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What is OneStopAdvert?

For influencers, OneStopAdvert is a free, public, online profile and media kit platform. Think of it like Social Media Marketplace designed for influencers and social media experts. Just like every professional need a presence on Social Media, every professional influencer should have a profile on OneStopAdvert.

For Brands, Advertising Agencies and Businesses, OneStopAdvert is a complete toolkit to run an influencer marketing campaign. You can discover influencers, recruit them, work with them and track the content they produce.


Why should I be on OneStopAdvert?

OneStopAdvert is the best place for influencers to showcase themselves and their work to brands and businesses across the globe, it offers many mechanisms to help influencers promote themselves.

Influencers can share their OneStopAdvert profile with any brand, agency, talent manager, photographer or other influencer using their public and personalized link. Our online digital media kits are dynamic so social media statistics and engagement rates are always up to date. You can also put a lot more information into a digital media kit than you could in a standard media kit saved as a PDF or PPT.


How do I sign up?

Claiming your profile is easy, you can click here to signup as an influencer or here as a brand. From there, follow the instructions to complete your profile. The whole process shouldn’t take more than 3 minutes.


How do I select my account type?

The account type you select will affect how your profile is displayed on OneStopAdvert. We have 2 different account types; influencer and brand.


How do I get my profile featured?

With so many members, we only feature the very best profiles. The best profiles are not only the ones of big influencers with huge reach. When considering whether to feature a profile we consider the following: complete bio, location, categories, do they have at least 6 pieces of featured content with reputable brands and businesses, their background image and if they have published rate information. Please email contact@OneStopAdvert.com if you’d like us to review your profile and consider it.


How do I update my social media stats?

The total reach metric that you see is a sum of all your followers on all networks you have authorized with OneStopAdvert. The engagement rate is for Instagram only and is calculated based off likes and comments on posts from the last 45 days. If any of your follower counts look wrong, we recommend signing out of your OneStopAdvert account, logging back in and then waiting for 24 hours for follower and reach counts to update. If after doing this the problem persists, please email contact@OneStopAdvert.com with your username.


Can I change or cancel my plan later?

Absolutely! You can upgrade or cancel.


How will you bill me?

Currently we offer monthly billing. You will be billed on the same or closest day of the month as the day you started your current membership.


Why OneStopAdvert.com?

OneStopAdvert.com is a unique influencer marketing marketing website that allows you to create beautiful public digital media kits, communicate with other members, and apply directly to brands you’d like to work with. If you’re serious about being an influencer, you will want to have a presence on OneStopAdvert.com.


How is my engagement rate calculated?

Engagement rates are calculated from Instagram posts only and are based on the average likes and comments on posts from the last 45 days.


I can’t see my engagement rate?

From time to time you may have to tell Instagram to renew your account authorization with us. To do this simply:

Sign out of OneStopAdvert

Sign into OneStopAdvert again

You may have to wait 24 hours for statistics to update


How do I enter my location?

To enter your location you’ll need to include; City, State and Country.



How do I apply to businesses?

To apply to work with a business, you must have your location set, an email address and at least 1 piece of featured content. Some businesses will add additional filters such as follower count, gender, location and engagement rate to their campaigns. You will be able to see that criteria before you apply. Visit OneStopAdvert.com to see all the businesses that are currently accepting applications from influencers for their campaigns.



How does OneStopAdvert work for a business?

OneStopAdvert offers two main services to businesses: 1) Use the extensive OneStopAdvert search capabilities to discover and connect directly with influencers. You can search based off categories, reach, location and reach out directly to influencers from OneStopAdvert. 2) Have influencers apply to work with you on a campaign. If you are a business and currently looking for influencers to collaborate with, claim your OneStopAdvert business page, complete your account and set up a campaign and you can begin receiving applications from influencers.


What is OneStopAdvert Influencer?

OneStopAdvert Influencer provides a platform for brands and influencers to collaborate in many exciting and mutually beneficial ways. This is aided by advanced algorithms that enable discovery, and a simple dashboard that tracks all influencers and campaigns in a single space!


What is Influencer Marketing?

Influencer Marketing, in the most simple sense, is when you get someone with a recognized expertise or influence in a particular field to talk about you or your brand, so that people who trust their word are inclined to form a positive opinion about you (or your product). Remember that cool person in your college with a huge fan following? To make a mark for yourself in the new environment, all you had to do was get this guy to ‘refer’ to you as cool, and everyone would be flocking to have you as their friend! Naturally, in this form of marketing, the focus is on targeting these key influential individuals, rather than your entire target audience.


 How does Influencer Marketing work?

There are two ways in which you could get the social influencers to talk about your brand – either pay for it, or earn it. While paid marketing is relatively easy and should be taken up on an ad-hoc basis such as a seasonal campaign or a product launch, it is the earned influencer marketing where the real equity lies for the brand. Earned influencer marketing happens when influencers promote content about you for their own personal social growth, and is usually a result of having long-standing and meaningful relationships with influencers.


How does OneStopAdvert Influencer help my brand execute Influencer Marketing?

OneStopAdvert Influencer combines the power of a sophisticated search-engine, a robust ranking algorithm, and intuitive chat messenger into one platform. This enables brands like yours to search, qualify, and reach out to the most relevant influencers. Brands that can cut through the content clutter to truly leverage influencer marketing will be the ones that create loyal, ever-expanding, micro-communities of their most relevant and vocal influencers. And OneStopAdvert Influencer helps brands do exactly this.


 I have an agency/team that does Influencer Marketing for my brand. Why do I need OneStopAdvert Influencer?

The world of online social influencers is very dynamic and complex. Millions of people every day are growing and exerting their influence in categories from Local food to Travelling to Nigeria, from Football to Aso Ebi Wedding, from fashion to fast food and so on. As such, it is difficult to manually search, compare, and qualify the best influencers for your brand, and grow your influencer community on an everyday basis. That is exactly where OneStopAdvert Influencer comes into play. OneStopAdvert Influencer puts a method to this complexity and helps agencies and brands alike to do influencer marketing and relationship management in a smarter, more consistent, and organic manner.


How does OneStopAdvert Influencer scoring work?

OneStopAdvert Influencer scoring tries to mimic real-world influence as closely as possible. For this, several quantitative and qualitative factors are taken into account for each profile per platform. A separate percentile score is calculated to indicate the relative influence an individual has on each social media platform. A category expertise score is calculated to demonstrate what topics they are influential in. These and other scores feed into an overall influence score for each influencer.


What social media platforms does OneStopAdvert Influencer support?

OneStopAdvert Influencer currently works across 9 platforms – Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Youtube, Pinterest, Musical.ly, LinkedIn, Blog .


What is the strength of OneStopAdvert Influencer database?

OneStopAdvert Influencer boasts of more than 100,000 indexed, global social profiles in its database. The search engine scans and indexes almost 4,000 profiles every day. We have segmented influencers over more than 15 categories! The keyword search also functions with more than 100,000 keywords and phrases.


How do I create an account on OneStopAdvert Influencer?

It’s simple! Click here to signup as a brand or here as an influencer


How much does it cost?

Check out our paid plans here. If you want to customize a plan for your specific needs and objectives, please contact our product specialist.


If I have more questions, where can I find the answers?

We are available 24X7. email us at contact@onestopadvert.com with your enquiries and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


How long it takes to receive your payment after your content has been accepted by the brand?

Please be sure to fill in your Payment Information in your admin panel.

Depending on the country you live in you will having different payout options. For example in Nigeria, you can receive payments via Bank Deposit, Cheque, Wire Transfer, Bitcoin, PerfectMoney among others. Other countries have additional benefit of receiving their payment via Paypal, Western Union Money Transfer, International Account transfer among others. Please note that each payout method comes with different fees, (or no fees).


What Are the available payout methods?

Payments are processed at the end of each business day, Monday through Friday. We reserve the first 48 hours after you’ve been approved to process your payment. After this time frame, your payment is released to the method you selected. Weekends and holidays are not included in operation days for payouts.

  • Bank Deposit
  • Cheque
  • Wire Transfer
  • Bitcoin
  • PerfectMoney
  • Paypal
  • Western Union Money Transfer


What is the transaction fee and how much is the minimum payment threshold?

There is a transaction fee in Nigeria and there is no minimum payment threshold.

Payments typically take 1-21 business days to arrive in your Bank account after your content has been approved and missing links have been replaced after approval.


Do you deduct tax?

We will deduct relevant taxes and remit to the Federal Inland Revenue Service of Nigeria. If you need details about tax, we do not give any tax advice, we advise you consult a tax professional for advice.


How Much Does It Cost to Use OneStopAdvert?

At OneStopAdvert Influencer it is our mission to directly connect influencers/creators with brands/agencies by keeping things as simple as possible while also delivering the most value for both brands and influencers. With that in mind, it is completely free to sign up and post campaigns or send proposals on OneStopAdvert Influencer! No contracts, monthly charges or long-term commitments. OneStopAdvert Influencer only charges when a brand hires an influencer, it’s that simple.


How Do Expiry Dates Work?

As a Creator you can choose an expiration date for any proposal you send a brand for a campaign. To add an expiration date simply fill out your Campaign Proposal as you normally would and then locate the step that says Expiry Date. Click that to select the date that your proposal will no longer be valid to the brand.


What Happens When my Proposal Expires?

Once your proposal expires we will send you an email notification allowing you to update it or leave it expired. The brand will also see that your proposal has been moved into their Expired folder and must then invite you back to the campaign if they want to work with you. This gives you the opportunity to update your offering, price and delivery date.

Setting a proposal expiration date is entirely optional, however if you don’t set a date then a brand can hire you days, or even months after your proposal has been sent.


How Do I Report an Issue with A Brand or Influencer?

Sometimes issues occur and needs an independent person to media and handle situations that arise between influencers and a brand.

If as an influencer you ever feel that you are being asked to do something outside of OneStopAdvert Term of Service such as take an affiliate deal you have several options for reporting this to OneStopAdvert.



On the right-hand side of your dashboard, you will see Contact Support button where you can report issue. Simply click that button and enter the issue you’d like to report. Both Influencers and Brands have this option in every Dashboard. Issues are then sent to our support team and will be dealt with accordingly.

The last way to report any issue is to email contact@OneStopAdvert.com directly. We are more than happy to help and answer any questions you may have.



OneStopAdvert Influencer charges a 10% fee when hiring an influencer. For example, if you hire a YouTuber for N100, the actual charge upon the completed campaign will be N 10.



OneStopAdvert Influencer charges 10% upon completion and brand approval of your content. For example, if you bill N 100 for a campaign, OneStopAdvert Influencer will pay you N 90 once your submitted content has been approved by the brand. This does not include any PayPal or credit card processing fees.



When a brand hires a influencer funds are automatically held in escrow with OneStopAdvert Influencer and is only released once the content has been submitted and approved by the brand. This protects both parties involved as we can be sure that creators get paid for the work they do and brands get the content they expect.

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