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We try to make it very easy for Influencers, Bloggers and Creators to find and connect with brands on amazing paid sponsorships. Once you’ve signed up you will expect the perfect opportunity for your niche channel to send sponsorship proposal. The next step is that Brands/Advertisers will start sending you request telling you about their product or service and expecting you to tell them about how you can promote their product and what content you will share on your channel. At this point you will have to write the brand a proposal that will earn you the deal for every request you get. While there is no perfect formula for getting a brand to accept your proposal, we are here to increase the odds by giving you some best practices for writing a proposal that stands out and is ultimately selected.

Do Your Homework

Simply copying and pasting the same proposal for each campaign doesn’t work on OneStopAdvert and the brands will see right through it! The proposals that tend to get the highest acceptance rates are ones that are not only original but also demonstrate a genuine interest in the brand, product or service.

Take the time to learn something about the brand and make sure to customize your proposal to fit their campaign needs. Also, outline why you want to work with them or what peaked your interest. Reassure them that you can complete and submit content for their review by the desired deadline outlined in their campaign. Very often, brands align campaigns with new product launches or upcoming promotions so knowing that you are committed to delivering content on time can help establish professionalism and trust right from the beginning.


Be Genuine

Be genuine, channel your inner passion and wow them with your character and personal connection to the brand or product. It’s also important to note that you don’t have to write a novel to hit all these points — keep it short and sweet! There is no exact science to getting your proposal approved and we’ve seen several brands go back to their proposal lists weeks and months later and select Social Media Influencers (Instagrammer, YouTubers etc) for the second round of their campaign, so be positive and always look for ways to improve your proposals. There are five things a brand will look for when reading a sponsorship proposal and researching the talent. Listed in order of importance. 1. Quality of content, 2. Relevance to the brand, 3. Personality of the Influencer, 3. Comments and engagement with their audience, 5. Traffic and following of the channel.

Your content is the foot in the door so make sure it truly reflects you and your channel. If it doesn’t the brand will quickly find out when they research your channel. Don’t waste your time and more importantly don’t waste the brands time. Think quality over quantity when choosing what campaigns to apply to.


It’s All About Fit

After you’ve shown that you took the time to learn about the brand and expressed a genuine passion, it’s time to zero in on why you and your channel are a great fit. Here it’s important for you to think about your channel’s vertical, they type of content you produce, your audience breakdown, and whether there is a natural link between the brand’s voice and your voice. What do you have in common? Why will your audience care about this brand?

If the connection is not obvious at first glance, then ensure to spell it out for the brand. For instance, if the brand is a fitness apparel company looking to connect with fitness gurus, and if you are a fashion creator with a passion for health and fitness, let the brand know this as it will help them make the connection.


Sponsorship Proposal Logistics

Your sponsorship proposal should not have any spelling errors. You want the proposal to be neat, organized, and professional. Typos are not professional. Many people have questions about length, a paragraph is plenty. You don’t want it to be too long, the people reading these proposals are busy and don’t have too much time to read through pages for every application.


Sponsorship Proposal Content

Let’s get to the good stuff, the content of your proposal. This should be about a paragraph, short and sweet. Such as: 1. Brief intro, 2. State why you should be on the campaign, 3. Mention how you plan to incorporate the product/brand into your text, image or video, 4. End with a “Thank you”

Your proposal should give reason why is good for the campaign. State what you will use for the requested campaign to give the brand idea of how you will be using the product. We suggest further communication and brainstorming and ends with a thank you. Be straight to the point and your proposal will be successful.


Paint A Picture

The most successful proposals almost always include an incredible idea or plan for how the brand will be featured. So, ensure to take your proposal a step further and paint a picture on what an engaging content might look like for the brand. Brands love to hear your creative ideas for incorporating their products into your content and taking the guesswork out of a proposal often leads to increasing your chances of getting hired.

Remember, when a brand decides to work with an influencer/creator for the first time, it’s a bit of a leap of faith. They are trusting you with their product and vision in hopes that you will love their product just as much as they do, so make it as easy as possible for them to envision what their campaign would look like if they select you.


Be Sure Your Proposal Matched Your Video

When you write your proposal do not suggest something you don’t intend to put in your video. If you explain a scenario in which your content would be perfect for the product, stick to it. If the brand approves you that means they like they idea and that is what they can expect from your video. So, make sure to follow through on any promises you make in your sponsorship proposals.


Communication and Payment

We have simplified the channels of communication, you can send message to brands via inbox messaging or instant chat if the brand is online. Don’t share your contacts (such as Phone Number, Email address etc). Many people are not quite sure what it is exactly that OneStopAdvert.com sees and what the brand will see. There is no need to provide a link to your channel, OneStopAdvert.com does that for you. When Brands are logged in to their account, they will see the Influencer details. So, when you draft the sponsorship proposal your channel is automatically linked to the draft and shown to them. All payments are to be done through our system, then we will release to you, less transaction and portal fees, which gives assurance to both parties.

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