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How can OOH help you?

1. Build a brand:

You can launch, re-launch or build a brand by increasing the brand awareness using outdoor.

2. Make an impact:

You can create a lasting impact by using the media creatively. You can use a spectrum of colors, fonts and styles to make your outdoor ad eye-catching and appealing.

3. Reach large audiences at low cost:

Using outdoor, you can reach large yet specific audiences at a lower cost as compared to the other mediums.

4. Segment market to target unique customers:

You can segment the market and advertise according to your area’s specific requirements. For example, to reach the residents of South Extension colony, you can do community branding in that particular colony.

5. Compliment other media:

You can use it in combination with the other media to increase the impact of your campaign. It can serve as a reminder to reinforce the brand image for sustained brand awareness.

20 Reasons why you should go OOH

It is believed that a human being spends a third of his life outdoors. There are more people “out and about” than ever before, more cars per household, longer distances traveled and longer times outside. More red lights, more traffic jams and thus more idle time to look around at billboards. 20 reasons why you should go OOH are as follows:

1. Lowest cost per thousand: The lowest cost-per-thousand of any media, Outdoor Advertising is unsurpassed in its ability to supply long-lasting impressions, coverage, reach and frequency. Outdoor Advertising communicates ideas at the lowest possible prices.

2. Total reach: Outdoor Advertising provides broad coverage and outstanding reach. It is the most visible media exposed to everyone who goes outside of the home to work, study, shop or play.

3. Consistent brand reinforcement: The continuous presence of Outdoor Advertising produces frequency levels unmatched by any other medium. Outdoor advertising is the only type of media that has constant exposure. It can’ t be thrown away or turned off. No other type of advertising allows your message to be displayed 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

4. Wide target potential: Not only can you reach mass audiences with Outdoor Advertising, but it also allows for targeting specific communities, ethnic groups, ages, income levels, etc.

5. Sustained awareness: Outdoor generates repeated exposure, delivering your message over and over again.

6. Flexibility:

Outdoor Advertising can be situated in locations reaching everyone coming into or leaving your specific market area. You can pinpoint your prime target areas exactly!

7. Impact:

Outdoor is BIG,BOLD & COLORFUL always on and always visible!

8. Size:

Outdoor is the only medium to support big and bold creatives, be it as big as 40’x40′ or even bigger! Your imagination is the only limit.

9. Immediate and continuous response:

Try and tie your message to a toll free cellular number for more information on the ad displayed; you’ ll know what we mean.

10. Innovative medium:

Things are happening up there: moving parts, eye-catching devices, video projection, light emitting devices etc to make sure your message doesn’ t go unnoticed.

11. Adaptability:

The explosion of out of home media in the last 10 years has facilitated a customized solution to any advertiser need: size-wise or location-wise.

12. Speed:

New technologies have enabled faster production processes and quicker posting schedules.

13. Brevity:

Outdoor advertising is effective for communicating short messages and simple concepts.

14. Strategic placement:

Billboards can be placed at high-traffic areas or other strategic locations, while transit signs can be affixed to the backs and sides of buses, in bus stops, and in railway stations.

15. Directional:

Billboards can be used as directionals, pointing out the locations of your business.

16. Constant reminder:

Outdoor Advertising provides a constant reminder, keeping your name, service or product fresh in your target consumer’s mind hence influencing your consumers when they are on their way to make a purchase.

17. Increased OTS:

With substantially more working parents, longer commutes and more miles being driven by a record amount of vehicles, the audience for outdoor is growing at an extremely rapid pace.

18. Overcomes fragmentation:

The competing media has become more and more fragmented by the addition of thousands of satellite and cable TV channels, Internet sites, magazines and newspaper publications, leaving outdoor as the one medium that can’t be missed or diluted.

19. Specified target reach:

Outdoor advertising allows you to target or pinpoint specific target areas where you would want to promote to promote your products or services.

20. Bridge the gap:

Outdoor bridges the gap between the message being heard in the home and the actual point of purchase.

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