SEO Micro Sites –

SEO Micro Sites


Get your business found in multiple places for different search results. Ranking in search engine results involves a lot of factors, but one of the many is keyword optimization; an SEO tactic. While it can be tough enough to rank one website for one search phrase, it’s even more difficult to rank one website for 5 search phrases. So why not five websites optimized for one search phrase each?

Each additional SEO Micro Site website will look similar or identical to your current website. Each SEO Micro Site comes with four web pages completely optimized around one search phrase with the objective to rank your business. We also offer coinciding marketing and SEO plans to power your Micro Sites.

Micro Sites are a great way to drive people to both your business and your current website. If you’re interested in a Micro Site Campaign, contact us now for:

  • Micro Site Setup
  • Similar / identical text contents and setup as your current website
  • Domain name consultation
  • Advanced onsite search engine optimization
  • Search Phrase Analysis & Strategy
  • Features include 4 pages, contact forms and more
  • Tracking phone numbers can be integrated
  • 6 months Ongoing maintenance

COST: Micro Site Campaign – starting from N60,000 (Sixty Thousand Naira Only)