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Nowadays, most of the brands have adopted the content marketing. Each one of them has begun with their blog while taking the advantage of content scenario. But the problem arises when the brands don’t get the desired ROI, they leave content marketing totally. A good option is to get to know your customers. Whatever the topic may be, guessing the future is always a hard task, but you can always plan ahead, which will give you a kick-start.

In digital marketing, it works like this only. It is always a nice idea to get ahead from your competition. This article will provide you with content marketing strategies.

Infographics, GIFs & Memes Will Become More Mainstream in Marketing

Memes, GIFs & infographics have dominated all the social media channels for the past couple of years & it is not like that they would stop. Everyone loves humour & if you can have a little bit of wittiness in your content marketing, then it would increase interaction & a superior engagement. Infographics on the other hand is a clever way of content marketing, so if you will have a visual form of information or some data that are relevant to what you want to present is a nice way to send a message. It’s been working over the years; and worth giving it a shot.

Mobile Marketing Will Continue to Rise

Everyone has a mobile phone (smartphone to be more precise). It means a simple thing makes your website mobile friendly. Follow this advice to avoid problems in near future. Users have internet in their pocket, so it is better to take advantage of this technology.

You will have to make sure that it is available to each & everyone, irrespective of the device. It is simple to follow & can easily make a cutting-edge difference.

Ensure your advertisement are mobile compatible, your website is responsive on Phone, Tablet and PC and constantly evolve in tandem with technological requirements.

Content Marketing Will be All About Effectiveness

Content marketing is a challenging task; it is all about finding a proper link between value & ROI. The market for content marketing will increase so will the ways for finding a right solution. The trend always changes from year to year for content marketing & the effectiveness would be understood as we learn more about content marketing.

Artificial Intelligence & Virtual Reality Will Become More Dominant

Virtual reality content is an interesting way brands can drive customers to future with the use of technology.

This point can be proved with the accomplishment of Pokemon Go in 2016 & how the users are ready to accept, which means that you should experiment with new types of content. Google is also focusing on artificial intelligence which is a good pointer for the companies in the coming future.

Personalization Will be Key to Conversions

By sharing their personal information, audiences expect some better treatment from you. So, if you look at the stat by Usabilla: 56% of the customers are likely to buy when they are treated with a personalized experience. It is easy to personalize the experience of the user based on their geographic location, devices they use, searched keywords, age & many other options.

Customize your email newsletters, product recommendations on e-commerce website & also your content in blog. Always address customer by name to give them a sense of belonging. This can be at the beginning of every email or even at the header of the email title to encourage customer to open and read every email you sent

Influencer Marketing Will Reach its Tipping Point

Since social media have arrived in the digital marketing, there are many brands which that has connected with key individuals to create more business. If a public figure regularly promotes your brand on social media (it sounds good, everyone would love this strategy). It also proved very effective for many companies across the globe over the years. You can signup for OneStopAdvert influencer marketing to have firsthand experience about Social Media Influencer Marketing.

Social Media Audience Will Demand More Content

There is always the need for content, but demand has increased & marketers have to produce more content to cope with the consumption.

It doesn’t mean that the quantity will overtake the quality. It is important to create content, but it should always be aligned with the ROI & marketing goals.

Video Will Remain the King of Content

Over the years, video has its share of content & if we think about years ahead, the future is looking bright. Every digital market expert will tell you that video marketing will be on the rise; it makes sense to take advantage of a technique which is working well.

They say that “never change a winning formula” & this quote is related to video marketing.

And Storytelling Will be the Queen

Good storytelling is better than a case study. This highlights that audiences are beginning to get exhausted from the idea of the content. Simply having a blog won’t do; you will have to engage your audiences through a story.


Why content marketing is your must-have strategy

The influence of content marketing on your company and business

Nowadays more than 3 billion people have access to the Internet. That’s why content automation is so popular. It’s easy and cost-effective to schedule and publish material on the web resource instead of having it printed.

According to research done in 2017 by the Content Marketing Institute, 89% of B2B and 86% of B2C marketers are using content marketing now. 70% and 73%, respectively, expect to generate bigger amounts of original content than they had generated in 2016. Concerning budget, 39% of B2B and 42% of B2C companies are planning to increase their expenses on this activity over the next 2018 year. So, as you can see, the art and science of attracting prospects is effective and has grown in popularity.

What benefits will the companies get? Why are they using content marketing? And why should you fill your web resource with different blog posts, news pieces, interviews, quotes, stories, testimonials, product reviews, showcases, tutorials, how-tos, FAQs, illustrations, surveys, reports, spreadsheets, polls, ebooks, webinars, video broadcasts, podcasts, photo galleries and so on? According to the survey, the top three goals of content marketing are: to generate more leads (59%), to provide thought leadership/market education (43%) and to create and establish brand awareness (40%).

The influence of content marketing on your prospective audience

Users have an opportunity to consume online content when it is convenient for them, because it is accessible round-the-clock. A blogpost is the most widespread type. The average time that users spend reading one article on a blog is 37 seconds. So take into consideration this statistics and try to structure your text, highlight the main information with color, bold or italic fonts, etc. in order to help your site visitors catch your central idea while scanning through the page.

Additionally, there are ways to meet web accessibility standards and make your content easier to perceive for users with disabilities. Also, it can be customized and personalized according to each user’s interests and preferences. For example, if you apply location data, browsing history data or data about purchasing history from online shops, your users can see recommendations about similar information, spend less time on searching, and feel cared for.

Your consumers can reread, re-watch or replay your content as many times as they want. This especially relates to so-called “evergreen content” that remains continually relevant. Furthermore, users can share it and, in this way, popularize it, helping you reach a wider audience. Drupal modules for social networks integrationallow your site visitors bookmark, like, quote, cross-post and share your content across different social media platforms. You can set up auto posting from your site to Facebook or post directly in your FB business page, profiles in LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, G+ etc. to represent your business alongside with an official site. SMM toolshelp schedule, publish and analyze your posts and engage more prospects.

Content has proved to be an effective way to advertise. 70% of people prefer to learn about a company through articles rather than through adverts, 86% skip TV ads and 44% ignore direct mailings. This happens because people don’t want to feel like they are being sold something. Nevertheless, all of us have to buy products and services to satisfy everyday needs. When old-school “hard sales” tactics cause resistance, users want to get informative and meaningful high quality content to base their purchasing decisions on. 60% of people are inspired to search a product after reading content about it.

The influence of content marketing on search engines

Most of consumers are used to doing a little investigation online before making a purchase. They turn to search engines to find out more information about the assortment of goods currently existing on the market and to compare prices. Your content is a way to attract more visitors to your site and turn them into your clients. That’s why you should try your best to make Google’s algorithms appreciate the material you have posted on the Internet and rank it highly. It’s not so easy, because Google ranking factors are constantly adding and changing in order to improve user experience.

Produce fresh, interesting, unique content and avoid duplicating. Beware of over-optimization and use keywords wisely to get both SEO-friendly and user-friendly texts that are pleasant to read. Apply web analytic tools, for example, Google Analytics, to identify the most popular content and make it targeted. Remember that a great content marketing strategy is your way to the top of the search engine results page.



You will see that in years to come, influencer marketing will dominate the advertising landscape. It is social, powerful, tempting & most of all it works.

We try to share content marketing contents that can be adopted by brands and advertising agencies, we encourage you to select and pick any one of them to try it out. Meanwhile are there some impressive content marketing worth mentioning we omitted, please tell us in the comment box below.


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