This advertising medium allows you to advertise, typically on the top, left and right side of the search page of Yahoo,

Bing, Google or other high traffic websites. Your ad appears whenever someone searches for designated keywords and then you pay each time someone clicks on the ad. Others appear permanently on a website as online banner adz and charged per impression. At times it has the functionality to include the actual purchase of the advertised product.

We can help you establish a pay per click advertisement at the most competitive prices you could ever get around. We will setup a pay per click campaign for your business that will drive targeted traffic to your website and dramatically improve your chances of getting leads and sales from the internet.

What’s Involved?

We will manage every aspect of your pay per click campaign including: Keyword Research, Bid Management, Ad Text Testing and Conversion Rate Optimisation.


The Rewards?

Our pay per click management campaign will without a doubt improve the amount of targeted traffic your website is receiving and should lead to you getting a lot more business from the web.


The Cost?

We can set up full service pay per click campaign for your business from as little as N50,000 per month. Please contact us if you would like more information or a proposal.

Google: Starting from $150 (N50,000)

Facebook: Starting from $50 (N20,000)

Others: Starting from $150 (N50,000)

For further inquiries, contact us via any of the contact medium below.

Pay-per-click (PPC)