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OneStopAdvert.com is pleased to introduce the First Nigeria Social Media Influencer Marketplace in a bid to disrupt the influencer marketing landscape today 12 November, 2018. We are a proudly Nigerian, truly international Company enabling Brands engaging influencers globally with our one-stop platform for brands on the hunt for relevant influencers, OneStopAdvert is not only an influencer discovery platform, but also a community management platform that enables influencer outreach and collaboration.


OneStopAdvert Social Media Influencer Marketplace is a Creative Social Media community built through data and analytics with focus on unique, scalable, authentic content creation. We offer marketers opportunity to build large scale communities of influencers to produce the content needed to power every marketing channel.

According to recent statistics by Influencer Orchestration Network (ION), 70 percent of teenage YouTube subscribers trust influencer opinions over traditional celebrities and 71 percent of consumers are more likely to make a purchase based on a social media reference. Influencer marketing has long evolved from a can have to a must have and it is only going north from here.

Social media is more effective than ever in driving consumer decisions, because consumers are willing to look beyond ads, and make purchase decisions after reading reviews, recommendations, and what real-life experts have to say about it.

Why Influencer Marketing?

There are some fundamental reasons that makes influencer critical to every business’ digital strategy in the 21st Century:

  1. Social media and mobile are now the new kingmakers for brands. Traditional media outlets like TV and print continue to decline at geometric progression, not just in terms of viewership but also their impact on the cultural discussion and consumer preferences. Infact, you can the number of time you watch Tv in a day, but you check your phone and social media uncountable times daily. Amazingly, brands have not evolved their own approach towards content and branding to account for this shift.
  2. On social media, the people that matters are not necessarily celebrities, but “regular” people: influencers, tastemakers, creatives and your friends. Over 55% of purchasing decisions are driven by social media and influencers provide a natural, engaging discussion for every audience on what to buy, what to wear and what to do.

But influencer marketing is hard to get right, and most brands haven’t invested in building the right processes to do it successfully. The reason is because most brands and agencies see influencer marketing as transactional: I give you money, you give me a post to engage your audience. While this is fair, that transactional nature creates the same inauthenticity and issues as found in traditional advertising and misses the entire point of working with influencers in the first place.

What we identified early in the most successful influencer-driven brands and why we built our platform the way we did – is that there is a competitive advantage in building your influencer program into a true community. This means building long-term relationships with influencers, giving brands and creators the flexibility to collaborate in any way they see fit, and focusing on developing the tools to manage communities of hundreds, if not thousands, of influencers at any given time.


Influencers as Creative Communities.

Consumer attention span is at an all-time low. To break through on any digital or social medium today, brands need to reach each consumer with the right piece of content, from the right messenger, at the right time. But while this level of personalization could be the holy grail for every marketer, it’s also impossible for most because almost no one has access to the volume and diversity of creative assets needed to deliver custom content on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. This has led to a recent shift in what “influencer marketing” means to sophisticated marketing teams.

In addition to getting influencers to post on their own social media channels, the most successful brands today leverage these communities to generate the large volumes of image and video content needed to personalize every customer touchpoint: from paid media, to website content, to email marketing, SMS Marketing and more. Building Brands from the Bottom Up

Experience has thought us that success no longer requires top-down control of your brand. It’s impossible to rely on a single creative agency or in-house team to generate the volume or diversity of custom content required to keep up. Rather, the fastest growing consumer companies are building bottom-up communities of influencers, customers and content creators to tell their own personalized stories that define these brands. Traditional influencer marketing only scratches the surface of what our platform can do.

As marketing becomes more sophisticated and consumer attention becomes increasingly split across channels, being able to deliver customized, authentic storytelling across every audience segment is a necessity. Here at OneStopAdvert, we’re excited to provide every business the platform to build their own successful creative community while empowering the next generation of content creators to realize the full value of their talents and abilities.


OneStopAdvert Unique Features

The understanding of the true potential of influencer marketing is still limited. Overtime, we have witnessed more and more brands coming to us that they are interested in collaborating with influencers. One thing we noticed is that many of them are still very tied to their own marketing objectives. This makes Brands are still a long way from looking at influencers as long-term, authentic, real-world friends of the brand. We can see why brands struggle with influencer marketing – absence of a standard measure of online social influence, reliance on celebrities and inability to discover relevant real-world influencers, multiple communication layers between brands and influencers, and so on.


OneStopAdvert addresses these challenges effectively by adopting a data-driven, Artificial intelligence led approach. In a nutshell, OneStopAdvert comprises of growing global influencers, segregated to relevant topic categories that is growing constantly, across top social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, blogs, Snapchat, among others.  The platform provides an advanced search engine to discover the most relevant influencers, a sophisticated influence analysis algorithm that helps to compare and qualify influencers, and a smart messenger to enable hassle-free conversations between brands and influencers.


How OneStopAdvert system work.

OneStopAdvert’s smart and complex ranking algorithm uses multiple quantitative and qualitative factors to assess social content and interactions and calculates a social influence score for each profile across the social media channels. It uses these scores to calculate an overall influence score for each influencer. Besides this, a social footprint analysis for each influencer is calculated. At the end, it provides the report of each influencer profile, impact, insight and engagement of each post made on the social media platform for the Brand to have value for their money.

The platform also provides a topic/category expertise score for each influencer, and demographic information on the audience of each influencer, making it easier for brands to get a sense of which influencer’s content and expertise best aligns with their objectives and audience.


Another unique feature is the OneStopAdvert Messenger, a chat application that lets brands communicate directly with influencers. Not only does this feature facilitate outreach, it also simplifies processes for their clients when dealing with a large cohort of influencers on a day-to-day basis.

OneStopAdvert aims at enabling an ecosystem where brands can create their own community of micro-influencers who already have an affinity for the brand, engage and interact with them in mutually beneficial ways, and continually grow their community by adding more such micro-influencers.

OneStopAdvert is available globally, support Multiple Language (English, Arabic, French and many others), multiple currencies (Naira, United States Dollar, Great Britain Pounds and Euro) and multiple Payment and withdrawal options (Bank Transfer, Card, PayPal, Bitcoin (BTC), PerfectMoney (PM) among others)

To join us as a Brand or influencer, www.onestopadvert.com/ads , but if you are an influencer and want to get paid for posting what you like posting to your clients for free


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