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There are multiple reasons why you are advised to use an influencer marketplace; as it has numerous benefits. At the same time; for busy entrepreneurs, you can also engage the service of an influencer marketing agency; to handle your next campaign. We try to xray the pros of adopting either or both below:

Benefits of using Influencer marketplaces and platforms

  • Self-service marketplaces and platforms put the power in your hands.
  • Great for a savvy in-house team.
  • Gives you direct access to influencers or their representatives.
  • First hand access to campaign performance and real-time analytics.
  • No lag or lead time to implement changes to your campaign whenever you want to.
  • More affordable since you’re only paying to use the platform.
  • Monthly subscriptions make it even more cost-effective if you’re only running a few small campaigns a year.

Benefits of using an influencer marketing agency

  • While influencer platforms save you money, an agency will truly save you time by taking most of the manual work off your hands.
  • Let the experts handle it. Agencies have specialists who take care of your outreach, management, optimisation, and reporting.
  • Agencies have access to a wider network with established relationships, meaning they’re able to negotiate rates that are normally fixed on marketplaces.

For custom made; all in one influencer marketplace, signup here https://www.onestopadvert.com/ads/signup/brand and get started as a brand or influencer. You can also contact our professional influencer management team to handle your campaign for you now.

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