OneStopAdvert is the first automated on-line buying platform for billboards. From building your campaign, creating artwork, to making payments, and monitoring campaign effectiveness we make it easy to buy and execute billboard campaigns. OneStopAdvert billboards advertising locations are situated in the most prominent positions across Nigeria interacting and engaging with over 180 million Nigerians in their vehicles and pedestrians on a daily basis.
Whether you want local coverage with one billboard location to signpost potential customers to your business or a regional coverage utilizing multiple billboard locations we can do it.

Advertise in one Town/City or multiple Towns/Cities. Advertise in one State or several States, we can achieve this through our network of billboards situated on all major arterial roads and highly populated areas across Nigeria.
Our Network gives your message and brand the opportunity to engage and interact with millions of potential customers on a daily basis.


  • All our billboards are situated in highly populated areas and main tourism destinations.
  • All our billboards are on main arterial routes into and out of Towns and Cities.
  • Different sizes and packages to suit advertisers’ budgets.
  • Our panels are in key locations along across Nigeria every month.
  • They are perfect for branding or directional campaigns.
  • Billboards within your local community and we offer the flexibility to use just one location or multiple locations, Our outdoor advertising locations give you the opportunity to promote your business to existing and future customers.

Our formats
Our extensive range of billboard advertising locations, formats and environments provide businesses and brands with vast opportunities to make an impression within their local area.