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Instagram Stories was introduced over the years, overtime, they’ve added a countless number of story updates – including GIF stickers, Instagram Music, polls and emoji sliders. While everyone is trying to keep up with the latest tools, it’s easy for readers to simply miss your posts. But not all hope is lost! There are still some innovative ways to take advantage of these story features and make your content stand out.

  1. Use Instagram Story Stickers to Engage with Your Followers.
    Tools like the poll sticker, emoji slider, and questions sticker allow your followers to directly interact with your Instagram story. With the poll sticker and the emoji slider – both of which have been around for months – you can ask a customized question and your followers can vote on your customized answers .

    For example, Benefit Cosmetics used the poll sticker to get a sense of what the audience wanted to see in their stories. Another story included an emoji slider that encouraged the audience to vote on how they felt about a new product.

    The questions sticker, a newer addition recently, is open-ended and a bit more personal. With this feature, you give your followers a chance to ask you any question. You can answer the questions publicly and feature them in your story, or you can answer them privately by direct-messaging the inquirer. The sticker can also be used to ask your followers a question they can answer freely.


  1. Run a Contest (But Contestants Must Use the Reposting Tool).
    Instagram giveaways and contests have been popular for years – and for good reason. As a participant, you have the potential to win amazing prizes in exchange for a few effortless clicks. As a brand, you have the ability to grow your fanbase by establishing requirements such as follows, likes, and comments. I know the idea of running an Instagram contest hardly seems original. But one new update is a gamechanger. With the new reposting option, Instagram has made it possible to share feed posts and other users’ stories with your own story in two simple moves. Making a story-repost a rule for entering your contest may create high engagement since Instagram has streamlined the process. For instance, a Boutique has already taken advantage of this feature by publicizing their giveaway on their story. This may encourage more participants to take part in your contest, and in turn, your brand may grab the attention of more people.


  1. Work with an Influencer for an Instagram Story Takeover.
    Straying away from the typical #sponsored feed posts, an Instagram story takeover allows the influencer to post from your brand’s account. It’s a mutually beneficial relationship! It presents an opportunity for both your brand and the collaborating influencer to get exposure to two different audiences. To run a successful takeover, find an influencer who already feels connected to your brand. As Chloe mentioned in her recent #AskAnInfluencer blog, this is key to creating authentic partnerships. Takeovers work because the audience sees your content presented in a new way. To increase traffic, make sure beforehand to promote the takeover on every possible channel. Have the influencer share day-in-the-life videos, skincare routines, Q&A’s, or behind-the-scenes looks. The influencer can then use their creativity to use hashtags, play around with face filters, and tag people in the story. Most importantly, end the influencer takeover with a call-to-action, whether that be to click a link in your bio or to “Swipe Up.” After the takeover, you can add the entire thread to your story highlights and feature it on your brand’s profile.


Take a look at how Brook & York collaborated with @taymbrown to show off a variety of their jewelry pieces. You can now rewatch the takeover on Brook & York’s highlights. It’s easy to focus on feed posts to build your brand, but it may be time to shift gears. Instagram stories are a great way to connect and resonate with your followers on a day-to-day basis. So take advantage of story features. Don’t be afraid to be a little more candid and show off your brand’s personality!

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