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Influencer outreach is a make-or-break step in your efforts towards content marketing for successful, high engaging influencer campaigns.

Ask an Influencer: Why Aren’t Influencers Responding to My Emails?

Brands need to send a proposal to influencers about their campaign. This is quite simple but over the years it is discovered that Influencers don’t respond to some emails or there are a lot of back and forth before the detail is sealed.

Some Brands ask influencers to buy into a service that “guarantees” followers, and others are asking me to try a new product in exchange for a post on my feed. Many times, such emails are ignored. This sounds rude and harsh but, but you have to understand. For many influencers, creating content is our full-time job. They have to be strategic about the brands they work with, so their feeds don’t become an overwhelming gallery of product placements.

OneStopAdvert understands how disheartening this can be when an influencer that matches your perfect requirement doesn’t respond to your collaboration proposal. To help you get the attention of potential influencers – and to get them to read your proposal emails – we have asked professional influencers and we will break down the biggest reasons why influencers might be ignoring you. In addition, we will offer you few examples of amazing and not-so-great emails we’ve received from brands.


Top 3 Reasons Your Email Proposals are not Working

  1. Lack of personalization

First things first, please address the influencer by first name. Please don’t just say “Hello.” Some of the brands they automatically ignore are ones that don’t even personalize their emails. For instance, If you’re a payment brand asking me to promote your new app, it’s apparent you haven’t spent much time looking at my Instagram to understand that I usually talk about Outdoor Adverts, Social Media Influencer, and Indoor Ads products that we love. It will save us time down the road if you reach out with relevant products with a bit of personalization.

  1. Signs of automation we get it, you are busy and can’t craft each email individually. We are not new to email automation programs. However, if you are going to use a tool like this to send out mass invites, make sure that everything looks professional before sending it off. The worst case is when we are addressed as “{{First_Name}}” – that shows true automation at its finest which is discouraging.
  2. Lack of details about your collaboration If a brand emails us and by the time we are done reading their email, we still have no idea what they are asking for, we are most likely not going to spend the time responding. Please don’t ask to join your affiliate program or ask to provide a service if you haven’t given me information about your brand and product. Another noted that I am not a huge fan of when brands start a conversation off by offering a lot of money before talking about any of the fun collaboration ideas. This automatically makes the conversation seem like a business transaction rather than the start of a long-term relationship. Outline your thought-out collaboration idea and then let us know if it is something we would be interested in!


How to send an email the right way

Check out the sample email below. I’ll point out what I love about it.


The brand says, “Hi Yetunde or Dear Emeka.” While it is simple, you’d be surprised by the number of brands that don’t take the time to do this. This brand already has my attention!

Hi Emeka works way better than the confusion of adding prefixes or surnames – the more the variables, the more the chances of messing up. And a first impression will end up as the last ever impression, if communication does not go forward!



The brand mentions who they are and why they think I would be a good match for their campaign. They mention that my “colorful and fun content” will be really great for their campaign idea. They have done their research.



To avoid being mistaken for spam, back up your email with information about who you are and what brand you represent. Write to the influencers from an email domain that incorporates elements of the personal as well as the professional. An email from ‘Kikelomo, CEO – ediaro.com” is an example of good email marketing, and is less likely to get filtered as spam!

You should ideally also have links to the brand website and social media handles for the influencer to check out, as well as samples of previous influencer campaigns that you have worked on. It helps potential influencers gain a feel of your brand.



The brand gives me a brief overview of their campaign ideas, timeline, and the deliverables they are looking for. They also let me know that they are free to chat me up on OneStopAdvert.com Instant Messenger to talk more about the collaboration. You can guess I responded to this email! Even if I wasn’t interested in working with this brand, I would respond telling them why.

Let your influencer know why they are important to your brand and to your campaign. What about them or their work makes you believe they are the perfect for? Tell them in the first paragraph of your email itself. Give influencers no reason to hit delete and move on!


Moving forward, here are three tips to increase your response rate with influencers


Make your outreach proposal brief personal! Address an influencer by their first name and let them know why you’re reaching out to them specifically.



Make sure there is a call to action at the end of the email. What do you want the influencer to send you? Insights, media kit, rates, or more ideas on what their ideal collaboration would be? Is there a date you need to know if they have opted into the campaign or not? Add it in!

I hope this helps score your next collaboration with an influencer! If you really think the influencer just doesn’t have the time to respond back to you, make sure you send them a follow-up email after about 48 hours. This will make sure that influencer will respond right away if they are interested in collaborating.



Provide details about the campaign overview, timeline, and deliverables you are looking for. This not only helps cut back on the back and forth, but the influencer can then get back to you with a response, and without a ton of questions!



Don’t be vague about the requirements of the influencer campaign. What is it that you really need the influencer to do? 3 Instagram posts, 1 live video and a series of tweets? Would the influencer have to go to a specific location or use a certain prop in their photos? Let them know in the second paragraph of your email.

Here’s a good example of a campaign brief sent to an influencer:


“Hi Debola,

Hope you’re doing well!

As discussed with you, matamah.com is launching a new Shoes soon and wants to  promote the same. The Shoe URL will be sent to you. The Shoe is to be returned back once the images are confirmed.

It will be great if you could click 5-6 images so that client can choose the best 2 and confirm about the same. Images will be confirmed from the client side before you go live with them. The deliverables are as follows:


2 Instagram posts

Note: The branding of the Shoe should be visible enough. The Images could be like a flat lay image wherein Shoe is laid with Clothing essentials,

or A picture clicked while you were wearing the Shoe,

or any creative concept you can come up with the Shoe in the picture.

The Commercial decided for 2 Instagram posts is $abc.

Do share your complete Residential address so that we can send you the Shoe ASAP.”



When your influencer shows interest in being a part of your campaign but has not yet committed, get back to them ASAP. Fill in the blanks, put their doubts to bed and be clear with your explanation of the campaign brief.



To be responsive, draft email templates and keep them ready so you can access it at the click of a finger. When influencers respond to the campaign request, promptly reply to seal the association! Do not waste time thinking of how to respond. Instead, have a series of personal, customised email templates ready with the information the influencer needs, to say yes.

And that’s it. When communicating with influencers, remember they live busy lifestyles and work selectively with brands. Keep your communication crisp but informative. Clear out expectations. Remind your influencers of all the ways they will be rewarded if they are part of this campaign. And then sit back and wait while the responses come pouring in!

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