background/in crowds and people on the street. You may be required to blur the faces of people who have not signed a release. Also, do not feature the personally identifiable information of anyone without written permission (e.g. their name, email, address, phone number, screen name, customized avatar, etc.)

Minors are not a minor concern.  Minors (under the age of 18)  must always sign a release TOGETHER with their parent or legal guardian.  You must have a release for every minor appearing in your content.

Music sounds complicated—because it is.  Just because you paid for a music download doesn乫t mean you can use it however you want. Any music or sound effects in your final cut must be specifically licensed for that use - no matter how incidental or how prominent, no matter how short or how long. This includes rights to both the recording and the written composition. Using original music? Remember that 乬original乭 means you - and only you - wrote, performed, and recorded the music. If you recorded your own version of an existing song (i.e. a cover song), remixed or sampled existing musical compositions and/or musical sound recordings, you still need to clear all rights and have licenses in place. Heard a certain song used in other YouTube videos? That  doesn乫t mean the song is fair game. You must still obtain the proper licenses to use it in your work.  There are music libraries you can access, but even if something is royalty free, it still may require a license. Remember that FameBit videos are 乬commercial,乭 so make sure that when you do get permission it is for commercial use of the song.


If you don乫t have a valid music library license, or license individual songs, you are free to use any of the music tracks in the YouTube Audio Library for your FameBit content.

Materials and video.  Any material that appears in your video which may be copyright or trademark protected - including, photography, posters, logos, video games, computer screenshots or other images that show trademarked or copyrighted material, music compositions, or third party video footage - likely requires a release or license from the original creator.  This includes images of celebrities you may find online. A photograph you may want to use usually has two rights to be cleared: the photographer who took it, and the person/artwork/brand contained in the image itself.  Not all photographers have the right to grant a license to the person乫s image in their photography.   Often the best route is to seek a stock image source that includes a license free and clear of any restrictions or additional clearance requirements.


A friend is letting you use some of his footage for your video? Remember - everything contained in their video clip also must be fully cleared.

Logos, packaging and clothing.  Don乫t allow anyone appearing in your video to wear clothing with trademarks, logos or recognizable characters  like  cartoon/movie characters or sports team logos.  Also, unless specifically approved, make sure none of your footage includes logos on any products appearing in the shot, like beverages, cosmetics, food packaging,  computers, phones or any other equipment.  When in doubt, turn the package around, and pick a plain blue shirt instead of that one with a logo on it! You should also avoid verbally mentioning another brand or brand slogan unless specifically requested by the sponsoring brand.

Locations. If you shoot in a third party location such as a retail store or public park, you must have permission from the legal owner of the property. Remember, everything included at that location - individual people, product logos, artwork, music playing over loudspeakers or heard from a car radio, etc. - ALSO must be fully cleared. Since you have much less control over the environment, shooting in a third party location can often be more trouble than it乫s worth. Keep in mind that some iconic locations/buildings may be landmarked and require permission for inclusion in your video (e.g. the Hollywood sign, the Chrysler Building). Please research required permissions for your locations before shooting!

Parody and Fair Use/Fair Dealing.  We highly suggest you do not rely on parody or other fair use exceptions to using copyrighted materials.  These are frequently misunderstood areas of the law, and if you intend to rely on these exceptions instead of getting necessary licenses/approvals, we may require you to seek your own legal counsel for guidance.  If you get the proper licenses, or  even better, develop your own original content, the fewer problems you will have.

YouTube Community Guidelines and Ad Policies.  Remember that all your content must be in compliance with YouTube乫s policies, including Community Guidelines and Ad Policies. Take another look to remind yourself of what type of content isn乫t allowed on the YouTube Website!

We look forward to seeing your content!







Disclosures for FameBit Videos


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Verbal Disclosure must be said within the first 30 seconds of the video.


Please use one of the below phrases:


     乬This video was sponsored by [BRAND].乭


     乬Thanks to [BRAND] for sponsoring this video.乭


     乬This is an ad for [BRAND].乭


Written Disclosure must be within the first three lines of video description text above the fold, and before any other links to the product or product codes provided by the brand.


Please use one of the below phrases:


     乬This post was sponsored by [BRAND].乭


     乬Thanks to [BRAND] for sponsoring this video.乭


     乬This is an ad for [BRAND].乭


     乬Check out my new sponsored video about [BRAND]!乭


[Optional] On-Screen Disclosure must be a burned-in text overlay, appearing long enough to be read, and in a font and color that stands out against the background.


Please use one of the below phrases:


     乬This video was sponsored by [BRAND].乭


     乬Thanks to [BRAND] for sponsoring this video.乭


     乬This is an ad for [BRAND].乭


Social Media Disclosure must be included when the video is posted on any other social channels, at the beginning of the description.


Please use one of the below phrases:


     乬This post was sponsored by [BRAND].乭


     乬Thanks to [BRAND] for sponsoring this video.乭


     乬This is an ad for [BRAND].乭


Following the description, please include one of the following hashtags:














You've received a workroom cancelation message. Now what?

Your workroom is canceled and the sponsor has been refunded.

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You may have received an email from support about a workroom being canceled once or twice, and pretty much left it at that.  While we hate to see a sponsorship halfway completed, we refund brands at their request at any stage in the workroom.  Here's what you need to know when you receive a cancelation message.


3 Strikes, Yikes!

You've received 3 cancelation emails from FameBit within 6 months.  What this means is on the 4th cancelation message, you will receive a final warning for account usages.  The 5th cancelation message constitutes to a permanent ban to your FameBit account. 



Most brands have a schedule they align with when hiring creators.  If a creator has an outstanding number of refunds/cancelation, this takes away opportunities for other creators that are willing to meet time and schedule requirements.  In addition, delaying the brand's marketing campaign.


If refunds were due to both parties agreeing to leave, this does not count towards this policy.  We review each refund accordingly by case.


For more information, feel free to reach out to









Creator Collab Tool Overiew

How to use the Creator Collab tool to connect with other creators

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The FameBit Creator Collab tool is one of the best ways to find, connect and collab with other Creators to produce amazing content and grow your social following. This guide goes over the different ways to find and manage your collabs on FameBit.


The Collab section is broken into 4 tabs to help you find, connect, create and manage your collabs -- Available, Requests, Workrooms & Manage.


Collab Tab / Collab Manager

The Collab Manager can be accessed by either clicking the Collab Manager button at the top of your admin panel or by clicking the Manage Tab under Collabs.


In the Collab Manager, you can set your availability for collabs to either 乬Yes乭 or 乬No乭. By selecting 乬Yes乭, you will then appear in the Available Collabs stream and interested creators can send requests to work with you. Also by turning on your availability, you can enter a short description about yourself and any ideas you have surrounding your collab.


Available Tab

The Available Tab lists all Creators that are available to collab. You can sort creators by reach, channel category, creator country and several audience demographics making it extremely easy to find creators to work with.


If you find a Creator you want to work with simply click Request Collab, enter a short note about collabing and press send. If the Creator accepts your collab request we will notify you!


Requests Tab

If your collab availability is set to 乬Yes乭 you will start to receive requests from Creators that want to collab with you. In this stream, you can view any notes that a creator has sent you as well as approve or decline any collab requests.


Workroom Tab

Once you approve a collab request or have sent a request that has been approved we will open a workroom for you. The workroom is your message board between yourself and the other collaborator where you can exchange messages, ideas, and get the ball rolling on your collab.


Closing A Collab

If you are the collab creator you will also have the ability to close or open your collab at any time. Closed collabs are still available for chat however, closing your collabs is great practice to keep your collabs organized.


By default, any collabs that have not had any messages posted in 30 days will be auto-closed.


Happy collabing!










How To Connect YouTube, Facebook, Twitter & Tumblr Accounts on FameBit

Step by step instructions on how to connect your social media channels to FameBit.

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FameBit works with YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr channels. Here is a quick start guide to connecting your social channels so that you can take advantage of all sponsorship opportunities.




To connect a new social channel you need at least 5,000 subscribers or followers on that channel.

You can only connect one account per each social channel. For example, you can only have one YouTube account attached to your FameBit account.

If you already have a FameBit account and wish to connect new channels please visit Linked Accounts under your Settings. You can also connect a channel directly from sending a proposal if the brand is asking for that channel.



Click Sign Up With YouTube and then enter the email address associated with your YouTube channel.




If you have multiple Google accounts associated with that email you will then have the chance to select the one associated with your YouTube channel.



In the next step, you will agree to allow FameBit to have access to your FameBit account. This isn't as scary as it sounds we promise ;) This simply allows us to access the YouTube Public API which gives us access to your channels stats. We use these stats to show brands your most current metrics so they can make an informed hiring decision.





Click Sign Up with Twitter and from there enter your Twitter username and password. You will then be asked to Authorize FameBit to use your account. Click Authorize and you're set. Again we do not store your username or password.




Click Sign Up With Facebook and then enter the email address and password associated with the Facebook page you wish to connect to FameBit. Please note that you can not connect personal Facebook profiles.


If you have more than one Facebook page associated with that email you will be able to choose the Facebook page you wish to connect. At this time you can only connect one Facebook page per FameBit account. If you wish to connect more pages please sign up for additional Facebook accounts.






On the next page, you will have the option to select the page that you wish to connect to FameBit.



Click Sign Up With Tumblr and then enter the email address and password associated with the Tumblr you wish to connect to FameBit. If you have more than one Tumblr associated with that email you will be able to choose the Facebook page you wish to connect.



Due to recent Instagram API policy changes, we can no longer support new Instagram accounts on FameBit.









Changes To Instagram Accounts On FameBit

Explanation of Instagram API changes

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Recently, Instagram made changes to their third-party API policies that affect how creators on FameBit connect their Instagram accounts and work with brands on Instagram opportunities. The good news is, that for FameBit creators who have already connected their Instagram account, nothing changes, in that you can still continue to send brands proposal for Instagram opportunities as per usual. However, if you choose to disconnect your Instagram account, you will not be able to reconnect it moving forward. 


For FameBit creators who do not already have an Instagram account connected to FameBit, unfortunately, this is no longer an option as Instagram乫s third-party API policy changes do not permit your account to connect. However, if you would like to offer Instagram as an additional promotional channel to brands, there are options.


For example, if you are a YouTuber, you can offer an additional Instagram post when you send your proposal to the brand and include your Instagram fee in the overall fee that you set for the campaign.



Example proposal including Instagram









Fees, Deadlines & Expiry Dates Explained

If you are wondering what fees and due dates are, look no further!

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Fees are how much you want to charge a brand for creating a piece of content.  The budget range that you see on a campaign is the actual compensation that the brand would be willing to compensate you if they move forward.  It is recommended that you bid within this price range to help you better your chance at securing the sponsorship, but it is not required. Remember to always bid appropriately to your channel size.



The proposal deadline is the last day that the brand will accept new proposal submissions. If you乫re interested in that campaign get that proposal in before it expires.



The Delivery Date is the date that you are committing to complete creating the content you have proposed to the brand. This date can shift depending on when the brand gets you the product. Always work with the brand to find a date that works for both parties.




For more details on Expiry Dates view this article.









How Do Expiry Dates Work?

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As a Creator you can choose an expiration date for any proposal you send a brand for a campaign. To add an expiration date simply fill out your Campaign Proposal as you normally would and then locate the step that says Expiry Date. Click that to select the date that your proposal will no longer be valid to the brand.




Once your proposal expires we will send you an email notification allowing you to update it or leave it expired. The brand will also see that your proposal has been moved into their Expired folder and must then invite you back to the campaign if they want to work with you. This gives you the opportunity to update your offering, price and delivery date.


Setting a proposal expiration date is entirely optional, however if you don't set a date then a brand can hire you days, or even months after your proposal has been sent.








What Can A Brand See Viewing My FameBit Profile?

Breakdown of the stats and demographics a brand can see while viewing your account on FameBit.

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After allowing FameBit access to your YouTube account upon account creation we pull in the following stats to share with brands.


Subscriber Count

Average Number of Views

Audience Location

Audience Age

Total Views

Total Videos

Most Recent 8 Videos

% of Male / Female

Here is a screenshot of what a brand sees when viewing your profile.



We take your privacy seriously. FameBit does not have access to any of your messages and can not make any changes to your account. All information that we have available is directly from the public YouTube API.


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Why Isn't My YouTube Subscriber Count Showing On FameBit?

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If you are no longer seeing your subscriber count listed on your FameBit profile please make sure that you have not hidden your subscriber count on YouTube. Our system relies on fetching that number from YouTube and if it is hidden we will display zero. Simply un-hide this number and you should start seeing your subscriber count on your FameBit profile shortly after.









Accepted File Formats And Size Restrictions For Content Uploads

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For social media channels other than YouTube you will need to upload content to the FameBit workroom for brand approval. Below is a list of the file formats and max size allowed for uploading to FameBit.











MOV (Quicktime)

Max file size: 100MB


Please note for YouTube content there is nothing to upload as you only need to provide an Unlisted Link to your content.











4 Tips For Getting Your Proposals Accepted

Tips, advice, and insight on how to write proposals that land paid sponsorships on FameBit

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At FameBit, we make it extremely easy for creators to find and connect with brands on amazing paid sponsorships. Once you've found that perfect opportunity for your channel, the next step is to write the brand a proposal that will land you the gig.


While there is no perfect formula for getting a brand to accept your proposal, we are here to increase the odds by giving you some best practices for writing a proposal that stands out and is ultimately selected.



Simply copying and pasting the same proposal for each campaign doesn乫t work on FameBit and the brands will see right through it! The proposals that tend to get the highest acceptance rates are ones that are not only original but also demonstrate a genuine interest in the brand/product/service.


Take the time to learn something about the brand and make sure to customize your proposal to fit their campaign needs. Also, outline why you want to work with them or what peaked your interest. For example, if you乫ve used the brand乫s product in the past and have been a long time customer, let them know that. Or maybe you乫ve been inspired by the brand乫s founding story, or have seen fellow creators rave about their products? Including these extra pieces of information and purpose will truly help your proposal stand out amongst the rest as brands are looking to connect with creators who are already fans and who can be their biggest brand champions.


Another point that you can make to show the brand that you乫ve done your homework and that you are serious, is to reassure them that you can actually complete and submit content for their review by the desired deadline outlined in their campaign. Very often, brands align campaigns with new product launches or upcoming promotions so knowing that you are committed to delivering content on time can help establish professionalism and trust right from the beginning.



After you've shown that you took the time to learn about the brand and expressed a genuine passion, it乫s time to zero in on why you and your channel are a great fit. Here it乫s important for you to think about your channel乫s vertical, they type of content you produce, your audience breakdown, and whether there is a natural link between the brand乫s voice and your voice. What do you have in common? Why will your audience care about this brand?


If the connection is not obvious at first glance, then ensure to spell it out for the brand. For instance, if the brand is a fitness apparel company looking to connect with fitness gurus, and if you are a fashion creator with a passion for health and fitness, let the brand know this as it will help them make the connection.



The most successful proposals almost always include an incredible idea or plan for how the brand will be featured. So ensure to take your proposal a step further and paint a picture on what that engaging content might look like for the brand. Brands love to hear your creative ideas for incorporating their products into your content and taking the guesswork out of a proposal often leads to increasing your chances of getting hired.


Remember, when a brand decides to work with a creator for the first time, it's a bit of a leap of faith. They are trusting you with their product and vision in hopes that you will love their product just as much as they do. So make it as easy as possible for them to envision what their video would look like if they selected you.



The last but equally important aspect of your proposal is setting the right price the fits your needs while matching the brand's expectations. Brands are always looking to spread their budgets as far as possible and get the most bang for their buck. By offering competitive pricing teamed with the tips above, you乫ll be sure to have a campaign that stands out amongst the rest. For more information on pricing be sure to read this guide.


While writing a strong campaign proposal can take more time and effort, it乫s worth the extra time spent because it can help you get hired. It乫s also important to note that you don乫t have to write a novel to hit all these points — keep it short and sweet! Above all else, keep your chin up! There isn't an exact science to getting your proposal approved and we've seen several brands go back to their proposal lists weeks and months later and select YouTubers for the second round of their campaign, so keep positive and always look for ways to improve your proposals.


Good luck!











Where to check or find your proposals sent and how to find out if you've been hired

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There are several ways that you can check to see if your proposal offer was accepted, declined, or marked otherwise after you send them to campaigns.  This will be located in your Home page, not the Messaging page. 


Acceptance Email that you've been hired - If you receive an email notification from FameBit that your proposal was accepted, that乫s great!  A sponsor has accepted your proposal offer and you need to wait for a new email from us notifying you that your proposal was Funded.


Proposal Sent  - For any proposals that have not been accepted or declined, you can view them within the Proposal Sent Folder in your dashboard.


Declined - If your proposal offer was declined, you will not receive an email notification.  However, these proposals will be listed under Declined in your dashboard.


Proposal Expired - If you have set an expiration date for your proposal and that date arrives before your proposal has been accepted or declined, you will find your proposal under the Proposal Expired folder.


Proposal Canceled - If your proposal offer was accepted and then it was canceled. 








How Do Expiry Dates Work?

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As a Creator you can choose an expiration date for any proposal you send a brand for a campaign. To add an expiration date simply fill out your Campaign Proposal as you normally would and then locate the step that says Expiry Date. Click that to select the date that your proposal will no longer be valid to the brand.




Once your proposal expires we will send you an email notification allowing you to update it or leave it expired. The brand will also see that your proposal has been moved into their Expired folder and must then invite you back to the campaign if they want to work with you. This gives you the opportunity to update your offering, price and delivery date.


Setting a proposal expiration date is entirely optional, however if you don't set a date then a brand can hire you days, or even months after your proposal has been sent.









How Do I Report An Issue With A Brand?

Insight on what to do and how to handle any issues that may arise between yourself and a brand.

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If you ever feel that you are being asked to do something outside of FameBit's Term of Service such as take an affiliate deal you have several options for reporting this to FameBit.




On the right-hand side of your workroom, you will see a report issue button. Simply click that button and choose the issue you'd like to report. Both Creators and Brands have this option in every workroom. Issues are then sent to our support team and will be dealt with accordingly.



The last way to report any issue is to email directly. We are more than happy to help and answer any questions you may have.


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How To Follow FTC Guidelines For Creators

Overview of FTC guidelines and how to follow them.

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Adhering to the Federal Trade Commission (乬FTC乭) Guidelines is an extremely important part of being an influencer and of creating branded content. Creators and brands must make clear to their audiences that there is a relationship between them and the brands they are promoting. You should never hide that you are working with a brand or being sponsored to feature a product. You should also never say that you purchased a product with your own money when it was sent to you by a brand. Hiding sponsorships won't make your branded content more authentic or organic, it will likely have the opposite effect in the event your audience finds out. More importantly, having proper verbal, visual and written disclosures for branded content is required by law!  These guidelines are intended to help you do just that.


The FTC requires that all paid sponsorships be clearly and conspicuously disclosed. In other words, if a brand is paying you to mention, feature or review a product through FameBit, you are required by law to be clear and transparent about that sponsorship and the fact that you are working with the brand.


At FameBit, we take disclosures very seriously. We also understand that the guidelines can be confusing so we乫ve put together some best practices along with a direct link to the most up-to-date FTC materials to help.


To avoid misleading your audience, we recommend that disclosures be:


In clear and unambiguous language;

As close as possible to the ads to which they relate;

In a font and color that乫s easy to read;

In a shade that stands out against the background;

For video image disclosures, at the beginning of the video and on the screen long enough to be noticed, read, and understood; and

For audio disclosures, read at a cadence that is easy for consumers to follow and in words that consumers will understand.



When it comes to videos, we recommend that you provide a verbal disclosure right at the very beginning of the video or within the first 15 seconds of mentioning the brand/product/service that you are endorsing.  Verbal disclosures are the preferred way to clearly and conspicuously describe a creator乫s relationship to a brand in videos.




We recommend being upfront and using clear statements. That can be a bit challenging since the FTC has some preferences about wording. As a result, we乫ve come up with some suggestions to use. For example:


This video was sponsored by [Brand Name]乭

I worked with [Brand Name] to make this video乭

[Brand Name] paid me to make this video乭

Hey guys, this is an ad for [Brand Name]乭

The statements should be tailored to the specific situation. So, for example, if a brand pays for only part of a creator乫s content, you might say:


[Brand Name] paid for this part of the video乭

I worked with [Brand Name] to make this part of the video乭

If a company is sponsoring content for multiple brands, you can say:


I worked with [Brand Name 1] and [Brand Name 2] to make this video乭

The following two possible disclosures would also be sufficient as long as it is clear from the overall video that consumers will understand which products are sponsored:


I worked with [Company Name] to tell you about some of their great products乭

I worked with [Company Name] on this video so I can tell you about some of their great brands乭

We recommend using a disclosure similar to the suggestions above whenever you are working with a brand to develop content.


VIP Platform disclosure review Process


On the VIP platform, we take one additional step. Before sharing your content with a brand for final approval, we will look for a disclosure like the ones above. Using one of the suggested disclosures will facilitate review on our end; varying disclosures may involve delay, and we can乫t guarantee approval.  If a video disclosure is missing or inadequate, we will require re-editing to incorporate a clear and conspicuous disclosure before passing it to the brand.  A clear and conspicuous disclosure is one that consumers can乫t miss.




In addition to including a verbal disclosure, we recommend that you disclose the sponsorship clearly in the description text above the fold so that your audience can easily see it.  We recommend that you place the disclosure in the video description field as close to the product/brand link as possible and within the first three lines of the description field. 


If the brand provides you with tracking links and coupon codes to include in the description field, we recommend placing the FTC disclosure before the brand links and any other information. Keep in mind that merely including a link or mentioning sponsorship in the description is likely not enough to meet the FTC rules if it is not accompanied by a verbal disclosure.


If you want to add an additional disclosure that is visible on-screen, we recommend adding a permanent burned-in text overlay disclosure. Ensure that the on-screen disclosure appears on screen long enough to be visible and understandable and ensure that it is in a font and color that stands out against the background. We don乫t recommend using annotations as annotations are not visible on mobile devices.




The FTC disclosure requirements not only apply to YouTube video sponsorships but also to other sponsored social media content, such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram posts.  Each creator is responsible for making proper disclosures when creating content for these social media channels as well. We recommend making the disclosure clear and conspicuous at the beginning of the post using the word 乬AD乭 or 乬Sponsored.乭 Abbreviations of the word 乬sponsored乭 are not appropriate.


On platforms such as Twitter and Instagram, when using tags such as #ad, #sponsored, or #promotion, we recommend that you not only place them at the beginning of the post but also separate them from other tags so that the FTC disclosure is clearly identifiable and distinguishable from other tags. Disclosures shouldn乫t be buried in the middle of a posting or at the end. You should consider how it will appear on mobile devices without scrolling down.


Even if the campaign that you were hired for is for YouTube only, in the event that you decide to share any brand links or repurpose the content associated with the campaign on other social media channels, we recommend that you include a proper FTC disclosure at the beginning of the post.




Some platforms in which you are contributing content may make other tools available to help you understand FTC requirements or incorporate disclosures in videos and other materials.  Their information and tools may be updated from time to time, so you should check their websites periodically for more information.




If a brand asks for you to either not include a disclosure or to remove your disclosure once you submitted your video for review, please notify the brand that the FTC mandates that all paid endorsements be clearly and conspicuously disclosed. Inform the brand that you are required by law to comply with the FTC guidelines. If the brand insists, notify support@famebit for help.


Failure to include a disclosure is not only a violation of FTC rules, but a violation of our VIP Platform policies. If you produce content that otherwise meets brand requirements but fails to include a recommended disclosure, we will not approve the content and will not release payment. We may also suspend or even terminate your account and make you ineligible to participate in future FameBit campaigns.


As guidelines often change please be sure to visit the official FTC website for the most up to date information.


Helpful FTC Rules & Guideline Links:


FTC Guidelines

.COM Disclosures

Native Advertising: A Guide For Businesses

This article is not meant to be all-inclusive. For more details please visit the FTC Website.
















Submitting your Campaign Brief with Infiltrend is easy to do.


Our Brief consists of 4 steps and each step asks for information so that once the end user receives it, they have a good idea of the type of campaign and content they need to create & work on.


We just want to remind you that once you have submitted your Brief, Infiltrend will automatically send this to your chosen influencers. The influencers will receive a summary of what you have inputted in the Campaign Brief. They then have the option to accept to work on the campaign or reject it. Once they accept, the full Brief is sent to them.


Infiltrend has created a guide to give you an understanding of how best to fill out the form. We will use the fictional example of a brand, Rose & Co & fill out the brief as they would.


Rose & Co is a luxury boutique selling fashion accessories and clothes. They have a physical shop as well as an online shop. Rose & Co, wants to promote a new collection which you can find in-store and online.



In Step 1 , you need to give an overall idea of the of what the scope & purpose of the campaign is.


Your goal must be clearly outlined here.


Campaign Brief Step 1

Point 1

The Campaign Title will be viewable by the influencers. It should reflect the scope of the campaign.


Rose & Co would use "Rose & Co New Collection Launch"


A Campaign Link or a URL is necessary. This should be the link to a website, landing page, facebook page or any destination you would like readers to discover.


Influencers will see the URL shortner of followed by a unique code in the campaign brief, that they receive. They will embed this in any content that they create which, when clicked on, will result in a conversion. Once clicked on, they are re-directed to the URL you want.


For the Rose & Co example, we will use- "www.Rose&".


Next add a Campaign Brief to give the influencers enough information to know what the scope of the campaign is. They know why they are working on the campaign and what the content they will produce is about.


Rose & Co would add "We have launched a new collection and we want our customers to know that they can buy this in store or online. If you blog about it, you can use the logos & images we submit in the next step. If you mention us on SM, you can also use the images we have provided or we suggest you take an image/video or our website or store front & highlight, with excitement, that the new collection has arrived."


Point 2

Now it's time to decide whether you want to set up your campaign as a Pay Per Click or Pay Per Campaign and what your campaign budget will look like.


For Rose & Co, we would say "we want potential audiences to be redirected to our website and see our online store. We will, therefore, select a Pay Per Click campaign and we want to achieve a maximum amount of 1,500 clicks with a CPC of €1".


Point 3

You're almost done from Step 1. You just need to submit a start & end date for your campaign. These are the dates during which your Influencer should be posting and promoting your content.


You can also decide what languages you want the content to be produced in by your Influencers.


For Rose & Co, "we will select to run this campaign for 1 week and we only want content to be produced in English".



So your Influencers now know what the campaign is about. Now it's time to give them more information on the type of content they need to create - this includes both images & text. Welcome to Step 2.


Campaign Brief Step 2

Point 1

You will need to submit some creative images and designs such as actual artwork, logos or an image of a setting featuring your product. You can specify in the section below (Description) whether the images you are submitting are there to actually be used in the content they create or whether they are simply there to give ideas.


Here we also give you some size guides.


For Rose & Co "we will attach an image of a logo and of the new collection. We encourage our influencers to use their creative photography skill and take cool images of our website, or of our storefront to use across social media. However please feel free to also use the images we have attached. This would allow you (the influencer) to use your own talent. "


Point 2

Now time for content instructions. You will need to do this for each language you select. Add any content instructions you want including content ideas such as particular phrases or hashtags.


As we mentioned please specify whether the content description & images you are uploading are to be used or are simply there for guidelines & inspiration purposes.


In our case, we would say" Please use your own phrases or content but we want you to convey the excitement that the new collection is available and can be purchased both instore or online. We would also like to build the popularity of our hashtags #rose&colove #R&Cnewcollection.



You're getting closer to the end.


In Step 3 you will select the Influencers who you feel should work on this campaign.


Campaign Brief Step 3

Point 1

So it is time to select the influencers that you want to work on your campaign. Who has the best audience that matches this campaign's needs, who has the best content creation skills that are aligned with the scope of this campaign? Who will you send the Campaign Brief to?


You can select between a Public campaign, which will be sent to all the influencers you are connected to or you may select a Private which will sent to the select few influencers that you choose from those that you are connected to.


For Rose & Co "we want all the influencers we are connected to since we only connect to those who have a lifestyle & fashion category listed.".


Point 2

Give your Influencers some more information. Talk to them about ways of sharing the content, social media preferences and perhaps some details about your target audience.


Rose & Co wants to highlight  "we would love our influencers to share across blogs but also on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. We would love for your to take a short video of you scrolling through our site and post this on Instagram.".


Point 3

You have the possibility to select some fields here to give your Influencer an idea of who the target audience really is.


In our case, we would mention that "our target audience is between the age of 20-30 and they are a savvy group."



You have finally arrived at Step 4. Phew.


Ok so here you will see a summary of your Campaign Brief. You can easily go back and amend some details.


You will need to make a pre-payment for the campaign at this stage before the campaign goes live. If you already have a full wallet then you will not need to top-up. At this stage, you are also charged a booking fee allowing Infiltrend to process the Campaign.


At the end of the campaign, if all you campaign budget was not used, it will be re-added to your wallet. You then have the option to contact us on and we will refund you this amount.

















We're thrilled to have you on FameBit. First things first, this is your home page. Think of it as mission control. Once you have launched a campaign we will notify you if you have new proposals and you'll have easy access to chat with any of the content creators you have hired.


Speaking of hiring content creators, it's time to start a new campaign!











Guides & Resources



Infiltrend gives you and your brand and overview and guide to what you will find when you join Infiltrend. Find out what awaits you and get a glimpse of our easy and simple Campaign Brief.



Infiltrend has created a guide to give you an understanding of what you can expect once you have joined our network for influencers & bloggers.




What is a URL shortener and how does Infiltrend track your campaigns. Find out here Infiltrend URL Shortener.



A guide to filling out the Infiltrend Campaign Brief by a Brand which will then be sent to our Influencers. Read more here Infiltrend Campaign Brief.








Infiltrend Guide For Our Brands


Welcome, first of all.


You乫ll find your way in no time; Infiltrend is super simple to use, here's a summary of what we will be going through to ensure you know how to use our platform:


Find Influencers

Create Campaigns

Add Influencers To Campaigns


Setting Budgets For Pay Per Click

Setting Budgets For Pay Per Campaign

Campaign Goes Live

Editing Campaigns



This is what you乫re here to do, right? Head to Discover Influencers to start.


With Infiltrend, both you and influencers can find each other and request a connection. Of course, if an influencer adds you, the connection can be accepted or refused from your side.


Our directory of talented influencers spans different fields, vertices, and types, and of course, it乫s infinitely searchable; by name, audience size, industry and so on.


Find the influencers that best suit your brand and product and connect with them. From here on, you can build a working relationship with the influencer.


Discover Influencers


The next big thing you are here to do is create campaigns. To do this, head to New Campaign.


Use Infiltrend to build your campaign briefs and to select the influencers who should work on the campaign. It乫s up to you, the brand, to select either all the influencers you are connected to, or specific ones of your choosing. Influencers will then take your campaign brief & create brand content or a branded story to share across their social media profiles.


Our campaign creation is simple, we have 4 simple steps through which you can fill out a Campaign Brief. You can view some of our tips for submitting a brief here.


When planning a campaign you should know that we offer two types of campaigns which you will select at step 1:


Pay Per Click乫 – allows influencers to create a campaign which when clicked upon will direct users to the link you want (e.g. your website, dedicated landing page, or Facebook page). The link within the campaign will be tracked whether the influencer shares it on their blog or social media profiles. Each time a customer clicks, you will pay the figure you want. Only valid clicks count.


Pay Per Campaign乫 – We recommend 乪Pay Per Campaign乫 if you want to run a campaign without a trackable link. We suggest this if you want the influencer to run a campaign on social networks with no link tracking options, such as Snapchat.




In your brief,  add information relating to the type of content & designs you would like your influencers to use. You must provide them with content instructions as well as images. You should specify whether the content ideas and images you are providing are suggestions or if they should actually be used in the content the influencers create.


Based on this, your chosen influencers turn your brief into attractive content they know will work with their specific audience.




Through our easy-to-use campaign upload form, you can select the influencers you want onboard, and sit back while Infiltrend sends out requests.


Your campaign will then be accepted or rejected by the influencers you chose. When an influencer accepts or rejects your campaign invite, you乫ll get notified.




Once you乫ve approved all your campaign details, we ask that payment is made towards the campaign budget. Pick whatever budget works for you. A booking fee is charged per campaign; this is added to your itemised invoice. This is non-refundable.



A Pay Per Click campaign budget is an estimate of the maximum amount of conversions you would like to achieve in this campaign. Each click is counted as a conversion.


Pick the price you乫re happy to pay for each click. The amount you have chosen is displayed to the influencer.  If throughout the campaign you are getting more clicks than anticipated, you can top-up your account to ensure the campaign keeps on running.


If at the end of the campaign you still have clicks left, their value will be reimbursed as extra funds in your wallet, which you can choose to leave there, or else request a refund.



Pay Per Campaign budgets work with a lump sum, so you chose how many influencers to work with, and what fee each should receive. Influencers will then receive the lump sum allocated to them per campaign.




Once you have submitted the necessary details and funds, your campaign will move to 乪scheduled campaign乫. You can see you campaign in the View Campaigns section. When your start date arrives, the campaign will automatically move to 乪active campaigns乫. Whilst the campaign is live, don乫t forget to look at the influencers you chose to work with via their social media profiles and blogs.




Pause Campaign

Edit Active Campaign

End Campaign Early

Delete Campaign

You can pause a campaign whilst it is running. All promotions will cease immediately. Influencers will immediately be notified. Any clicks generated will still need to be paid out. You can also re-activate at a later date.




Stay on top of what is happening by looking at our campaign dashboard where you乫ll get up-to-the-minute data of what conversions are being generated by which influencer. Monitor the campaign乫s performance with actual, live data!


Once a campaign ends you can get a comprehensive summary of performance, broken down by time, day, source, and much more, as well as compare to any past or upcoming campaigns.










Infiltrend Guide For Our Infiltrend


Hello influencer!


You乫ll find your way in no time; Infiltrend is super simple to use. This is what we will cover in our Guide:


Discover And Connect With Brands

Join A Campaign

Create Your Content

Payments And Fees

Getting Paid for Pay Per Click

Getting Paid for Pay Per Campaign

Editing Campaigns

Data And Analysis


Use our search to find and discover brands you乫d love to promote and develop valuable brand partnerships with.


Connect to the brands you want, then wait for them to accept. Brands can connect with you themselves too.


Discover Brands


Once you are connected to brands, you will start being invited to work on their campaigns.  Navigate our Campaigns page with the following guidelines:


Upcoming Campaigns - All campaigns that the Brands you follow have published.

My Campaigns - All campaigns that you are invited to work on or have worked on.

Active Campaigns - All campaigns you are working on and are active right now.

Campaign Influencer Dashboard

When a campaign is sent to you, you will be able to view the full details. If you feel the campaign is relevant to you and your audiences, accept and get ready to develop some exciting content. You may choose to reject a campaign for any reason too.


Campaign Details


Once a campaign has been agreed upon, start creating your content based on the instructions clearly outlined by the brand. Once start date arrives, start sharing the content you乫ve created for the campaign.


Always keep in line with the brand instructions; remember you are to adhere to the agreement you accepted to promote the campaign. Always use the link that is provided to you in your content. Embed it whenever you can and drive your audience to it. Any clicks that link generates will be tracked by Infiltrend and you will receive your cost per click associated with that campaign.


We encourage you to be authentic and honest in your posts and keep to your brand reputation as an influencer. Your audience loves your authenticity. If you feel that your audience may respond badly to perceived product placement, go ahead and clearly disclose that the post is sponsored. Up to you; you know your audience best!




In Pay Per Click campaigns, your fee will be the amount of clicks you have generated for the campaign, multiplied by the campaign amount that the brand has outlined. For example; you have generated 100 clicks for a campaign with a CPC of €1, so you will be due €100 less the fee towards the platform.



If the campaign was set up as Pay Per Campaign, your fee will be the full amount less the fee due to the platform



Brands may decide to make changes to campaigns you are involved in, and you will be notified of any changes, however we want to you know what changes these could be;


Ending an active campaign

Ending an upcoming campaign

Pausing active campaigns

Changing active campaigns

Ending campaigns whilst running – If a campaign you are working on has started, a brand may chose to end this for whatever reason. You will be immediately notified and all clicks generated by you until that point will still be paid out to you.



Whilst the campaign is running, and once it has ended, keep an eye on your data and what clicks you were responsible for.


See how you can improve your clicks for the brand or compare clicks generated for different brands. Get a sense of the type of sponsored campaigns your audiences prefer, and learn more about how best to optimise your future campaigns.


Influencer Dashboard












Why Brands should you join Infiltrend?


Self-managed influencer marketing platform

Create a custom campaign with a budget that works for you in a few easy clicks. Select your preferred influencers and get started!


Large influencer network

We give you access to a large pool of talented influencers. Discover new talents, audiences and content-creation skills. Join forces and thrive!


Simple and straightforward

Whether you乫re a niche or a major brand, an agency or an advertiser, our tool is user-friendly and guaranteed not to disappoint.


Data tracking

Get access to real-time insights and data while the campaign is running. We track campaign engagement and success on all platforms and channels. After all, data unlocks opportunities!


Creating an account on Infiltrend is free. But we want to explain to you why you want to set-up your Infiltrend account.


Infiltrend is the solution that we wanted for ourselves. Influencer marketing has become essential for marketing teams and individuals to understand. Your customers are following, quite attentively, individuals, publishers, and bloggers who create content shares via blogs/vlogs/social media.  We call them influencers because they influence and inspire their audiences who turn out to be your customers.


So the Infiltrend team began to appreciate that Influencer Marketing is essential but we needed an efficient way to implement it and to scale at it. We needed a tool that helps us do this, works for all team sizes and budgets, and is 乪agency-ready乫. And, it must also not require a PhD to use.


Enter Infiltrend. An influencer marketing platform. Our platform gives you, brands, the tools that you need to search for and discover the right influencer partners, create campaigns, and build a direct connection to an engaged audience. Let our influencers be your story tellers.


Connecting brands to influencers and keeping it all organised is a feat in itself. With Infiltrend, we make it easy.

















Why Influencers should you join Infiltrend?



Through our large pool of brands and campaigns, you have access to new and exciting opportunities for content ideas.



You are using your talent to help brands grow their influence. We give you a fair and transparent way of monetising the branded content you create and publish.


Communication is everything

We finally give you a reason to stop using dropbox links, emails, and various excel sheet! Instead you now have one organised system to contact and build relationships with the brands you are working with. Finally tracking engagement per-campaign and per-brand is straightforward.


Data tracking

We give you access to insightful data throughout and post-campaign. You can understand whether the type of content you create and how you share it is successful.


Creating an account on Infiltrend requires no commitment from your end other than smashing content. Let's explain.


You乫ve been called an influencer, an affiliate, a blogger, a social media personality or maybe even a publisher. It doesn乫t matter – whatever it is you create content.

You create content that you share to your very attentive and attuned audience. They follow you through your highly ranked blog, your social media profiles that are frequently visited, a curated email list, or your popular YouTube channel. You know how to create content and you know what content keeps your audience entertained. You know where your audience lives and, you know what they love.


You need new, fresh content to give your audience, and you want to build meaningful brand partnerships, as well as monetising your work. Infiltrend understand this. Infiltrend allows you to potentially turn your social media stardom into your very own business.


Infiltrend allows you to potentially turn your social media or blog stardom into your very own business. You are an influencer to your audience.


We help you build relationships with brands, who are all hungry for one thing – attention. With your engaged audience, you can give it to them, and get paid for it.


It乫s the most transparent model out there, and it乫s just what you need to monetise content and grow your influence.













The Infiltrend URL Shortener


If you, a brand, create a campaign using Infiltrend and set it up as a 乪Pay Per Click乫 campaign, you will provide a  link towards that campaign.


This link or URL, is a landing page, website, facebook page or any 乪destination乫 that you want your Influencers to use in their content and that you want the ultimate audiences to reach. Infiltrend will track this link. Any clicks on the link by the ultimate audience of the influencer, will be called a 'Conversion'.


If you, an influencer, participate in said campaign, you will receive the URL that is attached to that campaign. You must use this URL in any of the content you create. Embed it in the text & images you add to your blog post or add it to your social media posts. Remember, any clicks you receive (any time your audience clicks on that link) you receive a commission. Each click is called a 'Conversion'. The commission is decided by the brand at the start of the campaign.


When a brand sends a Campaign Brief to an influencer, they don't actually see the same URL the brand added. Instead, they see a URL Shortener.


So what is a URL shortener?


Infiltrend takes the URL the brand has uploaded, and adds a tracking code to this. We do this per each influencer. Thus if there are 10 influencers, each one will receive a slightly different code. The URL shortener, once clicked on, will link back to the ultimate destination link that the brand wants. However because of the tracking code, Infiltrend will be able to monitor each time it is clicked.


The beginning of the URL shortener will look like this - -followed by you unique code.


Thus, Infiltrend will track each click per each influencer. For you, the brand, you are able to see how many clicks are received in total & per influencer. For you, the Influencer, you see the exact clicks you generated for a campaign.


Whoever is reading or viewing the content that an influencer has created, and clicks through, will in their address bar, see a very quick flip from the URL shortener associated with the campaign to the desired landing page. It is almost unnoticeable.


When the Infiltrend URL shortener is used in any content created by the influencer, any time it is clicked, the brand has made a conversion, and the influencer has earned a monetary commission each time it is clicked on.








[Giveaway] The Ultimate Influencer Experience

Wed Aug 29 2018

Terilyn Walker

Calling all social media managers!We know you spend the majority of your 9 to 5 planning amazing trips, campaigns, and events for the influencers you work with. Have you ever wondered what it乫s like on the other side?Well now you can...AspireIQ is giving one lucky social media manager the chance to get flown to San Francisco to experience the city like an influencer.


Get the full influencer experience!

Food and Travel is on usWe乫ll fly you to SFO and your chauffeur will take you to your two night stay at a instagrammable San Francisco hotel.  During your trip, we乫ll take you to the hottest SF restaurants and give you the opportunity to network with other social media managers in the industry.Experience the city like you乫re instafamousWe'll create a custom itinerary for your trip and take you on a guided tour to iconic San Francisco landmarks. Don乫t worry, you乫ll get all of the Instapics your heart desires. You乫ll be followed by a personal photographer and an Instagram influencer will show you exactly how to create amazing content.Amazing prizes from incredible brandsIn a addition to your trip, you乫ll win a goodie back chock full of products you乫ll love, provided by our amazing sponsors.

How to Enter

Simply submit your name and business email below.


The winner will be announced: Tuesday, October 9th

When will this experience take place?

The experience will take place: October 25-27th in San Francisco, CA

How to increase your chance of winning

Book an AspireIQ demo before October 1stBe sure to let us know that you came in from the influencer experience and you will get one extra entry. Refer a friend Do you know another social media manager who would be interested in winning this prize? If your valid referral enters to win, we will give you one extra entry. From now until October 9th, we will be giving away products to lead up to the event, so make sure you check your email to keep up to date!For more information around terms, conditions, and who is eligible to win, click here.










3 Ways Brands Can Take Advantage of Instagram Story Features

Wed Aug 22 2018

Jenn Kim

Instagram recently celebrated its two-year anniversary of Instagram Stories. In those two years, they乫ve added a countless number of story updates – including GIF stickers, Instagram Music, polls and emoji sliders.While everyone is trying to keep up with the latest tools, it乫s easy for readers to simply miss your posts. But not all hope is lost! There are still some innovative ways to take advantage of these story features and make your content stand out. 1. Use Instagram Story Stickers to Engage with Your FollowersTools like the poll sticker, emoji slider, and questions sticker allow your followers to directly interact with your Instagram story. With the poll sticker and the emoji slider – both of which have been around for a few months – you can ask a customized question and your followers can vote on your customized answers.For example, Benefit Cosmetics used the poll sticker to get a sense of what the audience wanted to see in their stories. Another story included an emoji slider that encouraged the audience to vote on how they felt about a new product 😍.The questions sticker, a newer addition from last month, is open-ended and a bit more personal. With this feature, you give your followers a chance to ask you any question. You can answer the questions publicly and feature them in your story, or you can answer them privately by direct-messaging the inquirer. The sticker can also be used to ask your followers a question they can answer freely. ASOS applied the questions sticker to give their followers summer style advice! 2. Run a Contest (But Contestants Must Use the Reposting Tool)Instagram giveaways and contests have been popular for years – and for good reason. As a participant, you have the potential to win amazing prizes in exchange for a few effortless clicks. As a brand, you have the ability to grow your fanbase by establishing requirements such as follows, likes, and comments.I know the idea of running an Instagram contest hardly seems original. But one new update is a gamechanger. With the new reposting option, Instagram has made it possible to share feed posts and other users乫 stories with your own story in two simple moves. Making a story-repost a rule for entering your contest may create high engagement since Instagram has streamlined the process.Denise Bella Fit Boutique has already taken advantage of this feature by publicizing their giveaway on their story.This may encourage more participants to take part in your contest, and in turn, your brand may grab the attention of more people. 3. Work with an Influencer for an Instagram Story TakeoverStraying away from the typical #sponsored feed posts, an Instagram story takeover allows the influencer to post from your brand乫s account. It乫s a mutually beneficial relationship! It presents an opportunity for both your brand and the collaborating influencer to get exposure to two different audiences.To run a successful takeover, find an influencer who already feels connected to your brand. As Chloe mentioned in her recent #AskAnInfluencer blog, this is key to creating authentic partnerships. Takeovers work because the audience sees your content presented in a new way.To increase traffic, make sure beforehand to promote the takeover on every possible channel. Have the influencer share day-in-the-life videos, skincare routines, Q&A乫s, or behind-the-scenes looks. The influencer can then use their creativity to use hashtags, play around with face filters, and tag people in the story. Most importantly, end the influencer takeover with a call-to-action, whether that be to click a link in your bio or to 乬Swipe Up.乭 After the takeover, you can add the entire thread to your story highlights and feature it on your brand乫s profile.Take a look at how Brook & York collaborated with @taymbrown to show off a variety of their jewelry pieces. You can now rewatch the takeover on Brook & York乫s highlights.It乫s easy to focus on feed posts to build your brand, but it may be time to shift gears. Instagram stories are a great way to connect and resonate with your followers on a day-to-day basis. So take advantage of story features. Don乫t be afraid to be a little more candid and show off your brand乫s personality!









6 Up-and-Coming Influencers Who Are #MomGoals

Thu Aug 30 2018

Jenn Kim

Is your brand looking for a better way to market products for families, moms, or children? Then today is your lucky day! As always, AspireIQ is here to help you find high-quality influencers who perfectly match your brand. Take your campaign to the next level by partnering with these six up-and-coming mommy influencers. @puremomblog - 20.2k FollowersTenille Johnson is a tastemaker from Atlanta, Georgia. On both her blog and Instagram, she shares her own motherhood stories and lifestyle tips. With the help of her adorable daughter Aven, Tenille has worked with brands like Baby Dove, Power Up Snacks, and Fisher Price. Key features:

Perfect fit for: baby skin care products, baby food, and toys

Audience location: New York City and Atlanta

Audience interests:

58.0% Clothes, Shoes, Handbags & Accessories

53.8% Friends, Family & Relationships

44.7% Toys, Children & Baby

@joyfullygreen - 52.9k FollowersJoy Green is an influencer based in Houston, Texas. Her feed typically features her and her daughter Kai eating healthy food, traveling, and matching in mommy-and-me outfits. Joy has worked with brands such as Olay, Kroger, and Maya Toys. Key features:

Perfect fit for: baby clothes, family food subscription boxes, and household items

Audience location: Houston, New York City, and Los Angeles

Audience interests:

63.4% Clothes, Shoes, Handbags & Accessories

59.6% Toys, Children & Baby

57.2% Friends, Family & Relationships

@lanadmitruks - 40k followersLana Dmitruks is a wife and proud of mom of two (soon to be three!) boys from Seattle, Washington. Her Instagram documents precious moments with her children and her pregnancy journey. She has previously partnered with Power Up Snacks, Rainbow Light Vitamins, and Brook & York. Key features:

Perfect fit for: maternity clothes, children乫s clothes, and home decor

Most mentioned brand: Fashion Kids

Audience location: Seattle, Los Angeles, New York

Audience interests:

62.4% Toys, Children & Baby

61.4% Friends, Family & Relationships

59.7% Clothes, Shoes, Handbags & Accessories

@caxshe - 34.1k followersAs a self-employed woman, Carmen Alexandra redefines motherhood in the modern era by running her own blog as well as a clothing line. Carmen乫s content usually shows her daughter Grae in matching mommy-and-me outfits or the two of them enjoying their daily activities. Key features:

Perfect fit for: baby clothes and food

Audience location: Los Angeles, New York City, and Atlanta

Audience interests:

54.2% Clothes, Shoes, Handbags & Accessories

50.8% Friends, Family & Relationships

40.7% Toys, Children & Baby

@lolo_webb - 24.3k followersLauren and her beautiful family reside in the suburbs of San Francisco and share their daily adventures on both her blog and Instagram. Her feed includes lifestyle and home decor tips as well as adorable mommy-and-me outfits. Lauren has collaborated with brands like Mamma Chia, Bare Snacks, and Neutrogena. Key features:

Perfect fit for: children乫s clothes, snacks, and health products

Audience location: Los Angeles, New York City, and San Diego

Audience interests:

76.1% Toys, Children & Baby

72.1% Friends, Family & Relationships

68.0% Clothes, Shoes, Handbags & Accessories

@simplyeveryblog - 52.4k followersJeeyoung is a working mom who runs a lifestyle and parenting blog. Her content typically includes fun outings with her husband and three sons and the delicious food they enjoy together. In the past, she has worked with brands like OshKosh B乫gosh, Welch乫s Fruit Snacks, and Hello Fresh. Key features:

Perfect fit for: children乫s clothes, food and snacks, and family-oriented items

Most mentioned brand: Carters

Audience location: New York City, Los Angeles, and Metro Detroit

Audience interests:

69.8% Clothes, Shoes, Handbags & Accessories

68.9% Toys, Children & Baby

66.8% Friends, Family & Relationships






Ask an Influencer: Why Aren't Influencers Responding to My Emails?

Wed Sep 05 2018

Chloe Van Patten

Hello, all! Chloe here again. I乫m a AspireIQ campaign success manager and blogger at

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by chloe active | sustainable (@consciouslychloe) on Aug 26, 2018 at 2:04pm PDT

As I sit here writing this blog post, I乫ve already had four emails from brands hit my inbox. Some of them might be asking me to buy into a service that 乬guarantees乭 followers, and others are asking me to try a new product in exchange for a post on my feed. I have already ignored most of these emails, and most likely I won乫t respond to them at all. I know, it might sound harsh, but you have to understand. For many influencers, creating content is our full-time job. We have to be strategic about the brands we work with so our feeds don乫t become an overwhelming gallery of product placements. Yet, as a Campaign Manager at AspireIQ, I understand how disheartening it can be when an influencer you really want to work with doesn乫t respond to your collaboration proposal. In order to help you get the attention of potential influencers – and to get them to read your emails - I will break down the biggest reasons why influencers might be ignoring you. Plus, I乫ll offer a few examples of amazing and not-so-great emails I乫ve received from brands. So let乫s get started!

Top 3 Reasons Your Emails Aren乫t Working:

1. Lack of personalization First things first, please address the influencer by first name. Please don乫t just say 乬Hi.乭 Some of the brands I automatically ignore are ones that don乫t even personalize their emails. If you乫re a gaming brand asking me to promote your new app, it乫s apparent you haven't spent much time looking at my Instagram to understand that I usually talk about travel, lifestyle, and beauty products that I love. It will save us time down the road if you reach out with relevant products with a bit of personalization. 2. Signs of automation I get it, you are busy and can乫t craft each email individually. I乫m not new to email automation programs. However, if you are going to use a tool like this to send out mass invites, make sure that everything looks professional before sending it off. The worst case is when I am addressed as 乬{{First_Name}}乭 – that shows true automation at its finest. 3. Lack of details about your collaboration If a brand emails me and by the time I乫m done reading their email, I still have no idea what they are asking for, I乫m most likely not going to spend the time responding. Please don乫t ask me to join your affiliate program or ask me to provide a service if you haven乫t given me information about your brand and product. I am not a huge fan of when brands start a conversation off by offering a lot of money before talking about any of the fun collaboration ideas. This automatically makes the conversation seem like a business transaction rather than the start of a long-term relationship. Outline your thought-out collaboration idea and then let us know if it is something we would be interested in!


How to send an email the right way: Check out the sample email below. I乫ll point out what I love about it. 1. The brand says, 乬Hi Chloe.乭 While it is simple, you乫d be surprised by the number of brands that don乫t take the time to do this. This brand already has my attention! 2. The brand mentions who they are and why they think I would be a good match for their campaign. They mention that my 乬colorful and fun content乭 will be really great for their campaign idea. They have done their research. 3. The brand gives me a brief overview of their campaign ideas, timeline, and the deliverables they are looking for. They also let me know that they are free to jump on the phone to talk more about the collaboration.You can guess I responded to this email! Even if I wasn乫t interested in working with this brand, I would respond telling them why.


Moving forward, here are three tips to increase your response rate with influencers

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1. Make your outreach personal! Address an influencer by their first name and let them know why you乫re reaching out to them specifically. 2. Provide details about the campaign overview, timeline, and deliverables you are looking for. This not only helps cut back on the back and forth, but the influencer can then get back to you with a response, and without a ton of questions! 3. Make sure there is a call to action at the end of the email. What do you want the influencer to send you? Insights, media kit, rates, or more ideas on what their ideal collaboration would be? Is there a date you need to know if they have opted into the campaign or not? Add it in! I hope this helps score your next collaboration with an influencer! If you really think the influencer just doesn乫t have the time to respond back to you, make sure you send them a follow-up email after about 48 hours. This will make sure that influencer will respond right away if they are interested in collaborating. Additional articles you might find interesting

Ask an Influencer: How to Have Authentic Paid Partnerships

Ask an Influencer: Product vs. Payment?








We Are AspireIQ

Mon Sep 17 2018

Eric Lam, CEO

We Are AspireIQWe Are AspireIQCreative communities built through data and analyticsI am excited to announce that as of today, we have rebranded from Revfluence to AspireIQ. The new name represents the evolution of influencer marketing from a focus on purely fame and reach towards scalable, authentic content creation. Over the last couple of years, we乫ve seen an overwhelming demand from sophisticated marketers looking to build large scale communities of influencers to produce the content needed to power every marketing channel.A Brief History of Influencer MarketingWe originally founded Revfluence in 2013, when influencer marketing was a nascent pursuit by a handful of fast-growing, entrepreneurial brands.There were two fundamental truths that, to this day, make influencers critical to every business乫 digital strategy:

1. Social media and mobile are the new kingmakers for brands. Traditional media outlets like TV and print continue to decline, not just in terms of viewership but also their impact on the cultural discussion and consumer preferences. However, brands have not evolved their own approach towards content and branding to account for this shift. 2. On social media, the people who actually matter aren乫t celebrities, but 乬regular乭 people: influencers, tastemakers, creatives and your friends. Over 55% 1 of purchasing decisions are driven by social media and influencers provide a natural, engaging discussion for every audience on what to buy, what to wear and what to do.

But influencer marketing is hard to get right and most brands haven乫t invested in building the right processes to do it successfully. The reason is because most brands and agencies see influencer marketing as transactional: I give you money, you give me a post to engage your audience. While fair, that transactional nature creates the same inauthenticity and issues as found in traditional advertising and misses the entire point of working with influencers in the first place.What we identified early in the most successful influencer-driven brands like ipsy and Fashion Nova - and why we built our platform the way we did - is that there is a competitive advantage in building your influencer program into a true community. This means building long-term relationships with influencers, giving brands and creators the flexibility to collaborate in any way they see fit, and focusing on developing the tools to manage communities of hundreds, if not thousands, of influencers at any given time. Influencers as Creative CommunitiesToday, AspireIQ is the leading platform for influencer marketing, with over 200 clients among Fortune 500 companies and fast-growing e-commerce brands like Samsung, HelloFresh and The Black Tux. We grew over 400% in 2017 and are poised to more than triple our revenue in 2018. We乫re in the midst of a massive surge in demand for influencer marketing and influencer content, and the main reason is because consumer attention span is at an all time low. In order to break through on any digital or social medium today, brands need to reach each consumer with the right piece of content, from the right messenger, at the right time. But while this level of personalization could be the holy grail for every marketer, it乫s also impossible for most because almost no one has access to the volume and diversity of creative assets needed to deliver custom content on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. This has led to a recent shift in what 乬influencer marketing乭 means to sophisticated marketing teams. In addition to getting influencers to post on their own social media channels, the most successful brands today leverage these communities to generate the large volumes of image and video content needed to personalize every customer touchpoint: from paid media, to website content, to email marketing and more. Building Brands From the Bottom UpRocketship CPG companies like Glossier demonstrate that success no longer requires top-down control of your brand. It乫s impossible to rely on a single creative agency or in-house team to generate the volume or diversity of custom content required to keep up. Rather, the fastest growing consumer companies are building bottom-up communities of influencers, customers and content creators to tell their own personalized stories that define these brands. We renamed the company to AspireIQ because traditional influencer marketing only scratches the surface of what our platform can do. As marketing becomes more sophisticated and consumer attention becomes increasingly split across channels, being able to deliver customized, authentic storytelling across every audience segment is a necessity. Here at AspireIQ, we乫re excited to provide every business the platform to build their own successful creative community while empowering the next generation of content creators to realize the full value of their talents and abilities. Come join us!Eric Lam

CEO | AspireIQ

1 From Mary Meeker乫s 2018 Internet Trends Report






AspireIQ Partners with Pinterest!

Tue Sep 18 2018


*Originally on PR NewswireAspireIQ pinterestIn addition to our rebrand to AspireIQ, formerly Revfluence, we have some exciting news!It has been announced that AspireIQ has been badged as a Pinterest Marketing Partner under the Content Marketing specialty. The partnership will enable brands to discover and connect with influencers to produce branded creative, and unlocks the ability to track creative performance on Pinterest - an exclusive feature for Pinterest Marketing Partners. "We're always looking for ways to help businesses extend their reach on Pinterest," said David Temple, head of content and creator products at Pinterest. "We're excited to make it easier for brands to discover and collaborate with influencers, as well as track their performance on third party platforms. Creators are essential to Pinterest and we're thrilled to provide additional tools and resources for them to leverage as they build relationships with businesses."Why Pinterest?People use Pinterest to plan their lives. Pinterest is an app used by more than 250 million people around the world use who are actively considering what to do or buy next - everything from what to cook to what to wear to how to decorate their home. With 90 percent of users relying on the app to help guide their purchasing decisions, Pinterest offers a huge opportunity for brands to connect with their ideal customers when they are already open and receptive to new ideas. "The opportunity for brands to engage with consumers on Pinterest is huge," said Eric Lam, CEO and co-founder of AspireIQ. "It's never been harder for brands to capture consumers' attention, making it even more important for brands to connect with consumers using the right message, at the right time, through the right channel. We're extremely excited about partnering with Pinterest as it provides our brands with yet another channel to engage with customers in a more meaningful and personalized way."Why this Partnership is ImportantBy partnering with Pinterest, AspireIQ's customers can collaborate with influencers to create and share visual assets on Pinterest and drive more meaningful consumer engagements. As a part of the exclusive benefits of the Pinterest Marketing Partner program, AspireIQ will provide brands with access to deeper performance insights on Pins, including impressions and engagement. And with Promoted Pins and Ad Creative, brands can take influencer-created content and promote it as a part of their broader paid social strategy. AspireIQ is committed to helping brands not only produce content, but distribute and track content via Promoted Pins and Pinterest ads for a truly targetable and scalable marketing strategy.The partnership will also benefit AspireIQ's network of influencers and creators, providing them with an additional channel to collaborate with brands. Now, influencers will be able to connect with Pinterest users and share the products they love, while building deeper relationships with brands they work with.








TeraReach launches Qoruz – An Influencer Marketing Intelligence Platform

Social Media ToolsMar 24, 2017




According to recent statistics by Influencer Orchestration Network (ION), 70 percent of teenage YouTube subscribers trust influencer opinions over traditional celebrities and 71 percent of consumers are more likely to make a purchase based on a social media reference. Influencer marketing has long evolved from a can have to a must have and it is only going north from here.

Today, social media is more effective than ever in driving consumer decisions, because consumers are willing to look beyond ads, and make purchase decisions after reading reviews, recommendations, and what real-life experts have to say about it乭, says Praanesh Bhuwaneshwar, Co-Founder and CEO of TeraReach. In their latest effort to disrupt the influencer marketing landscape, TeraReach has launched Qoruz- an influencer marketing intelligence platform. A one-stop solution for brands on the hunt for relevant influencers, Qoruz is not only an influencer discovery platform, but also a community management platform that enables influencer outreach and collaboration.


The understanding of the true potential of influencer marketing is still limited, feels Praanesh. 乬We乫ve seen more and more brands coming to us and interested in collaborating with influencers. But many are still very tied to their own marketing objectives. Brands are still a long way from looking at influencers as long-term, authentic, real-world friends of the brand.乭 It is this thought that sparked the inception of Qoruz.


From our experience at TeraReach, we could see why brands struggle with influencer marketing – absence of a standard measure of online social influence, reliance on celebrities and inability to discover relevant real-world influencers, multiple communication layers between brands and influencers, and so on,乭 said, Prabakaran, Co-founder and CTO of TeraReach.


Qoruz addresses these challenges effectively by adopting a data-driven, AI led approach. In a nutshell, Qoruz comprises of over a million global influencers, segregated into more than 120 topic categories, across top 5 social media platforms – Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and blogs.  The platform provides an advanced search engine to discover the most relevant influencers, a sophisticated influence analysis algorithm that helps to compare and qualify influencers, and a smart messenger to enable hassle-free conversations between brands and influencers.


The Discovery Engine has scanned and indexed over a million social profiles in the database.More than 40 lakh social profiles are reviewed each day, and an A.I. enabled segregation of profiles in over 140 categories is done automatically. Besides this, a social footprint analysis for each influencer is calculated based on 80 plus data points.




Qoruz乫s smart and complex ranking algorithm uses multiple quantitative and qualitative factors to assess social content and interactions, and calculates a social influence score for each profile across the five platforms – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Blogs. It uses these scores to calculate an overall influence score for each influencer.




The platform also provides a topic/category expertise score for each influencer, and demographic information on the audience of each influencer, making it easier for brands to get a sense of which influencer乫s content and expertise best aligns with their objectives and audience.


Mega Icons




Another unique feature is the Qoruz Messenger, a chat application that lets brands communicate directly with influencers. Not only does this feature facilitate outreach, it also simplifies processes for their clients when dealing with a large cohort of influencers on a day-to-day basis.


Qoruz aims at enabling an ecosystem where brands can create their own community of micro-influencers who already have an affinity for the brand, engage and interact with them in mutually beneficial ways, and continually grow their community by adding more such micro-influencers.


The platform is currently available in the Indian market, but the company has plans to go global soon. 乬We have launched the platform for India, and we are already building database for key global markets like South-East Asia, US, UK, and Australia,乭 concluded Praanesh.







Qoruz launches an influencer intelligence tool 'Recon'

Built for Influencer Marketers, Recon helps evaluate influencer, competition and industry in real-time

ETBrandEquity  |  July 12, 2018, 15:00 IST




(Thinkstock Images)

(Thinkstock Images)



Qoruz, leading marketing technology firm, today announced the launch of its new influencer intelligence product, Recon. This latest addition to Qoruz乫s product suite helps marketers get better insights into every influencer for their brand, competitor and the industry. Recon is currently available for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube and will be available for other social networks in the coming months.


Praanesh Bhuvaneshwar, Chief Executive Officer, Qoruz, said, 乬We are very excited to bring Recon to the marketers who have always wondered if they are engaging the right kind of influencers. In the present, marketers use social listening tools that draw insights from metrics based on the content mentions but has limited relevancy when it comes to measuring the influencers. Now they can use data analytics and artificial intelligence to create more impact乭.


The USP of Recon is that unlike social listening tools which have campaign-centric tracking, it provides intelligence based on historical data and helps evaluate influencers and their effectiveness more accurately and in real-time. It also allows marketers to analyze campaigns at influencer level, track overall brand-influencer health and benchmark influencer led campaigns against competitors. 乬We have already seen a great response for the product from Brands, PR and digital agencies in beta stage, and we are positive that it will change the way influencer marketing industry works in no time乭, Praanesh added.


Brand Solutions


What it takes to strengthen brand credibility


What it takes to build the reputation of a brand

Using Recon, marketers can use new metrics like active Influencers, expertise distribution, category distribution, sentiment analysis and sphere of influence. Recon also helps the marketers by rating every influencer with a Qoruz Score™, a ranking system developed by Qoruz.


Prabakaran B, Chief Technology Officer, Qoruz commented, 乬With the help of the Qoruz Engine, for the first time, marketers can unlock new data on the influencers, like their Sphere of Influence, a complete view of what kind of audience they have, their demography, interests etc. That乫s something every marketer needs to find the right influencer but they didn乫t have. Now they can get all that information with a single click!乭










Qoruz launches 乪Recon乫, first of its kind Influencer Intelligence tool


We are very excited to bring Recon to the marketers who have always wondered if they are engaging the right kind of influencers. In the present, marketers use social listening tools that draw insights from metrics based on the content mentions but has limited relevance when it comes to measuring the influencers. Now they can use data analytics and artificial intelligence to create more impact乭. saya Praanesh Bhuvaneshwar, Chief Executive Officer, Qoruz on the launch.





July, 2018

by BW Online Bureau

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Qoruz, leading marketing technology firm, today announced the launch of its new influencer intelligence product, Recon. This latest addition to Qoruz乫s product suite helps marketers get better insights into every influencer for their brand, competitor and the industry. Recon is currently available for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube and will be available for other social networks in the coming months.


Praanesh Bhuvaneshwar, Chief Executive Officer, Qoruz, said, 乬We are very excited to bring Recon to the marketers who have always wondered if they are engaging the right kind of influencers. In the present, marketers use social listening tools that draw insights from metrics based on the content mentions but has limited relevancy when it comes to measuring the influencers. Now they can use data analytics and artificial intelligence to create more impact乭.


The USP of Recon is that unlike social listening tools which have campaign centric tracking, it provides intelligence based on historical data and helps evaluate influencers and their effectiveness more accurately and in real-time. It also allows marketers to analyse campaigns at influencer level, track overall brand-influencer health and benchmark influencer led campaigns against competitors. 乬We have already seen great response for the product from Brands, PR and digital agencies in beta stage, and we are positive that it will change the way influencer marketing industry works in no time乭, Praanesh added.


Using Recon, marketers can use new metrics like active Influencers, expertise distribution, category distribution, sentiment analysis and sphere of influence. Recon also helps the marketers by rating every influencer with a Qoruz Score™, a ranking system developed by Qoruz.


Prabakaran B, Chief Technology Officer, Qoruz commented, 乬With the help of the Qoruz Engine, for the first time, marketers can unlock new data on the influencers, like their Sphere of Influence, a complete view of what kind of audience they have, their demography, interests etc. That乫s something every marketer needs to find the right influencer but they didn乫t have. Now they can get all that information with a single click!乭



MUMBAI: Qoruz, a leading influencer marketing intelligence platform, has announced the launch of its social campaign tracker. Focused on measuring user and influencer generated content and conversations during a brand campaign, this unique tracker helps brands monitor social media platforms for earned media content for specific keywords and ?hashtags?. It also enables...




MUMBAI: Qoruz, a social intelligence firm, has launched another offering in its influencer marketing suite. The newly launched social media tracker enables brands and their PR teams to identify and leverage social influencers during a crisis situation....







Qoruz Launches Social Media Campaign Tracker To Help Companies Measure Up

20-June-2017     EXCHANGE4MEDIA NEWS SERVICE          FONT SIZE    16

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Qoruz launches Social Media Campaign Tracker to help companies measure up


Qoruz launched their new product 乪Social Media Campaign Tracker乫, which helps brands measure the earned media performance. This product will help measure the effectiveness and feedback of a brand乫s social media campaign by monitoring social media platforms for earned media content for specific keywords and hashtags. It also enables marketers to discover top social influencers creating content that carries a mention of their brands and understand the total social reach and engagement generated via these earned media content pieces.



When asked about the social media platforms that Qoruz tracks, Praanesh Bhuvaneshwar, CEO and Co-Founder of Qoruz, said, 乬The platforms we are working with are Twitter and Instagram because almost everyone is there. The other major feature of Qoruz is YouTube as we also track the videos and content there. We also work with blogs. If a blog reviews products from a brand, we track that. We also monitor Facebook page likes if any page mentions brand names. We don乫t track individual profiles because of Facebook protection.乭



Bhuvaneshwar also tracks feedback from social media platforms through his tracker. 乬We have a special content analysis team. They analyse everything piece-by-piece and check if the post, picture, tweet or video content is positive or not,乭 he adds.















The tracking system sells itself in two different plans as of now. The Basic version is aimed at clients who are just starting out with limited manpower and budgets dedicated for influencer marketing. The Advanced version is for companies with more evolved and structured influencer marketing plans and strategies. It also provides advanced tracking and analytics along with influencer discovery and outreach. Currently, both these plans are offered either as SaaS (Software as a Service) or Managed Services. Talking about the plans, Bhuvaneshwar says, 乬While SaaS is made keeping in mind large brands and agencies with an internal team or personnel to manage the platform, Managed Services are more suitable for small businesses, lean start-ups and brands without an internal team to manage influencer marketing efforts.乭



Talking about the clientele that the product has, Bhuvaneshwar says, 乬Right now, this platform is being used by a few agencies. We are still inthe process of sending it to other brands. We work with brands like Oppo, Vivo and Flipkart and deliver the effect of the product to these brands. Having said this, in India, the 乪Log-in乫 model doesn乫t work much.乭













BC Web Wise Partners With Qoruz To Deliver Data Driven Influencer Marketing Solutions

25-June-2018     EXCHANGE4MEDIA NEWS SERVICE          FONT SIZE    16

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BC Web Wise Partners with Qoruz to deliver data driven Influencer Marketing solutions

In a bid to help brands maximize the impact of their influencer marketing efforts, BC Web Wise, a digital marketing agency, has partnered with marketing technology company, Qoruz. This partnership will give the BC Web Wise customers an integrated solution for their Influencer Marketing goals, powered by both the companies.

BC Web Wise was founded in 2000 and has presence in Delhi and Mumbai. Its clientele includes - Hero MotoCorp, Hindustan Unilever, Abbott, Bajaj Consumer Products, Unicef, Bharat Benz, Titan, amongst others. With this partnership, the agency will now have access Qoruz乫s product suite and database of over 6 million macro and micro-influencers, to help their clients build long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with the influencers. Qoruz乫s product suite helps brands discover and engage with the most relevant influencers for them and thereby generate better traction with the target audience.

The Qoruz product suite is powered by their proprietary AI-powered, multi-contextual engine which brings in influencer data in real-time and helps build powerful marketing campaigns to support marketers and help them understand their audience better. The company already has a clientele which includes Pepsi, Flipkart, Jio, Air Asia, and Heineken.

BC Web Wise appreciated that Qoruz乫s capability to identify influencers for every client, every objective separately, is a critical advantage over the generic influencers list providers. Commenting on the partnership Chaaya Bharadwaaj, Founder and Managing Director, BC Web Wise, said 乬I was thrilled when we saw what Qoruz乫s platform can do. As an agency, we represent brands that need true representation on the web, since their products have direct impact on people. It is extremely vital for marketers to know the influencers who are more relevant, local and relatable to these audiences and work out amazing campaigns with them.乭

Speaking about the partnership, spokesperson Ajay Malvankar, Associate Director – ORM, BC Web Wise, said, 乬We are very excited to have Qoruz onboard, as our partner. This partnership with Qoruz doesn乫t enable just us, but our clients and influencers as well, to engage in a win-win model. We are confident that together, we will be able to create a more powerful influencer marketing experience for the end-users, influencers and the brands.乭

Praanesh Bhuvaneshwar, CEO and Co-founder, Qoruz, said, 乬The business of Influencer Marketing has transformed completely in last five years. Earlier, influencers were celebrities, business, and public leaders, sportspeople, etc. But today, anyone with an access to the internet can become an influencer, especially in niche categories. This means that influencer marketers need to adopt a more data-driven, and focused approach involving these influencers. We are really excited that BC Web Wise shares our visions in helping businesses build deeper trust with their customers using influencer marketing.乭











TeraReach Launches an Influencer Marketing Technology Platform – Qoruz

Press Release

by Suman Chaudhary - Mar 23, 2017

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TeraReach, Indian influencer marketing and Digital PR agency, has unveiled its latest product-based offering Qoruz. It is one of the finest influencer discovery, outreach, and community building platform, providing an end-to-end influencer marketing solution. Initiated after intensive research, founders Praanesh Bhuvaneswar and Prabakaran are all set to revolutionize the influencer marketing space in the country with this launch.


Qoruz is a data-driven platform that combines a powerful influencer discovery engine, with a highly statistical and sophisticated influence scoring algorithm, supported by a seamless instant messenger, and deep-data analytics. The brand already boasts of more than 1 million social influencer profiles on five major social platforms across 120+ topic categories and is analyzing and storing social intelligence data more aggressively, going forward.


With influencer marketing gaining more momentum in India, Qoruz is expected to redefine how marketers and brands execute influencer marketing campaigns. Apart from its ability to execute highly effective, ROI-driven influencer marketing programs, Qoruz is also equipped technologically to assist clients to leverage customer advocacy by allowing them to engage with real-world influences and brand advocates. Qoruz is being sold both as a SaaS and as Managed Services, and comes in two distinct plans, the basic plan is aimed at startups that are restrained by manpower but have dedicated a considerable amount towards the influencer space; and the advanced version is targeted at large organizations that have a strategized plan and a budget in place.




Speaking about the launch, Praanesh Bhuvaneswar, CEO and Co-Founder TeraReach, said, 乬Today, social media is more effective than ever in driving consumer decisions, because consumers are willing to look beyond ads, and make purchase decisions after reading reviews, recommendations, and what real-life experts have to say about it. From our experience at TeraReach (a leading influencer and digital PR agency owned by Datrux), we could see why brands struggle with influencer marketing – absence of a standard measure of online social influence, reliance on celebrities and inability to discover relevant real-world influencers, multiple communication layers between brands and influencers, and so on. We figured that if we could combine these three attributes – a comprehensive influencer search engine, a robust algorithm that could accurately measure online influence, and a direct communication channel between brands and influencers – into one platform, we would be creating tremendous utility for brands乭. This eureka moment marked the start of building Qoruz.乭


The Qoruz team has identified India as the key target market owing to an expected boom in influencer marketing in the coming years. Besides India, South East Asian markets, namely Singapore, Indonesia, and Malaysia are also our targets. In the next one year, the company has plans to penetrate deeper into these markets and create a robust global footprint.


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Create high-engagement campaigns with our end-to-end influencer marketing platform that enables influencer discovery, outreach, campaign execution and measurement.


6 million+ influencers across Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and Blogs

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Radar: Level up your earned media performance

Track earned media performance of your brand campaigns, benchmark against competitors and discover creative inspiration for your brand乫s content.


Track audience conversations on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube

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Measure campaign performance accurately with powerful, in-depth metrics

Research trending topics, discover content ideas, and analyze competitor campaigns

Profiler: Analyze social influencers with a single click.

Use our free Chrome extension to discover social influencers on the go. Get reach, engagement, and audience metrics for their profiles instantly!


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Case StudyInfluencer Marketing

Non-Paid Influencer Campaigns Actually Work: Here乫s How Comic Con India Created Nation-Wide Buzz

By Varun Tyagi - January 17, 2018597 0

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Influencer marketing is on the rise, and as marketers turn to social influencers for content, one frequent question they ask is - "Is there a way to execute non-paid influencer campaigns so that we don't blow out too much money, yet get quality content from influencers?"


Non-paid influencer campaigns, or more simply put barter campaigns (owing to the nature of transaction between a brand and an influencer) are indeed becoming popular. Many brands are willing to offer free products, premium services, exclusive experiences or insider access to influencers, all in a bid to get quality content from them in exchange. While the concept is promising, it is still relatively new and some brands are skeptical of results.


With Qoruz Rewards, we are trying to create a streamlined dashboard that helps brands execute such non-paid influencer campaigns. Recently, we worked on a Rewards campaign with Comic Con India to promote their pan-India event, and received tremendous success. Read more about it below.




Comic Con India


The Indian counterpart of the globally popular event, Comic Con India is one of the largest gatherings of comic lovers, geeks, nerds, and gamers in the country. One of the biggest draws of the event is Cosplay, along with a chance for fans to meet and greet like-minded enthusiasts. Comic Con India is a multi-city event, being hosted in Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, and Hyderabad.




For this year乫s events, Comic Con India wanted to connect with the real comic fans in India, and wanted to leverage their fandom to promote the event across the country. But the brand team had a unique condition – they did not want to pay influencers for content creation or promotion.


The idea behind this was two-fold – Comic Con wanted only the truest of the true fans to show interest, and they wanted to generate authentic word of mouth.




Two major challenges existed in taking this idea from drawing board to social media leaderboards. Firstly, how could the brand find 乪true comic fans in India乫? How could they assess various factors like expertise, popularity, content, and audience in an accurate and data-based manner? Secondly, because of the unique non-paid nature of the campaign, it was essential to design a campaign management and execution structure.


That乫s where Team Qoruz kicked in! Using an advanced discovery engine, Qoruz scanned through more than 2 lakh Indian influencer profiles, to find the people best matching the criteria laid down by the brand. This was further enabled through a state-of-the-art search functionality that can help find influencers based on content categories, keyword mentions, personal identifiers (乬Batman fan乭, 乬Comic Hoarder乭, 乬Cartoonist乭 etc.). Using different combinations of these searches along with a detailed analysis of social engagement, audience, and peer influence, Qoruz was able to zero in on the best possible influencers.




The next step was to come up with a unique proposition for these influencers, which should show Comic Con乫s acknowledgement of these influencers, and create a win-win scenario. For this, Qoruz deployed Rewards -a unique, wizard-based offering where brands can provide influencers with exclusive event invites, products, or services and influencers in turn can share their experiences online. And in this particular scenario, the ultimate reward for these comic fans was a Super Fan VIP passes, fully loaded with free access to the event and loads of goodies and merchandise!




Comic Con India used Qoruz Rewards to secure the association of comic book loving social media Influencers for a non-paid campaign. Qoruz Rewards included exclusive experiences, products and services for the Influencers through the Comic Con SuperFan pass, a privileged all-expense paid VIP entry to the Comic Con event with a string of other perks and memorabilia.


Through a streamlined wizard that automates outreach, campaign management, and campaign analytics, Qoruz Rewards turned this unique campaign into reality.




A total of 57 social media influencers participated in the campaign, generating more than 225 pieces of social media content, opening the floodgates to an unprecedented buzz around any such event in the country.


The quality and authenticity of content was so compelling, that it received total engagementsexceeding 31k, with an astonishing unique reach of 175k. With Rewards, Qoruz helped Comic Con reach the right people, through the right people, at virtually no cost!


To know more about Qoruz Rewards, visit the website.


The original article was published in Social Samosa on January 3, 2018.


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9 Strategies to Turn Into a Top Social Media Influencer

By Sanchana Krishnan - October 9, 20170854

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What do you need to become a social media influencer? A unique voice, deeply engaging content and a niche that makes your content unique to you. Throw in a bunch of followers that grow consistently, and you乫ve nailed it.


Easy, right?


Not quite.


With the active population on Instagram and Facebook both crossing the 1 billion mark, it takes more than 乪great content乫 to turn into a social media influencer whose voice is respected and whose following is so genuine, brands employ them to become advocates or ambassadors for the brand.


To help you achieve influencer status, here are some phenomenal tips to help you become a top influencer yourself!


Visibility matters

Be present on every platform possible, and do something consistently. Work with a social media plan that you create for yourself. From Twitter chats to Google Plus hangouts, Periscope broadcasts to in-person social media conferences, there is no better way to become a social media influencer, in addition to becoming a content creator and creating your own community, than by interacting with others, learning their needs, and helping them. With great influence comes great responsibility! ( by Neal Schaffer (@NealSchaffer))


Create a unique brand aesthetic...


Delicious feeds make for successful influencers.

And maintain it! Aesthetic is so important in the age of social media, especially for platforms like Instagram and Snapchat that are so visual. And if you乫re selling physical products on Instagram, you need to be using a creative and consistent brand aesthetic. A vibrant brand aesthetic is core strategy for selling apparel. (Cassey Ho, fitness blogger, founder of @blogilates)


Take It Offline

Social media is meant to be social, so you should dedicate time to meeting your community members and fellow influencers in real life. These in-person relationships can flourish beautifully online. The more time you can spend actually connecting offline, the more connected and engaged you will be online. Don乫t just join Instagram pods, build and nurture real friendships with people in your online community and attend events where you can meet new people.


Go Live



If you are unable to host events regularly or maintain an on ground presence, going Live really helps. Instagram and Facebook have brought people closer together than ever with the Live features, which even sends out a notifications to friends and followers whenever you go Live. This feature is great for announcements and event engagements.


Focus on the idea, not the product

People who believe content marketing is simply writing about their products or services and pointing out how great their product or service is - are going to get monotonous. Also, that path will not lead to you becoming a social media influencer. Instead, provide useful industry-related content 80-90% of the time, where the discussion features thought leadership and innovative ideas over actual products and services. Let the promo content be a minority.


Your individual opinion matters

There乫s a topic or theme that is being discussed, but what do you have to say about it? What about your existence makes the content unique? According to a survey conducted by Augure, 79% of  respondents said a social media influencer must be able to concisely express their  opinions and create reactions when discussing a particular topic. Don't be afraid to voice your opinions, even if that opinion may not be the most popular one.


Listen to relevant conversations on social media



Being a social media influencer means staying on top of all the news and happenings relevant to your industry. You can use tools like Social Mention to track all industry-related social media conversations. Know and follow what is being said on social media. Know what the information means. Form a concrete, well thought out opinion and express it your way!


Optimize your content for high-profile keywords

If you want to become a social media influencer for real, your favourite alphabets in the English language must become S - E - O. Use tools like Moz to discover search words relevant to your industry. Ranking for industry-related keywords is not only important for driving traffic, but for building your influence. If you rank highly for coveted industry terms, it will boost your reputation as a leader in your field.


Connect with other influencers

People tend to associate us and our reputation with the company we keep. So connecting with other influencers not only boosts your reputation as "someone to watch," it potentially opens you up to new opportunities and relationships you would never have otherwise had.


Go ahead and work, work relentlessly to turn your thoughts and ideas into work that the world can see and appreciate. If you work consistently enough, you will be well on your way to becoming an acclaimed and much appreciated social media influencer!


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Finding the Best Hyperlocal Influencers for Your Small Business

The next most effective strategy for influencer marketing is here.


By Sanchana Krishnan - October 9, 20170684

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Who are hyperlocal influencers?

Hyperlocal influencers are those who post their opinions and reviews on a plethora of forums — bloggers, Instagram engagers and the Twitterati make up what are today popularly called 乬hyperlocal influencers乭.


They are users who have gained a high following on social media due to the traction their content receives. These hyperlocal influencers end up endorsing brands through creative advertising and can influence buying patterns. In a fast-moving in a country like India where positive feedback and reviews do influence buying habits to a large extent, hyperlocal influencers can be especially effective as they become known names and faces within their own communities.




Why does hyperlocal marketing work?

Hyperlocal social marketing allows brands to communicate to a group of individuals with similar interests in a specific community or neighborhood. Providing agents with opportunities to connect with customers on a more personal level further demonstrates that they care about them and the local community.



Your business made happy by happy hyperlocal influencers

Hyperlocal influencer marketing works wonders because it allows for a core group of individuals who are most likely to use the brand, to become loyal to the brand. There is an interesting correlation between the rise of hyperlocal marketing and the influencer marketing industry, where early adopting brands with big budgets activated large level influencers to reach a national or global audience. Recently, with the democratization of attention and influence, there has been a shift toward using the hyperlocal Micro Influencer.


Engaging in micro communities allows brands of all sizes to target and activate their local customers to use word of mouth marketing within their personal network (just like the good ol乫 days). These communities also produce higher engagement rates, making them more efficient.


How can hyperlocal influencer marketing be leveraged successfully?



Through reviewers and other specific customer feedback



Brands and platforms that allow for reviews or other specific customer feedback should definitely keep an eye out on who乫s saying what about you. Brand loyalists can easily be turned into hyperlocal influencers by bringing them into the funnel of your brand, through a comprehensive process that can yield you gold if you follow it!




Through regular followers

Approach individuals who have been constantly and consistently engaging with your brand. They are either regular customers or avid followers of your work on social media. These hyperlocal influencers can then go on to convert the people within the vicinity - who are your most important target audience - into loyal customers, too!



How Pizza Pilgrims made hyperlocal influencers work for them



Through local bloggers



It can be tricky to get the right traction from a blog, especially when there are so many un-optimised, unvisited blogs out there. However, if you do notice a local individual or group blog performing exceptionally well, and are inclined towards the same field as your business, and are getting enough attention online - go for it.




Through local sponsorships and associations



Commemorate the important moments of your company through local associations. Tie up with either local organisations or budding local celebrities for endorsements and collaborations, and do not stop there! Keep them in the loop with every offer you have or campaign you run; and turn them influencers!


Technology is already making it easy to target individuals hyperlocally on social media. Social Times reports that nearly 60% of marketers plan to increase influencer marketing budgets. If you target audiences on a more hyperlocal level activate them using micro influencers, you are bound to get increased engagement on your spends! Go ahead and start building your brand with a great bunch of hyperlocal influencers.




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5 Easy Ways To Turn Reviewers into Top Brand Advocates

In the influencer marketing sphere, intelligent shortcuts taken towards acquiring influencers really helps towards brand building and ultimately, sales. Taking reviewers and turning them into brand advocates is one such shortcut you should not be missing out on right now.


By Sanchana Krishnan - October 3, 20170801

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An innovative twist to influencer marketing - Amazon launches the Instagram-like "Spark".

There乫s an opportunity staring right at you, and you are not taking advantage of it (unless you乫re Amazon, in which case - way to go, Spark!)! The 乪review乫 feature is commonly found on online marketplaces and service platforms Uber, Zomato, Amazon, Flipkart, App stores and more. If you are a brand who is directly or indirectly using these platforms to acquire reviews, and if you are counting on these reviews to build a community, an audience base or both - read on.


Identify potential influencers amongst reviewers

Watch over your reviewers like a hawk guarding her flock and identify the list of repeaters. By this we mean the people who simply cannot resist their fingers from tapping reviews for almost every product or service that they use on your platform. Once you have identified your list of potential influencers, you will need a tool to pick from the lot.


This is where helpful tools like Profiler by Qoruz comes in. This Chrome extension instantly scans through people乫s social media profiles to give you a clear measure of their social footprint and their presence on various social media channels. It also gives you numbers on their their engagement and following, helping you decide whether or not to onboard a reviewer as an influencer.


2. Hook potential influencers on to your platform乧


A kind response to a review goes a long way.

And have them returning. Unless very strong feelings have been developed towards a product, item or service, people need incentives to review. This can come in the form of rewards to the reviewers, or making the platform engrossing and interesting for reviewers, or both. Zomato did this by turning the site into a mini social network of sorts, where people could have and follow friends as well as see reviews for each restaurant.


3. Give reviews their importance

Reviews can be instrumental in guiding a user乫s decision. According to a survey by BrightLocal, 88 percent of consumers trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation—which is astounding, considering most online reviews are posted by total strangers. The same survey found that only 12 percent of the population did not regularly read reviews for consumer products. With this being the case, it helps to have the site designed in such a way that the reviews section is easily accessible and visually pleasing.


4. Aim to make reviews truly social

Unless special measures are taken, reviews can live and die on your website without ever seeing the light of day and generating leads. What would incentivise a user to make the reviews truly social and take them to a platform that will give them more eyeballs?


     a) Gamify the act of reviewing


Amazon gives importance to the top reviews; this works in the brand's favour as well as in the reviewer's!

Make it rewarding for users to review on your platform. In other words, the platform must natively encourage the very act of reviewing. One way of doing this could be showcasing most viewed reviews on top. Another could be giving levels to various kinds of reviewers, based on the frequency and popularity of their reviews. Observing reviewer乫s behaviors to such cues also helps determine who amongst the reviewers can be converted into a brand advocate eventually.


     b) Rewarding reviewers with goodies

Reviewers have it in them to automatically review the things that come their way. When the festive season is on its way or the opportunity for a sale presents itself, reward your consistent reviewers. Thank them for their support by sending in a bunch of goodies. You can send a bag with items or services that you have seen these individuals order or use most frequently. This way you can start dividing your reviewers into brand advocates of a certain type and start building your database, too!


5. Stay in touch

Carefully bring top and consistent reviewers into the funnel to turn them into brand advocates for your brand. Respond to their reviews and encourage them to be regular with their feedback. Give them privileges like discount vouchers and gift cards - little gestures to say thank you. And stay in touch through emailers or maybe even notifications on your website, to give your brand advocates something to look forward to.


Reviews, by adding content about your product or services, actually contributes to searchability of your site and boosts your ranking. You can turn this into your advantage by following these steps and using your platform itself, along with a consistent reward system, to easily transform reviewers into brand advocates.




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How to Draft the Perfect Outreach Email to Influencers

For super successful, high engaging influencer campaigns.


By Sanchana Krishnan - September 28, 201701038

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Influencer outreach is a make-or-break step in your efforts towards content marketing. Studies have shown that up to 56% of successful influencer campaigns乫 ROI comes from email marketing. But email marketing is also a tricky game to play what with the influx of a hundred mails a minute. How do you stand out as a brand and attract your influencers?


How do you use email marketing to dramatically increase your influencer response rate?




Address your influencer straight up - directly, using their name. A 乪Dear Joan乫 or 乪Hi, John!乫 works way better than the confusion of adding prefixes or surnames - the more the variables, the more the chances of messing up. And a first impression will end up as the last ever impression, if communication does not go forward!






To avoid being mistaken for spam, back up your email with information about who you are and what brand you represent. Write to the influencers from an email domain that incorporates elements of the personal as well as the professional. An email from 乪Richa, CEO - YourDOST乭 is an example of good email marketing, and is less likely to get filtered as spam!


You should ideally also have links to the brand website and social media handles for the influencer to check out, as well as samples of previous influencer campaigns that you have worked on. It helps potential influencers gain a feel of your brand.




Let your influencer know why they are important to your brand and to your campaign. What about them or their work makes you believe they are the perfect for? Tell them in the first paragraph of your email itself. Give influencers no reason to hit delete and move on!




Don乫t be vague about the requirements of the influencer campaign. What is it that you really need the influencer to do? 3 Instagram posts, 1 live video and a series of tweets? Would the influencer have to go to a specific location or use a certain prop in their photos? Let them know in the second paragraph of your email.


Here乫s a good example of a campaign brief sent to an influencer:




Hope you're doing well!


As discussed with you,  Vivo is launching a new Mobile Handset soon and wants to  promote the same. The handset will be sent to you. The Mobile Handset is to be returned back once the images are confirmed.


It will be great if you could click 5-6 images so that client can choose the best 2 and  confirm about the same. Images will be confirmed from the client side before you go live with them. The deliverables are as follows:


2 Instagram posts

Note: The branding of the handset should be visible enough. The Images could be like a flat lay image wherein Handset is laid with Food essentials,

or A picture clicked while you were using the phone,

or any creative concept you can come up with the Food in the picture.

The Commercial decided for 2 Instagram posts is $abc.


Do share your complete  Residential address so that we can send you the Handset ASAP.乭




When your influencer shows interest in being a part of your campaign but has not yet committed, get back to them ASAP. Fill in the blanks, put their doubts to bed and be clear with your explanation of the campaign brief.




To be responsive, draft email templates and keep them ready so you can access it at the click of a finger. When influencers respond to the campaign request, promptly reply to seal the association! Do not waste time thinking of how to respond. Instead, have a series of personal, customised email templates ready with the information the influencer needs, to say yes.


And that乫s it. When communicating with influencers, remember they lead busy lifestyles and work selectively with brands. Keep your communication crisp but informative. Clear out expectations. Remind your influencers of all the ways they will be rewarded if they are part of this campaign. And then sit back and wait while the responses come pouring in!




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6 Unique Ways to Reward Influencers during the Holidays

During the season of lights and joy, spread the cheer to your influencers!


By Sanchana Krishnan - September 18, 201701189

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One of the 13 winning entries for Starbucks' Red Cup winter campaign

The holiday season brings about a great opportunity to launch new campaigns, release products and have themes promotions to help customers get into the holiday mood and drive sales better. Influencers have always played an important role in grabbing eyeballs during this season. Their presence becomes even more important today, with chronological feeds becoming a thing of the past. Rewarding influencers for the holiday season is not only a great gesture towards your influencer community, it also serves as double promotion for the product or feature you wish to promote.


How do brands creatively execute reward campaigns for their influencers in the holiday season? We have seen some stunning examples in recent times. Here they are :


A Timfluential Christmas with Tim Hortons


Tim Hortons allowed their influencers to hold fun giveaways for the holidays, and this is what happened!

Tim Hortons, Canada's much loved coffee and donut cafe went all out in their hometown for Christmas in 2016, when they decided to allow their influencers to host giveaway contests instead. Not only did the influencers get their very own goodie bag, they also got a huge boost in their social media following. Happy influencers creatively held contests and were more than pleased to be associated with the Tim Hortons brand.


2. #HappierDiwali with CitiBank


Back in 2013, CitiBank wished to giveaway high-end technology products as a way of saying thanks to their customers. In the bargain, they brought together ten technology bloggers for the first time in Indian advertising history and ran a wonderful campaign with them!  These premier tech blogs of India came together in a unique giveaway, where 3 blogs gave away a brand new iPhone 5s while the other seven promised an iPad Mini to it乫s readers. This not only made the campaign seem absolutely organic, it also gave the tech bloggers a load of exposure and established them as leading authorities in India. The campaign generated more than 28.7 million impressions, with over 8000 campaign shares on Social Media.


Toys for all with ToysRUs



ToysRUs decided to testrun its new mobile wishlist feature by encouraging mums to go shopping with their kids and use the wish list. The influencers gave a smashing surprise to their kids, courtesy ToysRUs - and did not forget to demonstrate their gratitude via Instagram posts that got plenty of engagement.


A Ride to Remember with Mercedes


Mercedes-Benz giving their influencers a slice of a road trip before the holidays

In the holiday season of 2014, the luxurious car company Mercedes-Benz handed over the reigns to their social media channels (Instagram and YouTube), along with a Merdedes-Benz car itself! Their team of social influencers told incredible stories based on their real life journey in the vehicle. They drove the car around, took photos, and curate a story that features more than just the car and hashtag, #MBPhotoPass. The results of the campaign were massive. #MBPhotoPass generated over 173 million impressions, 2.3 million likes, $4 million worth of earned media, and 1,700 brand assets!




A Merry Christmas with Starbucks


One of the 13 winning entries for Starbucks' Red Cup winter campaign

Having noticed the raging success of their previous draw-on-the-Starbucks-cup campaign, Starbucks called all customers to create beautiful designs for their red christmas cup. The famous coffee chain received over 1,200 submissions hailing from 13 countries across the globe. The winning entries were officially featured as Starbucks red cups for the entirety of Winter 2016!


Happier Holidays with Hallmark


Hallmark's holiday influencer campaign hits a success

In 2016, Hallmark partnered with several family-friend Instagram influencers to promote their holiday 2016 collection of keepsake ornaments. While receiving a whole load of ornaments to jazz up their festive season, influencers offered their followers candid glimpses into their family holiday traditions. Evoking emotions, they shared personal, tender moments along with a link for their users to purchase their own keepsake ornament. While the campaign only lasted the holiday season, influencers boosted Hallmark乫s brand awareness and increased sales.


It乫s never a bad idea to say thanks to the army of influencers that drive your brand forward, and what better time to do so than the holiday season? Go ahead and think of how creative you could get with your own rewards campaigns and watch as your influencers make some magic.


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7 Innovative Ways to Incentivise Influencers

By Sanchana Krishnan - September 13, 201701831

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Content marketing has gotten more creative over the decades. The onset of influencer marketing proved to be a gamechanger for the way brands interacted with their target audience. But there's always the question of compensating the influencers for their work; for making sure they receive a deal they are happy to work for, and that they continue endorsing and not vilifying your brand. Monetary compensation is one way, but not all brands or campaigns can afford or wish to pay money at all times. And you know what? You really do not have to take the money route to compensate influencers every time.


But then, how all do you engage with your influencers? What deals can you strike to convince them to promote your brand without monetary incentives?


Influencers know first

Launching a new lipstick range? Releasing a new trekking package to the Andamans? Just released a unique men乫s grooming product? Let your influencers know first! Make them a part of the brand inner circle and give them some bragging rights as well. This is also a great way to build brand loyalty.


Grow your influencer乫s following

Crossposting is a great way to announce collaboration with influencers and works as an incentive for them, too. Mentioning and tagging influencer's accounts when you use their photos or adding a good word if you retweet or repost them is a great incentive. Growing their channels grows yours in a wonderful loop that is not vicious at all. - growing their own while showcasing the work of their influencers.

Level up with influencer goodie bags

Is your product aromatic oils? Give them an entire 12-flavour pack. Better yet, accompany it with a trip to a spa that uses your oils. The idea is go big with the gifting, more so than you would with giveaway winners or other guests. And make sure the goodies you give them are valuable and worth it. If you give well enough, it could be something that your influencers post about on social media out of sheer love for the product.



Picture-perfect pampering - @loandsons got their influencer marketing game on point!

Send influencers to the stars

Give your influencers the celebrity treatment they deserve by giving them extraordinary experiences. If you are an alcohol brand, you could gift your influencers backstage passes to their favourite concert. If you are a travel company, gift them a luxurious weekend with the stay paid for. As a company, it always matter how you make your influencers feel - and this will leave them feeling pretty darn good.



Gurpreet, an lifestyle influencer from Bangalore gets a free weekend stay at this gorgeous resort.

Give your influencers the top discounts

Another place where knowing your influencer comes in handy. Note the products and services used commonly by your influencers and get them offers and discounts on the same.  Such incentives helps influencers automatically build and retain brand loyalty.


Work in collaboration with influencers

Your social media influencers are most often than not creative and intelligent people, so you can work with them instead of making them work for you. A great incentive used by fashion brands especially are products that feature the influencer, or co-planned and co-designed shoots,  or other artistic campaigns that showcases the skills of the influencer with the product or services of the brand.



MAC's association with Mexican singer Selena Q resulted in a gorgeous make up range.

Give visibility to influencers

Take this point to quite literally mean 乪visibility乫. Many influencers would jump at the idea of being a part of events, or of product placements shoots done creatively. Allow them to be seen openly associating with your brand.


If you are working with social media influencers, play the long term game. Work out arrangements that can retain your influencers and give them enough to want to say every single time you wish to work with them!








Instagram Opens Doors for Influencer Marketing with Branded Tag Option in India

By Aditya Gurwara - September 13, 201702843

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Proud collaborations between influencers and brands

It乫s 2017, and the influencer marketing boom is here to stay. In India, the major social media platforms used for influencer marketing are Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. In a calculated way, LinkedIn is making it乫s way into influencer marketing as well. Why Snapchat isn乫t on the list yet is because brands are looking for performance on collaborated posts. Currently, Snapchat doesn乫t offer that because of the disappearing act of the content, which is the USP that made Snapchat famous in the first place.


How do you know if influencer marketing is working for your brand?


Influencer marketing has quickly become a top marketing strategy. However, it means very little if the performance of each influencer and their content pieces are not being measured in terms of money spent and impressions gained. While it looks great to have a prominent influencer engaging with your brand and creating a social media buzz, it does not mean much if it reaches below 10,000 people for a person with a following of over 400,000.



A sweeping view of the monthly users active on each social media platform

Facebook is a platform that understood this early and created a tool to make life easier for brands engaging in influencer marketing. They created the Handshake model, where an influencer can tag the brand page on a post created for them. This way, the brand has access to the metrics of the post. They can now analyse the performance of the post without being dependant on the influencer.



How crossposting of branded content works on Facebook

Instagram is arguably one of the platforms that holds the largest potential for influencer marketing. However, brands are limited to viewing the number of likes and comments on the post. This is data that anyone can have access to if they simply view the post! This tracking mechanism not only lacks insight, it is also unreliable because influencers with fake followers or access to Bots can also increase numbers on their post. One does not know where the numbers are coming from. This makes it difficult for brands to distinguish fake influencers versus those who have tirelessly built a strong following from ground up with quality content, hence having a much stronger and actual relevant reach.



All spammers do is create useless noise on social media

Instagram joins the tracking bandwagon for branded content


It乫s 2017 and things have finally changed. Instagram has opened up the branded tag option to India! This feature is just as simple as Facebook乫s branded content option. To recap, Facebook defines 乬branded content as a creator or publisher's content that features or is influenced by a business partner for an exchange of value. FB policies require creators and publishers to tag their business partners in their branded content posts. When tagged, a business partner will be notified and be able to see high-level performance insights as well as have the ability to share the post to their Page and put additional spend behind it.乭


Now the same is possible with Instagram. All that the influencer has to do is tag the brand handle before posting the content piece. The brand accepts the notification, and voila! Every detailed insight required to determine the success of a post will be accessible with one tag. Easy tracking of influencer marketing campaigns has become a reality.



Proud collaborations between influencers and brands

Instagram tells us more about the insights available to creators : 乬Not only is this level of transparency beneficial for our community, it also gives creators and businesses the ability to track and share insights around a partnered post. When the partners use this tag, they will both have access to insights to track exactly how their branded content posts and stories are performing. Creators will continue to see metrics in their Instagram insights, and business partners will see shared reach and engagement metrics in their Facebook Page Insights.乭


NOTE: Currently, however, branded tagging on Instagram can only happen between two verified accounts in India.


You can now be an active part of your influencer campaign and track all the influencers under one roof with Instagram乫s branded tag option. Pick the best influencers you believe can take your brand forward and go from being just a brand to a name that people see in action - everywhere.


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This is how Indian twitteratis celebrated #internationalyogaday

By Varun Tyagi - June 27, 2017817 0

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The International Yoga Day is commonly or unofficially addressed as the Yoga Day, is celebrated annually on 21st June since its inception in 2015. It is that time of the year when even the laziest, exercise shy people pull out their yoga mats and join the movement in stretching and bending their bodies. This year we celebrated the 3rd international Yoga day and people are spamming Twitter with pictures and videos of how they乫re celebrating Yoga Day. People on twitter are hilarious. If something is trending, it is expected we乫ll get to see some jokes and memes about the trending topic. We have tracked the top content stream and top influencer conversations through Qoruz. Here are the most amusing tweets on #internationalyogaday you don乫t want to miss -


1On Yoga Day, Husband be like:


2Yoga Level: IRISH!






3Pre - Yoga meal is a must!






4Who says I don't practice Yoga?






5 Them feels!






6Laluji ne kursitod asan ke sath manaya Yoga!






7There are more ways to do Yoga than you can imagine!






8 How can we leave Rakhi Sawant out of this discussion? 😛








9We hear what we want to hear 🙂






10Yoga mat has multiple uses!






11Man performing Sirsasana while the buffalo performs Savasana 😛






12Yoga does have its advantages






13More like a traffic Policeman directing traffic! Sari gadia ulte hath ko nikle.






14 Vodka : Helping people do Yoga since ages.






15These dogs are giving people some serious yoga goals!




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Varun Tyagi

Varun leads the Product Marketing at Qoruz. Beyond work, his interests include long distance biking, sports and fitness, music, and reading.












How PR Firms are getting Influencer Marketing all wrong

By Varun Tyagi - June 22, 201719651       1


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Digital technology has disrupted the conventional media practices, particularly those related to brand awareness, public response and corporate communications. Despite these development, PR indsutry has been rather slow to respond to the changing marketing and social interaction landscape. There's definitely a big lead that they can take out of the book which marketers and customer service teams have been using to excel.




What is it marketers out there really need to know? Incredible news for you would be, the gradual move to content marketing produces three times the lead generated by outbound marketing and tends to cost 62% less than the later.


Nonetheless, numerous PR and advertising agencies misconstrue how to adequately perform in the new digital space and connect with influencers. It乫s not only these agencies but also their prospective clients who continue to execute operations under this misconception. The most effective approach, gathered from years of direct involvement, isn乫t to market and pitch to influencers, but rather to fabricate connections and foster engagement with them.


The best way to engage with influencers is to create an organic relationship wherein you built a meaningful relationship without expecting anything in return. Michael Mogill, CEO Crisp Video Group in one of the articles published in Forbes, mentions how considering the pain points of influencers would provide an aid in demonstrating value and good faith that is equally essential in building long-term business relationships.


Wondering whether you乫re really getting the meaning of influencer outreach and engagement RIGHT? To begin with, influencer engagement and reach typically caters to the following practices:


Identification - distinguishing among the larger pool, influential people to be targeted and who among them would be the ones with whom you could think of developing long-term business relationships;

Networking- taking a step forward in the larger market place and fulfilling your ultimate goal of developing social connections;

Transmitting- taking an advantage of the prior developed relationships, imparting your brand value story in a way that it draws interest of the influencer.

Are you a PR or marketing firm struggling to conduct influencer outreach and engagement correctly? Well here are some of the reasons you NEED to know where is it you乫re actually going wrong.


Approximately 25% of the searches feature top brands because of which 52% of organizations have allocated specific amount of their budget particularly for social-media marketing. They do this with a hope to increase the traffic rate and search rankings.



Source: Trendpie

Therefore, emphasis should be laid on reaching out to small businesses as customers and assisting these individuals directly by introducing them to digital platform, thereby giving them an opportunity to connect with influencers. This would elevate them a step further into the digital space, discouraging them from relying on the traditional PR and promotion practices.


Pitching to media with a hope to receive pitches doesn乫t work in the influencer-marketing domain because under this digital platform emphasis is laid on engaging with individuals who aren乫t professionals in the field of media. They are specialists in their field, advisors, consultants, and random individuals who have interest in a particular domain. They乫re named 乬influencers乭 because have certain qualities and are less inclined towards the traditional advertising practices.



Source: Lenati

Their inspiration of being on an online platform is the sole reason to connect with their peers and share their learning with the larger assemblage. This shouldn乫t be mistaken with financial compensation, thereby objecting their credibility. Overtime, the audience had bestowed their trust over influencers because  This makes he existence of influencers even more significant.


What is it you should be doing to ensure efforts in influencer outreach and engagement goes in the correct direction?


1Know what Influencer Engagement process is really all about


Source: Slideshare


The entire process of influencer engagement is NOT marketing but creating networks and building relationships overtime. Marketers must genuinely learn to respect influencer乫s interest and provide value without expecting anything in return. Your prior aim of initiating conversations shouldn乫t be driving business-centric results but initiating conversations for the sake of knowing whether your business offerings really interests the influencer. If the influencer takes no interest in your business, it doesn乫t make sense to force him/her to pitch for your product. Targeting a wrong influencer might drown all your efforts. Now that is not what you乫d expected or had been waiting for! Therefore, you need to make a wise move.


2STOP! Look back and review whether you乫ve built long-term associations with influencers


A genuine connection through social networking drives business-growth and offers organizations with numerous opportunities. This would allow brands to grow by developing long-term links and associations with influencers. Consumers no longer want to hear about product offerings from the brand itself but from individuals who would give first-hand reviews about the same. So, Being an agency- what should be your ends goal? Primarily, spending ample amount of time in locating and building relationships with the right individuals. This would serve as a basis for amplifying the voices of bloggers, active social media enthusiasts and loyal customers.


3Work continuously to identify the correct influencers


You could begin by exploring diverse social analytical tools that could majorly assist you in tapping influencers. One such tool that I乫m recently exploring is Qoruz. It provides multiple features from refining and optimizing influencer search with smart filters, to prioritizing and sorting influencers for higher reach, engagement; out-reach to a specific audience, and many more.


Having a platform like this allows brands to classify and select the perspective pool of influencers you should target. Trust me! They make the process of hunting influencers a cakewalk. It majorly cuts down on the efforts and time spent in finding the relevant group of influencers and instead leaves you with ample time to develop good relations with them.


What's more, when you follow the right process, you won't have to request much help all the time– it would just be advertised with minimal efforts.


If there乫s any additional practice you feel marketing and PR Firms should be doing in the influencer-marketing domain, feel free to share it in the comment section below. I would love to hear your views.


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5 Greatest Influencer Marketing Myths Still Alive

By Varun Tyagi - June 12, 20171890          0


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If you haven乫t stepped into the pool of influencer marketing, now would be an ideal opportunity to get your feet wet. Influencer marketing is a platform that has gained immense popularity over time. It allows companies to increase their brand awareness drastically, drives transformations and rapidly uplifts sales compared to the prevailing marketing strategies.To begin with, when it comes to taking advices: The thought of which brand or person governs your mind? Most people have answered this question by stating they prefer taking an advice from a 乬friend乭 or generally rely on word-of-mouth from their colleagues. Furthermore, considering the broad expansion and transparency of web, the meaning of 乬friend乭 is enlarging by incorporating influencers. Influencers have a great extent of authority over an assemblage. According to an article on The Ultimate List of Influencer Marketing Statistics 49% of the audience agree with the fact that they rely on recommendations from influencers prior to making a purchase decision. Isn乫t that a great opportunity for a brand to achieve a competitive edge? However, influencer marketing isn乫t an 乬easy go乭 for any brand. As a brand, you need to make sure you follow an appropriate strategy and initiate correct actions for connecting with the targeted audience.


There is abundance of information available on guiding you about the practices and procedures you could adopt for executing your strategies in regard to influencer marketing but you need to give a thought over- 乬Is all of it really accurate?乭 OR 乬To what extent is the information accurate?乭 Before you give a thought of connecting with influencers it becomes tremendously significant to confront yourself with the prevailing myths that still happen to remain alive in the industry. Following are the 5 greatest influencer-marketing myths that continue to exist with respect to the influencer-marketing domain:


NO, influencer marketing doesn乫t necessarily have to be backed by an increased price.


And NO, it isn乫t always mandatory to compensate influencers.




1Influencer Marketing is backed by huge monetary value


Source: AZ Quotes

It isn乫t only the millennials and boomers that show traits of instant gratification but every individual now days, irrespective of their age crave for spontaneous results. However, in the domain of marketing one cannot accomplish the desired outcomes immediately. Marketers, across the globe incur an increased amount of investment in paid media but- 乬Does paid media always give you the desired results?乭 One cannot deny to the fact that there is a paid approach of working with influencers but it is a myth that you inevitably have to pay influencers.


Influencer marketing is stereotyped as a platform that requires huge financial investment. Marketers not only from SME乫s but also from MNC乫s are reluctant to invest in this sphere because they presume that the value derived would be less than the value invested whereas, it works the opposite way. If you are eyeing on celebrities and influencers with big names, it is obvious you would have to shell out considerable amounts. But if you work with organic influencers, you wouldn乫t have to incur huge costs for publicizing your message. In the end, all that matters is the audience and the reach. While group of onlookers and reach are essential, it is actions (after you乫ve reached out) of the targeted individuals that pay the bills.


2It is mandatory to give influencers financial compensation

Cost is certainly a variable you need to consider to gear up your marketing strategies, but it isn乫t as high as you think. There are influencers who don乫t require financial compensation for promoting your product or brand. Compensation has always been a standout amongst all the debatable topics with respect to influencer marketing. It is the need of the hour for marketers to understand that money is not the most imperative part for most influencers. It is significant to understand what influencers means by when they are referring to compensation.


The word 乬compensation乭 might have a distinctive meaning for diverse set of influencers. While, some demand monetary benefits others might acknowledge intangible benefits. In an article written by Russ Martin on 乬The Perks of being an Influencer乭 he mentions how the presence on social media helped Casie Stewart transform into an influencer who later was offered a position in the agency world as a director of the social media in a Torronto based agency named 乬Community乭. Hence, monetary compensation isn乫t always the best reward given to an influencer.


3FTC (Federal Trade Commission) compliance is not critical

FTC (Federal Trade Commission) regulations make it obligatory for influencers to reveal their paid sponsorships. These regulations need to be taken into consideration to avoid huge fines. FTC prioritizes on making the patrons aware of the relationship between the influencer and the brand. For example- in a case wherein the company provides additional compensation to the influencer along with intangible benefits, it is very likely that the influencer shall post/give positive reviews.


In a report published by FTC on 乬How to Make Effective Disclosures in Digital Advertising乭 it is clearly emphasized that the disclosures should be conspicuous along with being clearly stated. Before proceeding with delivering creative directions to the influencers, you must make sure these guidelines are crystal clear. Brands are prohibited from making false advertising claims about their products, which makes it even more significant for them to hunt for influencers who believe in their product or creation. Additionally, regardless of whether you're a reputed brand or small one, if you are offering a value to somebody for promoting your product, that individual must reveal the sponsorship.


4An influencer should have as many followers as possible


Source: Sethprice

While carrying forward your search to look-in for the right influencer, it isn乫t necessarily critical to focus on the number of followers he/she has but on the fact that the interest of the followers an influencer has matches with your targeted assemblage. For example- for a fashion blogger it makes no sense to promote a brand like Patanjali or Vicco. The primary focus for a brand should be to hunt down such followers that have a voice in your industry and on whom your group of targeted audience happens to bestow trust.


Influence is not just having as many followers as possible. 乬Then how is it one should define Influence?乭 Influence = Audience Reach (# of followers) x Brand Affinity (expertise and credibility) x Strength of Relationship with Followers


In the book 乬The Power to Change Anything乭, Kerry Patterson mentions that every individual wants to be influential. Irrespective of whether you are a manager, leader, entrepreneur, parent or just another individual as long as you乫re focusing on making a difference, you are an influencer. Influencers are generally people having in-depth knowledge with respect to a specific field/area of interest and this is what serves as the basis of developing relationships with followers.


5It is impossible to measure the ROI (Return on Investment) of Influencer Marketing

Characterizing achievement and measuring success is by far the greatest difficulties confronted by marketers specifically in regard to influencers. What needs to be highlighted here is that measuring the ROI (Return on Investment) isn乫t as troublesome as marketers presume it to be. You could simply begin by inculcating the right measures, metrics and by characterizing your objectives. This would make it easier for you to figure out which metrics needs to be measured for increasing the brand awareness.


If you feel I乫ve skipped a myth that is still alive in the influencer-marketing domain. I would love to hear your views in the comments section.


Efforts would be greatly appreciated!


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5 Social Media Marketing Predictions for 2017

By Prabakaran - June 7, 20171206             0


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If you are a digital marketer then focusing on your social media strategy should be a top priority for 2017. The second half of the year is even more critical for improving your social media presence, considering the holiday seasons are approaching and consumer spending and sentiment both takes a positive upswing. So here are few predictions that we believe might be worth remembering as you tweak your 2017 social media strategy.



1Live video content will become (even more) bigger


In 2016, 14% of marketers used live video at least once, according to Social Media Examiner, and 43% have planned to use interactive video this year according to new data from Wyzowl. 


Although, there are many streaming platforms present out there, however Facebook Live and Periscope continue to remain the most popular ones.


In 2016, Periscope noted that users have watched 110 years of live video daily on the platform. Similarly, live streaming on Facebook reached record-breaking numbers around the world.


Twitter and Instagram aren乫t behind in the race as both the platforms have integrated live videos .


So, how can you leverage live videos in 2017? A good starting point is to first understand which social media is your audience spending the most time on. Once you've identified the platform, the next step is to identify touch-point opportunities where you can engage your audience. One of the most common touch-point is to live stream events. Live event streams help potential consumers connect with your brand without having to be physically present at a particular location. Other instances where live videos can come in handy are:-


Q&A sessions - These videos will drive engagement because the host can ask for comments, feedback and questions from the audiences.


Live videos series - Check out this weekly series from Allure, where the host reveals and reviews a new variant of their lipstick, and asks the audiences what they want to see in the next video. This kind of content is not only exciting, but also consumer-driven, which makes it highly engaging. According to Facebook, engagement rates on live videos are 10X higher as compared to normal videos.




2Social media commerce will become a dominant way of sales


Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook provides users with a way to buy products directly from their apps. Check an example on Instagram below:


According to a study from Aimia, 56% of consumers have told that they follow brands on social media platforms to browse products for sale and 31% have agreed that they are using social media specifically to look for new items to buy.


Brands should focus on these shopping habits and look to creatively embed sales call-to-actions in socially-driven content. People spend time on social networks to find interesting content that they can relate to and information they can possibly make use of, and simply sharing a photo of your product with a 'Buy Now' options ticks neither of those boxes. Instead, look for sharing information that your audience can use and embed your product pitch as a solution to their problems rather than simply forcing it down their throats.


Say if you cater to beauty industry, you could share informative content on beauty, skincare, and related topics. For example, 'tips on how to get rid of tanning' will definitely make for a crisp and interesting video, along with a natural plug-in of your product as the solution at the end of the video.


If this seems difficult to you, there is another idea. This research proves that product demonstration videos get as many as 4X views compared to any other form of product information. Your audience is willing to view and share video of your product, so why not give them the ammo and let them fire at will!


3Ephemeral content will continue to get eyeballs

Marissa Emanuele (Social Media Marketing Manager of HubSpot) coined the term 乬FrankFeatures乭, an instance when a social media platform launches its own version of some other platform乫s best feature.


Need an example? Snapchat started disappearing or ephemeral content trend and Instagram launched a similar feature but with the ability to also share the ephemeral video. It is not like that you will abandon marketing video production and professional photography but disappearing content on Snapchat and Instagram is good way to showcase the 乬other side乭 of your brand.


The 'urgency factor' associated with ephemeral content creates a strong pull as users understand that the content is available for only limited amount of time. And hence, such content usually drives high engagement in a short period of time. And because it's usually crisp, ephemeral content also commands attention of the audience.


Content ideas for ephemeral stories can include:


Contests and giveaways


Live events



Daily or weekly video series

Product reveals

Behind-the-scenes looks

4Brands will rely more on messaging apps


If the only thought that comes to your mind when we say 'messaging app' is Whatsapp, and Facebook Messenger (and maybe WeChat) as the alternatives to traditional text messaging then think again- messaging apps are used by more than 4 billion user乫s people worldwide and there is marvelous opportunity for brands to take advantage of this presence.


Brands are using messaging apps to communicate with customers, which is completely revamping the way the customer service is done. These apps provide the customers an easier and faster way to get assistance rather been waiting for an email.


For example, Hyatt uses Facebook messenger for 24-hour customer service, where guests can ask questions, get recommendations and make reservations.


Source: Digiday


There is another research that will make you think twice about messaging apps, that a quarter of apps which are downloaded and uninstalled after just one use, except for messaging apps. So, in 2017 marketers should expect less social networking and more messaging to develop real time connection with audiences.


5Brands will make a switch from Snapchat to Instagram for stories

Instagram launched its stories features in 2016 and just after two months, Buzzfeed News reported that Instagram stories were getting 100 million daily active users and it represents two-thirds of Snapchat乫s complete user base. This is the reason why brands will start switching from Snapchat to Instagram for sharing stories.


At 600 million users, Instagram offers a bigger audience than Snapchat which is only at 150 million. Plus Facebook owns Instagram, Instagram advertisers can target based on Instagram and Facebook insights. Instagram also allows a user to publish videos and photos in a permanent portfolio in addition to ephemeral stories, so sharing content is much easier with friends.


Despite the rapid growth in Snapchat, it offers fewer means of measurement and analysis for the social media marketers, so Instagram offers more ways to measure ROI in 2017. Instagram is also adopted by a large number of public figures and celebrities and the interface of Instagram is slicker.


These were the 5 social media marketing predictions that we think will come true in this half of 2017. Social media is changing constantly and one prediction we didn乫t include was to prepare for anything. So, what are your social media marketing plans for 2017? Share them in the comments section.


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5 Ways on How to Improve YouTube Channel Views

By Varun Tyagi - June 2, 20171558            0


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Are you looking for some ways to improve YouTube channel views? Then you are at the right place as here you will get few simple techniques so that your YouTube videos would be watched by millions and also by your targeted users. Let us look at the 5 ways on how to improve YouTube channel views:


5 Ways on How to Improve YouTube Channel Views

Keep a track of your target audience to know common questions your video can answer

This technique is simple to follow but difficult to implement. If you want to create appropriate YouTube videos, you will have to pay attention to the user乫s problems and try to solve them.


You can take the help of much social listening software which can help you observe keywords and brand mentions from social media. If you will track phrases which have your targeted keywords in real time will help you learn about the user乫s problems.


If you are not able to follow this technique, you can also take the help of Quora, which is great for understanding your audience. For example, if your niche is Search Engine Optimization, a search on Quora will provide you with more than 41.7k questions, so you can take the help of social media platforms to get the audience problems and solve them.




Develop a signature style so that viewers know what to expect from your videos

Choosing a topic for your YouTube video is the beginning. Your video should cover the topic in a convincing way. If you want to maximize your video views, choose the perfect match and create an evergreen content which will stand the test of time.


On YouTube the viewers are looking for a certain quality of the video. A shaky webcam and a bad script won乫t do it. For the complete format of your video, expert YouTuber Tim Schmoyer recommends hooking your audience in the first 5 seconds. You can offer your audience a unique value that you will provide in your video. A bumper is a good way to promote your brand.


In continuation of Schmoyer point you need to provide what you promise on the title. Script your video and focus on fulfilling the value your audience is craving.




You will have to include a call to action (CTA), which tells your viewers what to do. It's one of the ways to improve YouTube channel views.


Give a strong call with End Screens and Cards

A CTA is must if you want your video to create leads. In your CTA you can ask the viewers to share your video, check out other videos and visit your website. YouTube annotations were a simple way to communicate CTA乫s to viewers. In May 2017, YouTube is removing the ability to add and edit annotations as they don乫t work on the mobile devices. But now most of the YouTubers use the new screen and card features instead of annotations.


The end screens and new cards feature are mobile-friendly and it乫s a great way to end your video. The process to you add an end screen, Click Video Manager, Videos and then to End screen and screens.




You can also add a template in the end screen, Select use template to add any call to action you want which can include links to different channels, links to your website and subscribe buttons.




Take the help of Creator studio to optimize your channel

When you will optimize your YouTube channel then it will make it easier for the people to find your videos when they do a Google search. You can start optimize your account, create a partner verified account, which will allow you to monetize your videos, upload custom thumbnails and upload lengthy videos.


If you want to verify your account, log in to your creator studio dashboard. Click on the channel then on status and features.




Click Enable under Monetization tab.




After your account is verified, you can then optimize your video by adding a thumbnail. If you want to upload a thumbnail then go to Video Manager and click on the custom Thumbnail button that will appear in the preview. You should also optimize your title which provides the value to the audience and it should have the main keyword.




Promote your videos and channel on the platforms your audience visits

After you have uploaded your best video, you can use target audience research to promote the videos in which users are able to see it. You can take the help of Google Analytics; you can know which platform the audience is using. Write a blog post to promote your video and embed the video in your blog and use it to drive traffic to your blog.


To drive interest, maintain an uploading schedule to keep your YouTube videos fresh.



The numbers of people watch your video through to completion the higher your content will rank. If your audience likes content then they will also share your content. These were the 5 ways on how to improve YouTube channel views.


Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.


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Peer to Peer Influencer Marketing – A boon for Hyper-local retail

By Varun Tyagi - June 1, 20172186            1


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A few days back, I decided to check out this newly-opened restaurant in Gurgaon that I乫d been hearing about from friends. As I sat there, enjoying my breakfast, the restaurant owner walked up to me and started telling me about the restaurant. He showed me around the whole restaurant, told me about few of their special dishes and also gave me 25% off discount coupon for my next visit.



It was a great experience! I instantly made a Facebook check-in into the restaurant, posted a picture, and mentioned about my experience. Friends liked, commented and asked for more details.


I shared the experience with my room-mates, colleagues and a few other friends. A lot of them made plans to visit the place the following weekend itself. Suddenly, the 乪fairly new to town乫 restaurant was in the visiting list of atleast a 100 more people now.


Did you realize the incredible power of Peer-To-Peer influence at play here?



This incident led me to realize the superiority of peer-to-peer influence over advertisements and other form of promotions. No ad blocker can hamper the kind of impact it makes as it is a direct communication between your current and prospective customers.


Nothing sells like celebrity乭 –The New York Times declared in a 2008 article. Almost a decade later, Celebrity endorsements don乫t pack the same punch they used to.


As trendsetting as they are, celebrities can乫t totally persuade people that they actually like the products they endorse. That乫s why their ads are being replaced by content created by real-world social influencers commanding a niche expertise. But even influencers can乫t foster personal connections with your brand like a friend or family member. A recommendation from a person who can relate to is the ascendancy of personalized, genuine marketing. That said, forward-thinking brands are embracing Peer-To-Peer Influencer Marketing and hyperlocal retail sector is not spared from its impact either.




Earlier, the influencer marketing used to be considered useful only for global B2C brands but here we give you 4 Reasons which assure the relevance of Peer-To-Peer Influencer for hyperlocal businesses.


Authenticity -:  Peer-To-Peer influencer marketing is perceived as one of the most authentic marketing channels by the audience. No one has a script or makes an exaggerated video when they recommend a product to a friend. It乫s just a normal conversation and that乫s the beauty of it. Influencers who actually use the product to augment their everyday lives can add that much sought-after attribute of credibility which no other source can.


Relatability  -: Be it an outfit worth Rs. 2000 or an electronic device costing up to Rs. 20,000 , we tend to trust the recommendations of the people we  can relate to because they know our lives better than any celebrity does. Also, when a friend recommends a product or shares a referral, they can have a conversation about it more easily than a celebrity.


Cost-Effectiveness -: Since the cost to convert your happy customer into an influencer is substantially less expensive than a TV advertisement or hiring a celebrity, brands can benefit more by spending less. You can effectively incorporate your brand loyalists in your marketing strategy.


Highly-Targeted -:  For hyper-local retail, the ultimate aim is to bring footfalls into the stores. Marketing to a broad audience might raise awareness, but if you are using the customers to promote your newly opened boutique opened in a particular city, nothing works better than Peer-To-Peer Influence. Targeting your brand loyalists leads to targeting the audience most likely to be interested in your brand.


A wave of such findings about word-of-mouth recommendations and peer influence have given rise to retailers partnering with people who can sway buying decisions and product preferences.


Urban Degree, a South African clothing retailer, recognized this booming trend among customers sending dressing room selfies to friends, looking for advice on which outfits to purchase. Latching onto this existing user behavior, Urban Degree乫s two-week #urbanselfie promotion gave $10 and $20 coupons to users who posted their dressing room selfies to the brand乫s Facebook page with quirky captions. The brand has an almost exclusively millennial audience, so with an average of 319 friends each, those users乫 #urbanselfies reached more than 34,000 like-minded shoppers.


This is one of the greatest examples of the different strategies retailers can use to make the best possible use of Peer-To-Peer influence. In the next edition, we will tell you different innovative ways to incorporate Peer-To-Peer influence in your marketing strategy and make a wow!


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3 Killer SEO Trends to Prepare For in 2017

By Varun Tyagi - May 29, 20171585          2


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Business is considered as a game and as a marketer; your role is to stay ahead of your competition which you can do with the help of SEO.


SEO is considered as the lifeline of online business. And it might seem simple in theory but it is very tough to understand and you can only know with the help of algorithms and search patterns which will inform about your SEO efforts.


It means that it乫s one of the most important ways to have a competitive edge within your industry is to watch the minor changes in SEO trends.


So, as you are gearing up for 2017, take a look what you can get from the world of search engine optimization.



SEO Trends to Prepare For in 2017

Increase in quality content and in density

Have you ever seen in a day, you can go various websites and read the same content over and over again? Well, that is the same with Yahoo, Google, Bing and the rest of the world.  This problem came with the rise of long-form, detailed guides that covers topics in detail.


People are subjected to the remakes of the same old boring content that you have seen for many years or they forced to read content which are lengthy in content.


Solution: Density in content. It can be described as simply as content乫s per word value. So, for example if you want to write about the growth of Snapchat, the actual value you deliver per value could be less. So, if you can explain the topic in 500 words then there is no need to write an article of 3,000 words.


Most of the major SEO authority agrees that 2017 will be the year where we will see the rise of content across the board. The world of content marketing is adjusting meaning you will spend less time in writing content and your audience will receive more time.


User experience will count to SEO

Over the past years, the expectations of the users have increased exponentially. People are not limited to good speeds and navigable sites. All they want now websites which can load faster than anything and which are easy to navigate.


And because of the rise in expectations of the users, the user experience has become identical with SEO. Google has started to favour sites with fast load times, indications that users are enjoying their experience, mobile optimization. 


If your aim is to maintain a high search engine ranking in 2017, then you have to invest into user experience. It may require only simple tweaks to improve your user experience.


Brands will leverage personal branding

Personal branding is one of the secret weapons in the world. You can take the example of people like Pewdiepie or Casey Neista is the perfect examples of power of branding. They don乫t even sell products but they still make money and more than young business people. But it isn乫t a tool only for YouTubers. It乫s actually one of the most powerful ways to ensure the success of your SEO campaigns.


 The importance of SEO to the modern entrepreneur, it is also critical that you will have to pay attention to advancements and trends within the world of SEO. What are the SEO trends to prepare for in 2017 according to you, share in the comment section.


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7 Ways to Get Influencers Share Your Content

By Varun Tyagi - May 25, 20171277          0


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Influencer marketing is one of the hottest strategies today, which signifies that there are plenty of marketers out there looking to build mutual relationships. In this post, you can check out seven steps to get influencers to share your content.



7 Ways to Get Influencers Share Your Content

1Share their content


Sharing the influencer乫s content is a simple way of grabbing their attention. You have to determine on which platforms they are active on and focus your efforts toward those particular platforms. You can check their social pages which will make it easier for you to view and share their content.


Add a personal touch to things by modifying a tweet and say something good about the tweet. Another thing you can do is to tag them in your tweet, this increases the chance of them seeing it.


2Contribute to their blog

If the influencer hasn乫t noticed you till now, they will if you contact them for a guest post on their blog.  Check their websites if they have posted guest submission guidelines and contact them regarding the guest post. But if they don乫t have a guest post guidelines then reach out to them with an email, requesting to contribute.


Be sure to include:


What you do and who are you

A detailed pitch of what you乫d like to write

How their audience would get benefit from this

3Write stunning content


It乫s beneficial to engage with influencer and pitching a guest post is a helpful way to build a relationship with influencer. Now, influencer are interested in sharing your content, the next step is to write amazing content and you should keep in mind that quality always trumps quantity.


This research by Buzzsumo and Moz found that internet has a lack of quality content, which is why when it gets appears it gets lot of engagement.  So, write an original piece of content as influencers won乫t be interested in sharing the rewrites of other people乫s work.


4Mention them in your content

Another way to get an influencer乫s attention is by featuring them in your article – especially when you are not able to manage a guest post with them. It can be something as simple as highlighting their positive attributes. If it乫s a high quality content, they would love to share it. Mentioning an influencer in your article is a great strategy – basically for new relationships.


5Comment on their blog

Engaging with the influencer on their blog is a great way to associate with them – especially if they respond to comments actively. Say something insightful about the post which will inspire others to engage.  Make sure to use your real name.


6Tell them about your content

Social media is a crowded arena, even if an influencer is interested in your content so, there is no assurance that they will find and read it on their own.  It乫s your job them to make them read your content. If you feature them in a post, send them an email about it.


I would recommend you to tag  them when you share the post on Twitter. Just make sure that the post is relevant to them and their audience – otherwise it will seem like you are looking for shares.


7Ask them to share

There are many ways to encourage someone to share your content indirectly. If you wrote a great content and have built a relationship with the influencer and have constantly shared their content, there is no reason that they won乫t be willing to share content unless they don乫t want to associate with you at all. 


Send them an email telling them about the post you can use a call to action technique and ask them to share. If that乫s the case then it is better to target other users


Did I miss some points? You can mention them in the comment section. 


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Influencer Spotlight: Harsh Chauhan

By Varun Tyagi - May 23, 20171631 3

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1Briefly, tell us about yourself. (Credentials, profession, social media channels)

Hi, I am Harsh Chauhan, a 23-year blogger who loves to write about Smartphones, Guides on How to Root them, I was not doing this for Money this time all that was in my mind was just my passion.My passion for guiding people on How they can get the Most out of their Smartphones and this gave birth to RootUpdate which got successful. So my suggestion to anyone who is new to blogging would don't do this for money, follow your Passion and Money will flow in. Social Profiles. Connect with RootUpdate on (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram).


2Tell us about your 乪influencer story乫. (How did it start and what has been your experience)

I started Blogging in 10th Class and My first blog was Copy-Delete. I failed around 8 times on 8 different blogs and then I quit blogging. But Then After some days I again started blogging and Here I am. Rootupdate is one of the most Popular Smartphone Blogs in India and We have Around 25 Websites on Different Niche under the Rootupdate Networks. My overall experience in Blogging is a little bit salty and sweet as well, As there are different types of people you meet here.


3What brands have you collaborated with? Any particular campaigns that you乫ve most enjoyed.

I have Collaborated with both National and International Brands out of which some of them are Samsung, Xiaomi, Meizu, Nikon, Lucid, Zhiyun, YI, HP, Wondershare, Dr fone and a Lot more .


4What are your favourite brands on social media?

There is no Such Specific brand but if it comes to my areas of Interest then I love all those brands who are directly or Indirectly related to Technology.


5Which social media platform do you think will be the biggest marketing tool in 2017 and why do you think so?

Facebook 🙂 No matter Which new network comes and goes but Facebook will be always the King for Consumer as well as Merchants. Second is twitter as it gives you ease to get directly in touch with brands and Anyone.


6What乫s your opinion on paid influencer campaigns vs gratification based campaigns? (Branded experiences, Freebies, Advocacy Rewards Program etc.)

Paid Campaigns are always Good 🙂 the biggest reason is that in a paid campaign both the sides ( The Blogger and The brand ) gets Equal Amount of Benefit whereas gratification based campaigns don't do much well.


7What乫s your viewpoint on brands collaborating with influencers to improve their reputation and advocacy with consumers?

See believe it or not but everything will be Online Only one day and in that case, bloggers play a very important role in providing information to users/Viewers. So my Take on Collaboration is that it can give Mutual benefit to USERS/BRANDS/BLOGGERS.


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Instagram Pods Effect on Influencer Marketing

By Prabakaran - May 22, 20171128           0


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In 2016, Instagram stopped its chronological feed for an algorithm timeline. Naturally, after this change many users lamented because it would now be more difficult for them to reach audiences.


But now as it appears that Instagram communities are looking to counter the algorithm by creating Instagram pods.


What are these pods and what do they mean for influencers and brands? Here is a look at situation.


What are Instagram Pods?

Instagram pods are groups of people who join forces to increase the engagement on the posts. They do the same thing as the Instagram bots – leaving comments and liking the posts to confirm that posts appear higher in in the user乫s feeds.  There are some rules which are followed so that the engagement would appear natural such as not posting comments which are less than four words. So, the members of the pods turn on notifications in order to like it as soon as it is published.


It is not easy to become a member as each member is invited by an 乬invite乭 only and the members are able to know about the opportunity via Instagram direct messages or on other platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.




Who乫s doing it?

Seems like, the majority of pods are made up of influencers or micro-influencers looking to improve their presence on the platform, so that brands would look and take notice.


@NiaSky Instagram pods are a great way to interact with other bloggers, but the best thing is to be active and connect with others! #bbloggers


chelsey ocean (@chelsocean_x) April 23, 2017



The main problem with Instagram pods is that they make it difficult for brands to see which influencers are succeeding. So, potential partnerships are formed on fake engagement and will only lead to skewed data.


Eventually, pods seem to go against the reasons the brands want to work with influencers in the place of traditional advertising.


By this engagement, influencers could run the risk of harming their own reputation in the long run.


Will Instagram find a way to stop it?

So far, it looks like Instagram is not doing anything to prevent pods. But it is demonstrated that Instagram is not willing to let fake accounts impact the user experience for everyone else. If Instagram pods continue to grow in popularity, then we can expect to see a crackdown on fake engagements in near future.


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Influencer Spotlight: Garima & Shivi

By Vidhi Bansal - May 16, 2017796 0

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1Briefly, tell us about yourself. (Credentials, profession, social media channels)

Cosmochics is a fun project that was started few years back and it turned out as a life changing step for us. Managed by two friends Garima (Mumbai) & Shivi (Bangalore). Here we talk about wearable fashion and makeup and help an average woman to understand the intricate details of both fashion and lifestyle to the comfort of their computer screen!


2Tell us about your 乪influencer story乫. (How did it start and what has been your experience)

It started with just a talk on what乫s app about starting a website where we can jot down our ideas about Fashion, beauty and lifestyle. We finally put down our roots here 4 years back. Brands seeing our work started contacting us for brand collaborations which included reviewing their products/services, experiential, outfit posts, new launches etc. Now sky is the limit! Brands are open for new ideas and they don乫t step back from taking our advice into consideration.


3What brands have you collaborated with? Any particular campaigns that you乫ve most enjoyed.

We have collaborated with Max, Nautica, Reliance Trends, L乫Oréal , Maybelline, Colorbar, Sony, Oppo, Vivo, Mirenesse Australia, Organic Harvest, food/beverage & spa giants, Online shopping websites and many more! Honestly it was new for us each time so we liked every campaign. We were welcomed to an industry where bloggers and influencers are treated no less than celebrities as we help them create genuine trust.


4What are your favourite brands on social media?

Gosh there are so many! We like brands that are blogger/influencer friendly, brands that create opportunities for us as well through brand association. Brands those are quick in responding to buyers and are actively engaged in building scalable programs. Today many brands are active across all social media channels and they are the ones who will stay and create an impact.


5Which social media platform do you think will be the biggest marketing tool in 2017 and why do you think so?

Its a tricky question as different platforms works differently for influencers. YouTube has already marked its presence. But for us it is Facebook and Instagram that are our power tools! From Instagram乫s live feature to stories and saving an idea in your gallery there is so much to explore! Facebook乫s reach is also more than what it was before and together, both Facebook and Instagram are easy to handle.


6What乫s your opinion on paid influencer campaigns vs gratification based campaigns? (Branded experiences, Freebies, Advocacy Rewards Program etc.)

Please know that every blogger and influencer works hard to create something new and original. This requires us to invest as well many times, and therefore paid influencer programs help us to present a campaign in an impressive way. If brands are looking for 乬Larger than life乭 promotion, paid campaigns become easier. However we have done so many experiential and enjoyed that as well.


7What乫s your viewpoint on brands collaborating with influencers to improve their reputation and advocacy with consumers?

It乫s amazing to see how brands are collaborating with influencers. It乫s a win-win situation for both of us. While we get a platform they get a voice! They get engagement through personalization and engaging content! It乫s more like relationship marketing! A term we learnt some time back!


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How To Write A Good Blog Content

By Varun Tyagi - May 15, 20171150          0


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Are you having trouble to find new readers for your blog? Do you write plenty of content but are still not getting traffic or do you feel undone by the pressure of the competition in blogging? Getting all these problems is common in blogging even I was also facing this problem. So, I know how it feels.


It is obvious that no one wants their website to lose traffic but similarly your blog also maintain the quality to get followers. There is an old saying that 乬Content is king乭. If you keep in mind Google乫s algorithms, then only quality content is what matters. Sometimes creating engaging content is confused with create lots of content which is the first mistake many bloggers make.


This article will provide you with five ways on how to write a great blog content and will keep your readers engaged.


How To Write A Great Blog Content

Come up with interesting titles

Most of the readers will judge your content by the cover only (cover here means the title of your post or it could be the image you attach to your post). You can see the example of the Familyshare, here they could have used something which might have sounded boring like 乬3 Signs you乫re in a bad relationship乭 but they knew that they wouldn乫t get much traffic with this in comparison to 乬3 ways relationship could be killing you乭.




There are many benefits of a good headline like:


Inspires trust

Encourages sharing

Uses keyword

Directs the reader from headline to body content

Your headlines will do wonder for you but you will have to work hard on the headlines first. You can see this statistic: Nearly 80% of people will read the headline and the rest 20% of people will read the rest of the content.


You can look at the given example to understand the use of a proper headline. The headline of this article tells the reader that it is for beginners. Readers can place their trust that even if they are new to photography they will understand the content.


Write shorter sentences

You don乫t have to write your blog content like William Shakespeare, as being to wordy does not help it all. Basically lose the words. Don乫t write lengthy sentences, you will lose traffic. It doesn乫t mean your writing shouldn乫t have flow or purpose. It simply means that write shorter that doesn乫t drag on unnecessary. The sentences should be easy to understand. People get lost in the long sentences. Don乫t agree with it? See the example for yourself.




Did you understand what my point is?


Shorter sentences help readers to take lot of breaths and keep them interested.


Storytelling approach is must


A great professor once said that people don乫t remember facts, they remember stories.


As you are a content writer, it can be a little bit difficult for you to set your writing apart. The way in which you will make your blog more memorable is to use a storytelling approach. Use facts, statistics to stories which are related and the user will remember.


Telling stories will also allow the user to view you as a person and not as a company. It乫s a fact that people would love to work with a company in which they think they know the owners. Create a personality for your blog because that will help you a lot in connecting with a personal term with your reader.


Take a look this recent trending Bloomberg article, for example




It begins with a story about a normal guy who乫s spending his cash in a progressive way, then flows into how millennials are influencing stock market. The story creates a human connection before divulging into any other topic. 


Stories will help the audience relate to you. So, telling great stories is the best way to carry the value of your offering plus of your company.


Use images and help a reader out


Plenty of text means lots of friction. Use visual elements to break your content and make your points. It doesn乫t matter which is your topic if you will use images then it would be easy for the reader to understand with charts, videos, images and diagrams.


A post which uses an image after every 75-100 words gets the maximum shares. Be thoughtful of the visual elements you use and make sure that the things surely add value to your content. This Kissmetrics post mentions that you should steer away from stock photography for some reason.


A good visual explains the content


Visual elements will make a difficult concept clear in the reader乫s mind. Take a look this article about wireless charging furniture wouldn乫t have made sense if it didn乫t have images to backup its facts. According to Moz, this article reached a score of 100- which is the maximum score for social sharing and link activity.




Write in-depth articles

Most content which is published (approx. 85% to Buzzsumo乫s report) is less than 1,000 words but the content which is over 1,000 words get more number of shares. There are plenty of reasons why this is.


There are plenty of opportunities to get backlinks

Reader stay on the page longer

More room to cover the subject thoroughly

There are plenty of sources for quotes

You can take a look at the most popular blogs and websites today. You will find that the content is over 1,000 words.


Quick Sprout

Copy Hackers


The Daily Egg (Crazy Egg乫s blog)

Most of the businesses create the content sticking to a common methodology 乬quantity over quality乭 which means that more quantity will generate more leads. So, if you want to engage readers as you want to build your email list or want to drive traffic to your website- longer content is your best bet.


A Quick look at the checklist for engaging content


Write interesting articles

Use shorter sentences

Tell a story

Use visual aids

Write long articles

Hope you乫d like this article, if you are any different ways on how to write engaging blog content, feel free to mention in the comment section.


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How To Reach Out To Millennials via Influencer Marketing

By Prabakaran - April 27, 20171507          0


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Who are Millennials?

Millennials are people who fall between the age of 18-34 years. These young, globally immersed, digital natives have a strong penchant to express opinions on social media, and have relatively higher consumer purchasing power than the generations preceding them. They are early adopters when it comes to gadgets, technologies, trends, and are willing to experiment with those.  A lot of these millennials have become influencers on social network platforms like Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, Vine, etc. As social media influencers, these real world celebrities it big as they are funny, able to reach youth, is young and beautiful.


Interesting Facts About Millennials

Millennials are always on their smartphones – nothing new here. They have, on average, 7.7 connected devices and use 3.3 every day.

30% of Millennials have done their grocery shopping online.

28% of Millennials watch original programming mostly on their mobile phones and laptops.

43% have liked more than 20 brands on Facebook. [Mr Youth]

77% have participated in loyalty reward programs. [Aimia]

By 2018, Millennials will have the most spending power than any generation. [Bazaar]

80% of Millennials want brands to entertain them. [HireInfluence]

Millennials are 2.5x more likely to be early adopters of technology. [HireInfluence]

Millennials engage more deeply with brands on social networks. [HireInfluence]

Marketing Trends for Millennials

Let us take a look at some of the millennial marketing trends out there:


User Generated Content: It is a great way to engage millennials and move them further down the conversion funnel, as they trust it 50% more than any type of media.

Influencer Marketing: Millennials do place more trust into social media influencers. 60% of millennials have said that they would buy a product which has been suggested by a YouTube influencer.

Live Streaming: Live video is exploding for Millennials. Facebook has also jumped to fray with live streaming feature which is available to everyone.

Mobile First: Millennials are the mobile generation, especially when an overwhelming 87% have their phones by their side every second of the day.

Why Influencer Marketing is so effective with millennials?


It is one of the best ways to gain the attention of millennials and woo them with your products and services. Influencers have the ability to talk to millennials like they are one of them. The recommendations from influencers are highly trusted compared to those that come straight from brands.


Therefore, the most important part in executing an influencer marketing campaign is to choose your influencers wisely. They should be expert in the subject and willing to engage with the target group. So, collaborating with social media influencers and bloggers to target millennials is an area with huge potential for marketers particularly in industries like beauty and fashion, travel, gadgets, lifestyle and luxury, and more.


By letting influencers experience and experiment with your product or services and letting them talk about it, you can leverage their current audiences and reach your ideal customers.


92% of consumers rely on referrals from people they know over anything else when making purchases – and every time you have a doubt on the effectiveness of influencer marketing, just remind yourself of this statistic.


How to Approach Influencers?


If you want your product to get featured in some post from a blogger or a social media celebrity, one of the simplest method is to ask. Most of the influencers publicly provide their contact information in their profiles and are open to promote products.


The key to successful influencer marketing is to find influencers whose audience is similar to your target audience. It might look easy, but reaching out to influencers with proper homework is critical to convince them to associate with your brand, hence make sure you do extensive research to understand who will work best for you and what乫s in it for them. 


Let us look at a few examples of how some leading brands across the world have worked with Teni Panosian, who is a YouTube beauty guru, to engage their audience.






Teni was contacted by Target to select plaid clothing items from their store to create a lookbook video around it. Lookbooks are popular types of YouTube content, so it乫s a delicate way to promote its products.






For this video, Teni was flown to the Bahamas by Benefit Cosmetics and asked to document her adventures. This type of content shows the lifestyle that brand is trying to sell to its customers.


Old Navy


The next example is about how Old Navy used a social media influencer Meghan Rienks, she appears in a series of promotional posts on YouTube, Instagram and Twitter. In videos , Rienks shows fans how to style outfits for different occasions using the pieces from Old Navy.


She is known for her lifestyle content and comedy sketches, has formidable  following on social media, with more than 1.3 million followers on Instagram and over 2 million subscribers on her YouTube channel.





Another example you can notice is when hallmark promoted their holiday 2016 collection of keepsake ornaments. They partnered with number of friendly Instagram influencers to share their tender moments from their families holiday season.


With the help of the hashtag #KeepsakeIt, the influencers used this hashtag to catch glimpses to their family holiday traditions, along with a link for the users to purchase one of their own keepsake ornaments.




Influencer marketing is a proven way to build relationships and communicate with Millennials. The better your understanding of how millennials use social media, the more you would be able to leverage influencer marketing. Did you find value in this post? Please leave a comment below.


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Brands and Instagram Influencers warned by the FTC

By Prabakaran - April 28, 2017722            0


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The Federal Trade Commission has begun cracking down on content from social media influencers whose posts aren乫t clearly recognizable as advertising. On, Wednesday the FTC revealed that it had sent 90 letters to influencers and their brand partners which clarified the guidelines for sponsored posts. Previously, the FTC had stated that anyone having a 乬material connection乭 to an advertiser needed to make that connection clear. But because terms have not been defined well, some sponsored posts have skirted the line, adhering to the letter, but not the guidelines.




Source: Campaignlive


So now, using unclear hashtags like #sp or #spon to indicate sponsored content does not meet the requirements and is not enough as consumers might not understand. Neither should the disclosures be hidden within strings of ignored hashtags nor should these disclosures be such that the viewers viewer requires to click to see the whole content of the post before they appear. On Instagram, the disclosures need to be in the first three lines of a post.



Source: Campaignlive


The relationship between influencers and brands leaves adherence to guidelines in the hands of the influencers, not brands. Influencers write and post the sponsored content, so it falls to brands and agencies to make sure that the people they pay to promote their products also take care of guidelines while making sure that the brand has acted in good faith.


Some agencies which work with influencers agree that 乬the role of influencers is to support and to amplify traditional marketing. Yes, branded posts are less obvious to the common consumer but if the content is of high-quality and relevance, then the caption is not significant乭 said Brian Salzman, founder of relationship-marketing agency RQ.


The FTC letters don乫t have any penalties for failure to comply, but the regulations have forced companies to change their business practices as did Warner Bros. in the previous year.


Even the threat of legal action can prompt influencers to shape up. Let乫s take an example: In July 2016, Kylie Jenner changed her Instagram post to make it clear that an Airbnb stay she praised on social media had been a gift from the company. The original post read 乬thanks for the birthday home @airbnb,乭 while the updated post now reads 乬thanks for the gift of a lovely birthday home, @airbnb.乭



Source: Campaignlive


Some influencers might think of ignoring guideline as more beneficial. The FTC乫s civil fines is $40,000, but Instagram accounts which have 3 and 7 million followers can easily make $75,000 for a single post. It means that influencers who have less following and are able to make only $1,000 for a post or receive a product in exchange for a positive review are in danger of bearing the brunt of the regulations. 




In the end, the ones to blame are the brands which work with influencers and not the influencers themselves while responsible companies have already been meeting the requirements of the guidelines.


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What Brands Can Grasp From Facebook乫s Approach on VR, AI and mind-reading

By Prabakaran - May 2, 2017776               0


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Facebook has recently revealed its intentions on chatbots on Facebook messenger 2.0. They are taking on virtual reality social platform, competing with Snapchat that already uses AR filters, while also taking on hearing impairment via haptic feedback and facing Slack with Facebook Workplaces.


The big revelation: Facebook wants to read your mind! One can see that Facebook has dived all the hyped technologies such as: artificial intelligence, augmented and virtual reality. And they have decided to go after all of this simultaneously.


It is a strong strategy.


So what should brands do in response?


Change in consumer-brand interactions


Social media has transformed the way we communicate with each other and with brands. What Facebook is hoping with this announcement is that they can repeat their original penetration in new and emerging spaces and easily dominate them.


But for marketers the question remains that: how will these technologies change the way the consumer interact with brands?


Facebook乫s investment in brain-computer interfaces has massive potential due to new forms of communication. While we haven乫t seen most of it, but to create a seamless connection between machine and human will have benefits for brands in near future. If getting information about a project is as easy as thinking about it, then marketing campaigns will have even a greater impact.


When one takes a look at the Discover tab for Facebook messenger, one can see that Facebook is expanding its chatbot and third-party app integrations to cover the earlier stages in consumer-buying cycle.




Source: Techcrunch


Till now, bots and apps have focused on consumers who are actively considering a purchase – you have to seek out the brand in order to interact with it. Discover乫s launch allows Facebook to suggest branded bots and apps to those who haven't had any interactions with the brand. This point of engagement hasn乫t existed till now, but with meaningful benefits for the brands to interact with customers in a way that they have potential to navigate them to purchase in app.


How build-up can turn technology sour


Unfortunately, publicity over an emerging tech has been a consistent disappointment. However, in the case of virtual reality it is slowly getting there but only when it is implemented well. Facebook Spaces could easily transform online social interaction, turning social networks to immersive space for interactions. And if you go by the sales of HTC Vive and Oculus, people are not willing to take risk.


Artificial Intelligence has one of the worst faring platforms when it comes to the hype. It can be seen as a promising development for technology to have Facebook incorporate its strategy into its 1 billion users through Facebook Messenger platform. It can be seen as a gamble when the technology is in its nacent phase and can stall in growth if chatbots cannot be used quickly.


Brands which are tempted to jump on the bandwagon need to do so with caution and have a clear strategy before doing it. Facebook is willing to take a gamble with these technologies in the hope of dominating their emergence. But it is  ultimately considered a gamble and brands should watch all the developments with a keen eye. They would be wise to avoid wandering into this blindly.




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Brands and Instagram Influencers warned by the FTC

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Prabakaran is the CTO and Co-Founder of Qoruz, India乫s leading influencer marketing intelligence platform and the latest offering from TeraReach. TeraReach is India乫s leading influencer marketing agency based out of New Delhi.










Qoruz Spotlight

Influencer Spotlight: Megha Jain

By Megha Shireen - May 2, 20171343 1

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1Briefly tell us about yourself. (Credentials, profession, social media channels)

Lifestyle Photographer who Loves to document Love. Couple sessions, Weddings, Maternity, New-Born, Kids, Family & Portraits is what I enjoy working on the most. Also, in between all this, I blog about the books I read, the fabulous food and personal Travel experiences. Connect with Sunflare Arthouse on (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)


2Tell us about your 乪influencer story乫. (How did it start and what has been your experience)

Life has been an exciting journey for me and I am enjoying every minute along the ups and downs of the road. I love the idea to capture a gorgeous moment and make something that lasts forever! It also thrills me when I'm able to touch someone's life, make a happy moment for them even if it is in the tiny simple way! Blogging came along because I love to write. Writing and photography are two mediums of memory making and I guess I am a memory hoarder hence love doing both - this leads me here.


3What brands have you collaborated with? Any particular campaigns that you乫ve most enjoyed.

I have been blogging for a long time and then started sharing the stories of people I photographed and the couples I worked with during my life as a professional photographer. My most memorable have to be the book review with Bloomsbury Publishing which was special for so many reasons and will remain on top!


4What are your favourite brands on social media?

For obvious reasons, the favourite brands on Social Media are the brands I have been involved with and have worked around.


5Which social media platform do you think will be the biggest marketing tool in 2017 and why do you think so?

Even with a massive reach drop out leading to major disappointment almost everyone - Instagram will remain on top. Simply because in a fast paced life, people don't want to click anywhere else and get all the updates in on one platform.


6What乫s your opinion on paid influencer campaigns vs gratification based campaigns? (Branded experiences, Freebies, Advocacy Rewards Program etc.)

In my opinion, paid influence campaigns are what I focus on - by that I mean I really go through what I am promoting and do so only when I genuinely like it. Working extra time for a brand in exchange for a product doesn't do any justice to the hour's anyone is putting behind it. One can always buy what they like, what's the benefit to hoarding on the things one doesn't want and in return spend time working hard to make a campaign come to life. That's unfair in so many ways!


7What乫s your viewpoint on brands collaborating with influencers to improve their reputation and advocacy with consumers?

That's a fantastic marketing approach. I speak for myself here, I am an influencer to people following me who I have worked with and a majorly their friends and family who loved the work I have done. Anything that goes up on social media leaves a lasting impact. Any post - be it Travel, Food, Books, Makeup haul, Camera equipment or any shout out really - leaves an impact and follows up with a lot of inquiries which I take time to respond. I collaborate with budding artist to help them reach out.




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Influencer Marketing is Increasing Faster Than Digital Ads

By Prabakaran - May 3, 2017871               0


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Influencer marketing is not a new trend just like digital ads weren乫t a game changer (which overcome billboards, print ads and other forms of offline banners much later on).


Brands have been utilizing industry leaders and influencers in order to promote their services and products for quite some time- perhaps even longer than the time digital ads existed.


You can take example of Cristiano Ronaldo乫s contract with popular brand, Nike. In 2016, he has generated $500M in value for Nike.




"Ronaldo posted 1,703 times overall on social media in 2016. Those posts generated 2.25 billion social interactions (likes, comments, shares, retweets and views on videos), per Hookit. Nike was referenced or its logo visible in a photo or video in 347 of the posts, which had 477 million interactions. Hookit乫s methodology looks at promotion type and quality, as well as interactions and market-driven rates. The result: $499.6 million for Nike in media value from Ronaldo乫s posts."


So, what is the reason that influencer marketing is superior in comparison to digital ads?


Increase in the use of Adblockers

According to IAB, 26% of desktop users use ad blockers to remove ads. So, this limits a quarter of the website乫s users from seeing advertisements, which reduce conversion rates.


Online platform Medium, has abandoned ads altogether, even though could have adopted strategies which might have increased conversion rates and decreased dissatisfaction levels of readers stumbling across a tonne of ads.


Focused Customer Targeting

A common approach by big brands is supporting larger outlets which cover various stories of different audiences. This includes magazines that employ plenty of contributors sharing stories for different industries, as well as global ad networks such as Google Adwords.


Utilizing Different Channels


Most publications focused on digital ads which cover only a banner placement within the website itself.


But what about offline events, social networks or other mediums which gather people with various preferences ?


Influencer marketing utilizes the visibility of the influencer in different manners:


Video marketing on YouTube

Interviews and other forms of PR

Live video streaming and interactivity with crowd

Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook posts

This added exposure has immense value for the promoted brand and can also attract people who don乫t follow the flow of traditional buying.


Rise of Micro-to-Middle Influencers

The benefit of Influencer marketing trend is that it develops two different areas which are: willingness of brands to rely on influencers and the purpose of industry leaders to increase their authority and exposure.


This makes it possible for the smaller brands to rely on power-middle and micro influencers who are not famous worldwide but still have decent number of followers and fans willing to listen to what they have to say and rely on their opinions.


Conversational Model

One of the drawbacks of digital ads is the lack of dialog. Influencers can be reached out to and can elaborate on their choice of preferred brand that they advertise. You can easily find them at conferences, email them, on Twitter or interact in their blog. You can also ask follow-up questions about the advertised business and see whether the business fits you.


Users trust other users

As a B2B transaction isn乫t just a deal between two businesses, but one involving mutual trust, selling services and products to consumers also converts better with a trusted figure.


Digital ads rely on a media outlet promoting one乫s services. Influencers on the other hand, tend to promote brands that they are willing to connect to and attach their name to them.


In addition to all the points mentioned above, influencer marketing can be boosted through content marketing and various promotions while also providing better analytics and tracking across different platforms.


If you are eager to learn about influencer marketing then read: The complete Guide: Influencer Marketing.


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Qoruz Spotlight

Influencer Spotlight: Bharti Puri

By Vidhi Bansal - May 4, 2017873 0

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1Briefly, tell us about yourself. (Credentials, profession, social media channels)

Hi, my name is Bharti Puri and I'm a full-time Indian beauty blogger and YouTuber. I'm 26yrs old and I'm based in Delhi NCR area. my blog is, I'm a self-taught makeup artist and I love to talk about beauty, fashion and whatever new I find, I love to share it with my readers. Connect with CrazyPopLock on (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter).


2Tell us about your 乪influencer story乫. (How did it start and what has been your experience)

I was always into beauty/makeup and back in 2010, I discovered that people actually blog about makeup and I really loved that. That inspired me to start my own blog in late 2010 and slowly I ended up building up my readership. Just recently I started blogging full time and I love what I do. I'm always trying to improve and I believe in delivering quality in a presentation for my readers who enjoy makeup and beauty as much as I do.


3What brands have you collaborated with? Any particular campaigns that you乫ve most enjoyed.

In the past, I have collaborated with brands like Dabur, Loreal,, Himalaya Herbals, MAC, The Body Shop, Innisfree. I've really enjoyed working with brands like Himalaya Herbals and The Body Shop.


4What are your favourite brands on social media?

My favourite brands on social media would have to be beauty brands like the @paccosmetics, @thebodyshopindia, @hudabeauty because they deliver good quality content for their followers on Instagram. In the end I believe image really matters and posting good quality content really attracts the right kind of people who are into that as well.


5Which social media platform do you think will be the biggest marketing tool in 2017 and why do you think so?

In India I feel Instagram is still is a very big thing and I feel for the future Instagram will still play a big roll for marketing because Instagram is a very user-friendly social media app, its not complicated.


6What乫s your opinion on paid influencer campaigns vs gratification based campaigns? (Branded experiences, Freebies, Advocacy Rewards Program etc.)

Most of the time freebies doesn't work in the long run. If the brand is really serious about working with influencers I would suggest to come up with a good campaign and budget. In the end its a job from both the sides. Personally, I'm not a fan of freebies/barter deals because its useless for me and if I get offered that, I would simply reject the freebie offer.


7What乫s your viewpoint on brands collaborating with influencers to improve their reputation and advocacy with consumers?

Communication really helps, if the brand wants to know anything regarding how to collaborate, the terms and conditions and to learn more, one can always ask. Educating oneself regarding the importance of hiring an influencer, working with one by just searching on the internet would really help as well. In the end, influencers are like just any group of the community which is connected to each other and they help in spreading the word depending on there and the brand's vision.


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Top 10 Travel Bloggers in India

By Sayan - May 8, 20173988        3


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We all love to travel, but there are some who are very passionate about it while making it a core part of their career and life. For all travel lovers out there, we have compiled a list of top 10 travel bloggers in India. Get the complete information from people who have first-hand experience of visiting the most sought-after holiday destinations, where to stay and where to eat according to your budget. These travelers can make your holiday an experience of a lifetime with the help of their detailed journey schedules.


10 Kunzum – Ajay Jain


This blog has served as an important guide for travellers planning journeys in India. Kunzum is a high altitude pass in the Lahaul Spiti region of Himachal Pradesh which was the inspiration behind the blog. Ajay has a unique style of writing which has won him many followers.


9Lakshmi Sharath – Lakshmi Sharath


You will find nation-wise and state-wise account of Lakshmi Sharath which focuses more on Indian villages. Get to know more about the cultures of your hinterlands in your own country through her well written blog. Her blog has also been featured in many dailies. So, get inspired and check the places for yourself.


8Travelling Slacker – Jitaditya Narzary


The blog has everything what you need in a travel blog. If you are looking for Traveller FAQS, Decoding Delhi and Only Photographs, then this blog is for you, his travelogues are very popular with fans. 


7Indi Tales – Anuradha Goyal


If you love walking, then you will love these posts by Anuradha Goyal on her blog. The blog will take you through streets while experiencing the social image of India. You can also have a peek into the hotel reviews she visited on her trips.


6Be On the Road – Sankara


If there is one blog which offers all the information on travelling, then it is 乪Be on the Road乫 by Sankara. His list of travel tips will help you with your checklist, stay fit on your trip, book cheap flights, get tips on capturing beautiful pictures and much more. There is an 乪Incredible India乫 section on the blog which lists all top holiday types such as motorcycling, honeymoon destinations, monsoon vacations, food trails, etc. You can also find a section which is devoted to videos and pictures and will give you an idea of your journey.


5Desi Traveler – Prasad Np


If you aim is to find the most visited destinations which can be explored with families around India, then you must visit this blog by Prasad Np. You can get all the advice you need on travelling to locales such as UK, US, Thailand, Hong Kong and Switzerland from his blog. You will get an insight on holy temples of India.


4Travels Tales From India – Mridula Dwivedi


You will be welcomed by a collection of beautiful images from various corners of India. The blog captures the core of the country and also some foreign lands in a unique manner. She takes you through an unforgettable journey as she talks about her travel experiences.  Her blog has been mentioned in the likes of The Guardian and BBC .She also offers plenty of hotel reviews that can help you decide the perfect place for your journey. You will find a separate section for adventure enthusiasts. You can also find all transport data on Indian Railways, air and buses to your preferred destination for supreme convenience.


3The Tales of a Traveler – Sam & Swati


This blog is one of the most followed bloggers in India. In the blog you will find best of food finds, luxury stay, weekend getways, travel tips, offbeat locations, restaurant reviews to plan your vacations. You will also find a menu tab called 乪travel tips乫 in which you can access helpful tips for travelers such as tourist visa for Indians, travel ideas, etc.


2The Wanderer – Siddharth Joshi


This blog talks about culture, architecture, street food and also captures the soul of places across the globe. You can also easily check out the detailed review of hotels, coffee shops and restaurants with pictures that will make your travel easier. You can also find travel tech related posts.


1The Shooting Star – Shivya Nath


Solo travelers can learn a thing or two from her blog and her tips are trustworthy to say the least.In her blog you can read about living in chocolate farms of Costa Rica to hitch-hiking tour of Romania. She has also been voted as the best Indian travel blogger by Vogue India in 2015. She has also been featured on various leading channels and publications like Times of India, NDTV, BBC Travel, etc. In her blog the 乪My Travels乫乫 section provides continent-wise stories with some breath-taking pictures.


If you like this article then you can share this information or if you are having any other travel blogger which we missed. Do mention it in the comments section.




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Influencer Spotlight: Apurva Saxena

By Vidhi Bansal - May 9, 2017959 0

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1Briefly, tell us about yourself. (Credentials, profession, social media channels)

Hey! My name is Apurva Saxena. I am from Delhi and I'm a Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger and an independent entrepreneur. Connect with Kalapalette on (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter).


2Tell us about your 乪influencer story乫. (How did it start and what has been your experience)

Mine has been a roller coaster ride. I started off as a 3D animator, switched to Graphic Designing and over boredom started surfing through various international blogs. 7 years back, blogging was purely about sharing personal experiences via blogs, hence, use to read a lot of blog 'articles' and soak in the inspiration. One day, being very bored, I thought of logging-in Blogspot and start my blog. Psst.. The first name of my blog was ' Cheese and Berries' but I changed it to Kalapalette.


3What brands have you collaborated with? Any particular campaigns that you乫ve most enjoyed.

United Colours of Benetton, FCUK, Tissot, French Connection, Accor Hotels, PUMA, H&M, etc. Most memorable one has to be working for & with Allen Solly as a part of their seasonal lookbook model. #Bliss


4What are your favourite brands on social media?

Luxury - Chanel, Ferragamo, Miu Miu, Nyx, Mac & Victoria Beckham. Indian - Vajor, Tjori, H&M, Zara, etc.


5Which social media platform do you think will be the biggest marketing tool in 2017 and why do you think so?

Instagram has become a rage. It's a conflicting platform where the debate is between selling fake audience with limited ROI VS Genuine content which hyperlinks to an old-style blog post with more definition and details.


6What乫s your opinion on paid influencer campaigns vs gratification based campaigns? (Branded experiences, Freebies, Advocacy Rewards Program etc.)

Paid influencer campaign is a great way of making bloggers blog and promote the brand in the best possible manner, without having to worry about their bread & butter. As long as the inputs by the influencer are genuine and non-spammy, it's a win-win situation. Gratification can be considered as an add-on for the influencer to get a first-hand experience of the product/service in question.


7What乫s your viewpoint on brands collaborating with influencers to improve their reputation and advocacy with consumers?

It's a great way of reaching out the wider audience now that even print media is investing more on digital space.


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8 Easy Ways to Growth Hack Your SEO and Rank Higher on Google

By Pavan Belagatti - May 11, 20172276   0


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You own a website for your business, and your next goal is to optimize your pages for search engines, we call it Search Engine Optimization (SEO), so they show up on search results and your target audience visit your website. Targeted traffic is what you should be looking for at this point and how do you do it is what matters the most?



Ultimately, your pages should engage your visitors and convert them into leads. Creating awareness through your content is what sparks the initial interaction with your website. The visitor should not just bounce out of the page in just seconds after his visit, if this happens, it means you are not creating engaging content.




How Do You Go Ahead with This Seo Process?

Do you just follow a particular set of guidelines to optimize your pages or do a competitor analysis to see what competitors are doing and follow the same? OK, let me tell you one thing, if you are thinking of following any of the above, you are just like following the crowd, why? Because that乫s what mass does and you are nowhere unique. If you want reliable results, you need to think different and rest of the crowd.


When you want your target audience to visit your website, organic traffic is the primary source through which you generate a lot of traffic and this to happen, your site should be search engine optimized. How does search engine optimization start?


It all starts with 乪Keyword Research.乫 Your SEO starts with keywords that resonate with your target audience and get good CTR.




The Process of Search Engine Optimization

It all starts with finding the best keywords for your business, and this is what you call 乪keyword research.乫 You start analyzing your best possible keywords from different sources and tools.


You need to have some prerequisites to get started with SEO.


You must have the basic understanding of SEO, terminologies, know the goal of SEO

Google analytics enabled on your website

Search console enabled on your site and make sure you have connected both Google analytics and search console with each other

Let us consider that you have your website from last one year with the prerequisites mentioned above.


Note: You need to link both Google analytics and search console to see a detailed search queries to view and keywords analytics (Just stressing on this point more since it is important.


SEO Practical Case Study

Step 1: Observe the queries

Check out through which queries visitors are landing on your page already and make a list. This data you can see from your Google search console




Step 2: Focus on your profitable keywords

Now, you have keywords with high CTR. Next step is to focus on the first 5-6 profitable keywords that are in line with your business.


Take for example, for my website; these are the top profitable keywords


Growth hacking startups

Social media growth hacks

Guest posting growth hacks and tricks

SEO growth hacks

Youtube growth hacks

Step 3: Analyse the status of these profitable keywords on your website

Use this tool, 乪Keyword Density Checker乫 to see if you are currently using these profitable keywords (keywords with high CTR) on your website prominently.




Now, you have an idea of your top keywords through this tool, these are the keywords you have mentioned/used a lot of times on your website, but you need to make sure these keywords match your high CTR keywords. Next step is to include your strong keywords (high CTR keywords) in the tag cloud and top keywords list.


Step 4: Create separate pages for your profitable keywords

Create a page for each profitable keyword you have chosen already:


You must make sure these pages follow on page SEO checklist,


Title tag


Meta keywords

H1, H2 tags

Anchor text

Inbound and outbound links

Page speed and responsiveness

On-Page SEO is crucial and makes sure you follow each element.


You can make sure what to fix and what not by using this tool, 乪SEO Site Checkup,乫 this tool will show you the SEO issues you need to fix on your pages. Always make sure your SEO score is more than 85% as demonstrated by this tool.




Check out these examples of how these brands are killing it by creating separate pages for their relevant keywords,


Marketo has done it wisely,




Smart Insights has done it well,




Udemy has done it,




Step 5: Start producing a lot of content around your profitable keywords

Start creating blogs around those keywords (profitable keywords)


Just creating pages will not do, the pages serve as static content since you don乫t change the content on those pages on regular intervals (you might do some modifications here and there). You need to write articles and publish them on your blog.


Use can use this tool, Co-schedule乫s headline analyzer to analyze your title.


Step 6: Submit your pages and articles through Google console

Once you create pages and keywords, you make sure you are submitting them to index on Google through this 乪fetch as Google乫 option on search console.




Step 7: Do off page SEO

It is the time for you to do off page SEO. Some strong tasks you need to take care are listed below,


Start creating a strong online presence through social media marketing

Submit your company URL to different social bookmarking and directories

Start link building by sharing articles talking about your brand on other websites with high domain authority (with do follow). It can be a press release, product launch news, features introduction, product comparison with others, etc

Sprinklr submitted a press release on Forbes,




How did Ello do it? Stressing more on the functionality and unique quality,




Once you create enough buzz and see initial traction, this is the time you should create some high-quality E-Books, Whitepapers, PDFs, Infographics, PPTs and attach them as a CTR at the end of your blog and ask people to download for free. Free stuff gets a lot of shares, and this gives Google a signal/hint to rank it higher since the CTR is high.


Vital Design does it in a right way,




Smart insights does it cool,




Step 8: Have patience

Patience, Yes. Patience is the key to SEO. You can乫t see your results in a day or two. SEO results take time. Google indexes millions of pages every day and you cracking the code takes some time but believe me, this is worth the wait to reap enormous benefits later.


These are eight practical approaches that I followed and saw good results, check out how my website ranks for some popular keywords that are in line with what I do (growth hacking).


Results time:

Note: These results shown below are taking 乪India乫 as the location and the results might vary depending on your browser location.


My article 乪growth hacking tricks for startups乫 ranks on the first page of Google.




I rank on just 2nd page for 乪YouTube growth hacks乫




My article lists on the first page for the keyword 乪SEO growth hacks.




Ultimately, patience is the key. I saw the results after three months of hard work and hustle. Do your job and wait for it, you will see the results definitely. You can follow these proven steps and start ranking for your keywords. Come on, Let乫s rank higher on Google.


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Influencer Spotlight: Rajshri Foods

By Megha Shireen - April 25, 2017667 0

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1Briefly, tell us about yourself. (Credentials, profession, social media channels)

I am the Creative Head for Non -Fiction Content Production at Rajshri Entertainment. RajshriFood, GetCurried, Swaad Anusaar, MindBodySoul, RuchkarMejwani. Connect with Rajshri Foods on (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)


2Tell us about your 乪influencer story乫. (How did it start and what has been your experience)

It started in 2012. Rajshri was one of the early movers into original content production for web. Rajshri Food was started in late 2012, showcasing simple recipes with Chef Ruchi Bharani. In January 2014 I was given the responsibility of expanding Rajshri's content production and since then we have added 4 more channels (producing original content for web). Now we work with close to 10 to 12 food & health experts. Quality & consistency over quantity has been my motto.


3What brands have you collaborated with? Any particular campaigns that you乫ve most enjoyed.

Bajaj Electricals, Tata Sampann & Bosch Appliances. Each of these campaigns have been creatively satisfying and has taught us a lot.


4What are your favourite brands on social media?

Apart from our own brands, I am a big fan of TVF. Buzzfeedvideo is also doing an amazing job.


5Which social media platform do you think will be the biggest marketing tool in 2017 and why do you think so?

Both Facebook & Twitter will continue to dominate as the go to platforms for marketing.


6What乫s your opinion on paid influencer campaigns vs gratification based campaigns? (Branded experiences, Freebies, Advocacy Rewards Program etc.)

Viewers have become very smart. They can easily spot when an influencer is a sell out, so any brand advocating campaign must strive to be transparent & credible.


7What乫s your viewpoint on brands collaborating with influencers to improve their reputation and advocacy with consumers?

It is great to create initial awareness. But this will have long term significance for the brand, the influencer and the consumer only if the product in question truly works or achieves its objectives.




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Amazon has launched its influencer marketing program and here乫s what you need to know about it

By Prabakaran - April 21, 2017725            0


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Social media influencers such as YouTube stars or Instagram celebs have been promoting products and services through their social media profiles, and have either monetized this 乪service乫 via affiliate sales or doing it as a part of their brand associations and affiliations. The boom in influencer marketing has prompted many traditional, digital, as well as specialized agencies to venture into this business. Now, global e-commerce giant Amazon has also ventured into this field. The company recently launched the 乬Amazon Influencer Program乭 which as of now is in the beta testing phase.


Introduction To Amazon Influencer Program

The service will work similarly to Amazon Affiliate program, and influencers who are a part of the program will earn commission based on the product sold. The program is currently being tested on an invite-only platform and is not open to the public.


One of the key features that differentiates Amazon乫s latest venture Amazon Affiliates is its exclusivity factor. While in the case of Amazon Affiliates, anybody can sign up to become an affiliate and build shopping ads and links which they can use on their blog or website. When readers click on those ads and buy the subsequent product, the affiliates receive a variable commission on the sale.


The process of enrollment is not so straight forward for the Amazon Influencer program.Here, influencers must fill out an application to be considered for inclusion.




Source: Techcrunch


According to the details section on Amazon website, only influencers who have huge number of following will be accepted, at least during the pilot phase. Additionally, Amazon would also consider other metrics such as fan engagement on the posts across different social media channels, the quality of content, and the level of relevancy for Amazon.


Once inducted into the program, the influencers would be given a unique URL on Amazon乫s domain. Shoppers will be able to browse through the selection of products that has been recommended by a particular influencer. Influencers can also share their unique Amazon Influencer URL on various social media platforms.


Amazon has not yet revealed any information on whether influencers would receive higher commissions than affiliates.


Here乫s an example to help you understand how it all works:


WhatsUpMoms, one of the most popular parenting channels on YouTube, can put up the URL to their Amazon shop in their video descriptions, in the format:




Source: YouTube


Once a visitor on the blog clicks on this link, they would be redirected to a page on the Amazon website that will feature thumbnail images, descriptions, and other details of the products that have been recommended by the influencer.


The advantage here is that Amazon doesn乫t interfere with influencers乫 choice on what products they would like to recommend. Also, brands cannot use Amazon Influencer platform to reach out to these influencers.


How to apply for an invitation for Amazon Influencer Program?

Fill the URLs of your social media accounts in Amazon乫s Public Profile Page settings

Verify your email address in Amazon乫s Account Settings

Click on this link if you are interested in Amazon Influencer Program

How to know if you have qualified as an 乬Influencer乭 according to Amazon?

Amazon is reviewing all the requests made and would be reaching out to selected influencers.



It乫s still early days for Amazon乫s latest platform offering, and it will take a while before we get further information on the customer response to these curated pages and their impact on sales for Amazon. As of date, only a small group of influencers have joined.


Have something to say on this? Share your views in the comment section.


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QoruzInflugraphics乫: India乫s Most Influential Politicians

By Varun Tyagi - April 19, 20171516 0

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At Qoruz, we are always excited about how the online world influences and reshapes our real world. That乫s why, when we are not busy wracking our brains on how to make Qoruz the smartest influencer marketing platform in the world, we are instead focusing our nerd skills on decoding the 乪oh-so-complex-yet-it-makes-total-sense乫 equations of online social influence.


The outcomes of the recent Assembly elections in India and the visible emergence of a Narendra Modi-led BJP wave in the country attracted our attention and got us curious enough to ask ourselves – 乬Does the online influence of a political leader really shape the political landscape of the country? If yes, how much impact could it have?乭


Well, the answer is –yes it does. And the impact is significant, to say the least. Our study involved analyzing the Twitter profiles of political leaders to see which ones were exerting the most influence on Twitter power users. In short, we wanted to see which political leaders are India乫s Twitter super influencers, and what it means for their political success. Check out this infographic to see the results of our study.




Methodology: As a part of this research, we analyzed 500-1000 tweets of the top 50,000 Twitter influencers in India, specifically in a political context. These influencers are the most powerful Twitter users in India and were selected basis their follower count and audience engagement figures.


Next, we mapped the influencers to the political leaders they follow and most often engage with on Twitter, and analyzed their tweets to extract information. All the information presented in the infographic has been sourced from public profile data on Twitter.


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Influencer Spotlight: June Biswas

By Megha Shireen - April 18, 2017736 0

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1Briefly, tell us about yourself. (Credentials, profession, social media channels)

I am from an army background and have lived in various parts of the country. I have an MBA in marketing and have a full time day job where I work as a data analyst. I am also a fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger and have been blogging for a decade now! My blog has a large number of readers from all around the world and I have been featured in various international and domestic magazines and newspapers.


2Tell us about your 乪influencer story乫. (How did it start and what has been your experience)

Since I have always been very passionate about fashion and writing, I started a blog back in 2007. Blogging has been a wonderful experience and journey for me. I have been featured in many publications, made many blogger friends around the world and worked with various famous brands. I also won a blogging contest which got me an all expenses paid trip to Dubai!


3What brands have you collaborated with? Any particular campaigns that you乫ve most enjoyed.

I've worked with a wide range of brands like L'Oreal, Schwarzkopf, Kiehl's, French Connection, Calvin Klein Jeans, Hard Rock Cafe, Double Tree by Hilton, Flipkart, Myntra, Moroccanoil, Chili's, Neutrogena and many more.


4What are your favourite brands on social media?

Free People, Nasty Gal, For Love and Lemons, Revolve.


5Which social media platform do you think will be the biggest marketing tool in 2017 and why do you think so?

I think Instagram is going to continue as a space for advertising through influencers though I personally feel that Facebook and blogs have a higher impact on readers.


6What乫s your opinion on paid influencer campaigns vs gratification based campaigns? (Branded experiences, Freebies, Advocacy Rewards Program etc.)

I think both are equally great. Sometimes an experience is absolutely necessary when it comes to a product review or a restaurant review so gratification based campaigns are the ones where you truly express what you feel. In case of paid campaigns, it's kind of a known fact that you will always end up writing highly positively about the brand but it works as it's a win-win situation for both parties.


7What乫s your viewpoint on brands collaborating with influencers to improve their reputation and advocacy with consumers?

I think it's a great thing that brands collaborate with influencers. Its very easy to advertise on TV, web, print or radio but when you collaborate through an influencer there is a much bigger impact on audiences and it has a personal touch too.


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The Complete Guide: Influencer Marketing

By Prabakaran - April 17, 20171141          0


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The Complete Guide: Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is nothing new but to get maximum advantage from influencer marketing, you have to know about it in-depth. When nearly 50 fashion influencers on Instagram posted a picture of themselves in the 乬same乭 Lord & Taylor dress, it sent out a message that this dress was a must buy. And guess what ! The dress sold out in the following weekend. This is a perfect example of the power of influencer marketing.




Source: Instagram


We are more likely to buy a product if it is recommended by a friend than by an advert. Influencer marketing opens plenty of opportunities for brands to increase the reach of their content and build relationships with consumers directly.


In this post, you will learn how to get started with influencer marketing and how to build relationships with influencers.


Let乫s start.


Who is an Influencer?

WOM (word of mouth) spreads faster in social media than a fire in a dry field. Influencers are people who are active on social media; they are whom people trust.  Mainly, influencers act as a mutual connection which connects your brand to the targeted users. So, an endorsement from an influencer will boost your reach and will also drive traffic to your site. They are capable of exposing your brand to their  followers,who number in thousands, and within a minute you might start getting impressions.


Why does your brand require Influencers?

Consumers trust recommendations from a third party source than the brand itself. You don乫t trust a person in a party who talks about himself or convinces you to be his friend. However you will trust a guy if your friend vouches for him. So,basically an influencer is a mutual friend who connects your brand with targeted users.


When you connect with an influencer, not only does he bring his entire network of followers, but also sways the loyalty of their audience to a particular brand. An influencer can easily drive traffic to their site, increase your social media reach and sell your product directly through their recommendation.


As traditional outbound marketing gets out of fashion, influencer marketing is becoming an easy way to attract clients. Most of the modern day consumers are blind to billboards and deaf to commercials. They are independent and want to research a brand on their own while making their own decisions.


How do influencers do inbound marketing? Well, they generate content about your brand, they also recommend your brand to their followers, participating in conversations surrounding your brand. Thus, getting an influencer on your side before a competitor does  is an important strategy for successful content marketing.


How to identify an influencer for your brand?

Context: An influencer differs for every brand because they need to be an appropriate fit. This is an important factor when you are looking for a right influencer. For example: Justin Bieber is known as one of the most influential social media users and has millions of followers but will his tweet about your software bring any conversion? Definitely, no because girls are not interested in software. Context is the key.


Reach: We want that influencers to have a reach so that they can share the content in a manner that it can be heard. If you are selling online clothes for 乬teens乭, then a mention from Justin Bieber wouldn乫t be bad after all.


Actionability: This is an influencer乫s capability to cause action using their audience. This characteristic comes obviously when you target an audience which is in context with your brand.


Where to find your ideal influencer?

Social Media Monitoring


Social media monitoring allows the user to find influencers who talk about the niche you have outlined. For example, someone is posting about yoga aggressively but has not mentioned your website. So, it would be nice to engage with them and expose your brand.


Research Hashtags: Identify those hashtags which your influencers are using. Once you are able to find influencers which seem to be a good fit for your brand, you should organize them in Twitter list, so you can use them effectively.




Source: Kissmetrics


Google Alerts: You can set alerts for keywords to know people who are writing about the topics in your niche.




Source: Kissmetrics


Social mention: Social mention allows you to advertise your company乫s name and to find mentions on various outlets such as Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube to name a few.


The above mentioned ways are traditional methods. You can also easily find influencers with the help of Qoruz: an influencer marketing tool. In Qoruz you will get Advanced search functionality; use the search bar to find influencers which are related to your niche.




You can get to know about influencer's social reach. You will know more than their engagement and will have an access to deep insights. Check out more features.


How to build relationship with influencers?

The next step after identifying influencers is to start building relationship with them. Below are some ways through which you can build relationships with influencers.


Thank Them

Send them a quick thank you via an email. Just make sure to communicate our gratitude in a simple manner.


Think long term

Building a long term relationship means investing your time, interest and attention of the other person. Communication is key so don乫t just contact to them when you need some work.



Use your networks and share their content when required and help them build audiences and trust with you.


Over to You

Thanks for reading; I would love to continue this conversation in the comment section. If you have any tips on building relationships with influencers? Having trouble in finding influencers, You can sign up with Qoruz and discover influencers.


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Influencer Spotlight: Deepa

By Megha Shireen - April 14, 2017702 0

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1Briefly, tell us about yourself. (Credentials, profession, social media channels)

I am Deepa, blogging in the name of Madraasi – a Tamilian tales for almost 3.5 years. Started it as a healthy time pass during the first year, now it has driven me as a professional. I am proud to be a key contributor from India on WorldExpoMilano 2015. I do teach my recipes online. Got featured in few of Indian magazines - dtnext, deccanherald, Kumudam Snehidhi. Social Media Facebook Profile – Madraasi Deepa Facebook Page – Madraasi Twitter – ImMadraasi Instagram – ImMadraasi YoutubeMadraasi

2Tell us about your 乪influencer story乫. (How did it start and what has been your experience)

In my first year of blogging, I got a mail from Eastern condiments US, requesting for a product review. This is how the influencer in me came to exist. As an influencer, I strongly believe experience first and then influence. I don乫t compromise on the content/ review which will be purely based on my experience be it pros/cons.

3What brands have you collaborated with? Any particular campaigns that you乫ve most enjoyed.

I have collaborated with many brands varying from food products, restaurant reviews, home interiors, household and appliances. To name a few – Bosch, ITC Sunfeast, Eastern Condiments, Britannia, Marriott, Hyatt, Dr. Fixit, Lal Hit, ekgaon etc. I enjoy all the campaigns or reviews, as I have learned new things from each and every brand/ campaign.

4What are your favourite brands on social media?

The list would grow big... I will make is short here乧 I have been working with Bosch, ITC Sunfeast, Eastern Condiments, Britannia, Marriott, Hyatt, ekgaon etc. Love to get associated with – Vaya, Prestige, ITC Hotels, Milton.

5Which social media platform do you think will be the biggest marketing tool in 2017 and why do you think so?

My personal feeling is Instagram, by looking at the way it is evolving, 2017 might turn out to be the year of Instagram.

6What乫s your opinion on paid influencer campaigns vs gratification based campaigns? (Branded experiences, Freebies, Advocacy Rewards Program etc.)

My POV is, only if you are satisfied with the work you would be delivering the best. Be it paid campaigns or gratification based ones. Hence, I don乫t see them as two different entities.

7What乫s your viewpoint on brands collaborating with influencers to improve their reputation and advocacy with consumers?

Influencers play a vital role in improving the reputation and advocacy with customers, though brands also should identify and choose the influencers matching their needs. With the social media influences growing worldwide, influencers can create wonders.

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10 Digital Marketing Conferences That You Must Be Attending In 2017

By Varun Tyagi - April 13, 20171032         0


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If you乫re looking to amp up your digital marketing knowledge and connect with the best brains in the industry, 2017 could very well be your year. 2016 saw some really great digital marketing events, and 2017 looks to be even more exciting. With multitudes of events lined up in 2017, it could be difficult to figure out which marketing conferences should you be prioritizing. Don乫t worry, here乫s a list of the digital marketing conference worth checking out this year:-

1Hero Conf: April 18-20 (Los Angeles)


If you want to learn especially about pay-per-click marketing, then this event is for you. Make connections with the best guys in PPC business and learn how to organize your PPC campaign as which trends can help you get more conversions.

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Kirk Williams


 Impromptu #ppcchat dinner going on now at #HeroConf with @John_A_Lee et al.


11:41 PM - Apr 25, 2016


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2Marketing Nation: April 23-26 (San Francisco)


Marketing Nation乫s four-day event will provide you with knowledge you need to improve the way you deal with the customers and will get you better results from your digital marketing efforts. There would be some big names which will include previous year乫s speakers Will Smith and Arianna from Huffington, plus 6k+ marketers, which pretty much makes this a must-attend event. 


Cloud Specialists


 If you sell something you make a #customer today. If you help someone you make a customer for life @Marketo @jaybaer #MKTGNATION


1:23 AM - Nov 22, 2016


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3C2 Montreal: May 24-26 (Montreal, QC)


Much as its host city, C2 Montreal is a combination of commerce and creativity. This three-day business conference will focus on exploring the latest digital trends. The conference is designed to push its participants to think outside the box about their business. C2 Montreal guarantees to challenge the way you think about digital marketing. 

View image on Twitter

View image on Twitter


Elijah Renard


 The #garden #experience #lab begins!#C2M2016 #C2Montreal2016 #MC2


3:34 PM - May 25, 2016


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4WistiaFest: June 11-13 (Boston)


This event is organized by Wistia, and is touted as the coming together of the greatest minds in video marketing. WisitiaFest will teach you everything you wanted to know about video marketing and will also include discussions on future trends. The centre point of most discussions, however, remains to create ludicrously productive videos for your business. WistiaFest is bound to be a visual knowledge fest! 

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View image on Twitter


Enget Dang


 Great lighting techniques from @CalebWojcik. #WistiaFest #icelights


8:11 PM - Jun 7, 2016


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5MozCon: July 17-19 (Seattle)


MozCon is held by the search engine marketing powerhouse Moz. The conference is for participants willing to build up their search marketing game and learn what乫s trending in the world of SEO, community building and social media directly from the industry leaders. 


Heidi Conklin


 If you have too many internal links on a page, you dilute your authority. Cleaning it up improves authority and UX @sonofadiplomat #MozCon


11:39 PM - Sep 13, 2016


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6Content Marketing World: September 5-8 (Cleveland)


This conference is a gold mine for the content writers anywhere on the planet. Content Marketing World is focused on forthcoming content marketing trends and discussions around innovative ideas for content marketers and strategists. Content Marketing World is the melting pot of the most brilliant brains in content marketing from across the world. 


Shannah Hayley


 Trust your instincts when you think "It's such a crazy idea, it might just work." @HamillHimself #CMWorld


10:24 PM - Sep 8, 2016


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7B2B Forum: October 3-6 (Boston)


B2B Forum assures to be the knowledge hub you need to build a kickass marketing strategy. Ann Handly will take care of this conference plus it is also a once in a lifetime opportunity to network with B2B businesses across the world. This is a unique event that provides the participants with full-day workshops on various marketing related topics. 

View image on Twitter

View image on Twitter


AJ Huisman


 An anthropologist at a #B2B #Marketing Conference?! HELL YEAH!!!! What an AHHHH-mazing talk by @mwesch !! Thanks Mike .. #mpb2b


10:48 PM - Oct 20, 2016 · Boston, MA


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8RD Summit: November 2017 (Brazil)


It is the biggest marketing event in Latin America. With more than 5,000 attendees, 50 exhibitors and 120 presentations, RD Summit is the largest sales strategy and inbound marketing event of its kind. Whoever said that Brazil was all about fun!

9Dreamforce: November 6-9 (San Francisco)


Last year, Dreamforce conference attracted nearly 200,000 attendees from over 83 countries. Organized by Salesforce, Dreamforce promises to provide you with the knowledge you need to increase your marketing ROI. With over 2,000 sessions, this conference is a dream come true for every marketing and sales professional.

10Internet Summit: November 15-16 (Raleigh)


Internet Summit is a forum which brings together thought leaders in the field of digital commerce. If you are looking for pragmatic solutions, user experience strategies, and analytics tips, this is the place where you should be. You should get ready to network with world乫s leading brands such as AOL, The Onion and Facebook. Whether you are a PPC manager, SEO buff or content marketer, these conferences promise to build your knowledge bank and professional network.  Is there any marketing conference missing from this list? Share it in the comment section.

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