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A local billboard advertising company who pride ourselves on producing the best creative campaigns to amplify your brand and business to the masses of shoppers, residents, tourists, commuters and students who move around the local area on a daily basis across Nigeria.

We offer billboard advertising at a really cost effective rate so local businesses can benefit from the power of outdoor advertising in order to raise awareness, sales and footfall.

What we do
We get your message out to the masses by professionally and creatively displaying brands in the best way possible that ensures maximum returns to our clients.
Our portfolio is made up of prominent billboard advertising locations situated on main arterial roads with high traffic counts and footfall. OneStopAdvert Outdoor make this high impact advertising format affordable and within reach to businesses and brands of all sizes and budgets within the local area.

Who we are
OneStopAdvert is a provider of out-of-home advertising and communications solutions. We have a portfolio of billboards in the most prominent positions for our customers in the form of Billboards, Wall drape, 48 Sheet, Digital LED Board, Transit Ads, Gantry Lamp Post among others. . Our Organisation provides client network with local market insight, a blank canvas, and support to deliver their messages with maximum impact, from start to finish.

What we offer
OneStopAdvert serves local businesses, multinationals, agencies and the public sector, we pride ourselves on producing awe inspiring visual campaigns, bringing messages and brands to life.

  • Strategic Billboard Locations – Great billboard locations.
  • Great concepts & ideas – producing successful advertising campaigns that stem to great Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Cost effective Campaigns to suit all budgets – we offer you advertisement within your budget and size
  • Indigenous Nigerian Company – In-depth knowledge about outdoor, area & demographics.
  • Social Media Marketing. We can offer unique Social media promotion to compliment your campaign.
  • Simplified Process of Nationwide campaign – We snap and send your campaign photograph to you.
  • Experienced – We know the power of outdoor advertising

Reach Customers
OneStopAdvert’s growing billboard marketplace means you can get your advertising in front of thousands of customers.

Flexible Ads
Change advertising on the fly to keep ads relevant and promote time-sensitive content.

Campaign Management
Advertisers can plan, execute and monitor ad campaigns in real-time. Start, pause, schedule, and budget campaigns however you like on any number of boards.

Audience Insights
Users can access pricing, impressions, CPM, GRP, traffic counts, audience demographics, and real-time campaign proof-of-performance data.

OneStopAdvert is your local online marketing partner and is available 24/7 365 days a year. OneStopAdvert appeals to advertisers, agencies and digital strategists who want to include Out-of-Home (OOH) in their marketing campaigns and are already buying other forms of media online including digital, social and other media. OneStopAdvert simplifies and streamlines the billboard ad buying process and is attractive to advertisers with budgets of any size.

Our team of advertising specialists and partnerships with billboard operators and sign companies in your area allow you to create and run powerful and affordable on-line advertising campaigns.

We give you the flexibility to change your ads at any time and the ability to assess your campaign’s impact in your target local or national market.

OneStopAdvert’s experience is designed to make billboard advertising as easy as possible, while providing you flexibility to create a campaign that suits your needs and helps you reach the right audience at the right time.

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