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OneStopAdvert Influencer Marketplace is a proudly Nigerian, Global Influencer and Creator Community. We arguably have one of the World’s biggest influencer marketing platform with campaigns conducted worldwide on a daily basis.

We make it easy for you to earn when you post contents daily. We bring the brands to you, so you don’t have to waste time looking for contact details and pitching ideas, so that you can focus on doing what you love and engaging your audience.

We present you opportunity to get fantastic products and services with huge discounts or even for free. Infact, we can get you mouth watering deals. In other words, you get special discounts for product or services in exchange for your posts. Take advantage of being an influencer and benefit from OneStopAdvert exclusive Deal offers.

You join campaigns you are interested in, check your rates, and get paid – all in the OneStopAdvert Simplifed Dashboard! It’s easy. You can participate in campaigns on: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Blog etc

Influencers Must Have. Gain access to our technology and discover all the possibilities it has to offer

Collaborate. Choose your favourite compaign, execute the task and publish the post on your social media profile

Withdraw. Money will be in your bank account, Bitcoin (BTC) wallet or paypal account within hours of a request for withdrawal

Register. Signup now by filling your details on the registration form at https://www.onestopadvert.com/ads/signup/influencer

Why Social Media Influencers and Creators must Join OneStopAdvert Influencer Marketplace?

  • Access to Nigerian and Global business and advertisers
  • Transparent medium of pricing for brands and influencers (You know how much you earn and when)
  • Multiple Payout Payment Mediums (Bank Transfer, Paypal, Bitcoin [BTC])
  • Simplified user dashboard
  • Access to other influencers from Asia, America, Europe, Australia, Africa to collaborate on single project and have a unique fusion; giving brands access to race they like to rock their products/services in their target region

How does OneStopAdvert Influencer Marketplace work?
OneStopAdvert Influencer Marketplace is a free application that allows social/digital influencers earn money by participating in brand campaigns on their social media profiles. After logging in, Social Media influencers can see the list of campaigns divided by brands working with OneStopAdvert Influencer Marketplace. Only campaigns available to specific Social Media influencers are visible to them. By clicking on details Social Media influencers receive the informations containing conditions and tasks that need to be done to complete the assignment. Influencers have to write text contents, take a photo or record a video and publish it on a social media account. In the description there should be specific #hashtag and brand’s @tag/mention. After completing the task correctly, the Social Media influencers receive a payment. Social Media influencers are able to see their remuneration even before they decide whether to participate in the campaign or not.

How can I join OneStopAdvert Influencer Marketplace?
To join OneStopAdvert Influencer Marketplace, register online at https://www.onestopadvert.com/ads/signup/influencer and add your social media influencer accounts. Our team will verify your account and approve accordingly.

I’ve registered, but my account isn’t activate yet. How long does it take to verify a new account?
Verification of your account may take up to 24 hours.

Why wasn’t my profile accepted?
OneStopAdvert Influencer Marketplace is a community of digital influencers who have sufficient engagement on their profiles, i.e. the number of likes and comments on posts that matches the number of followers. There may be several reasons if your profile has not been accepted yet by the moderator:
Too little time and the moderator has not yet managed to examine your profile,
You have too few followers – we accept profiles with over 1000 followers,
You have insufficient level of follower engagement in relation to content published on your profile,
Your profile contains content which is incompatible with the terms of use of either OneStopAdvert Influencer Marketplace or other social media channels
It is likely that photos published on your profile are not yours, or that you don’t have the copyrights to publish them,
Your profile contains too little content.

Still need help?
You can contact us on support@onestopadvert.com, Chat with us live or Call/Whatsapp: 08095029999

To signup now as a social media influencer, visit: https://www.onestopadvert.com/ads/signup/influencer

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