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Digital technology’s marriage to billboards provides virtual storytelling to a diverse group of consumers with unrivalled flexibility and freedom. Never before have you had the flexibility to quickly change your message as often as you like.

Aside from displaying your message differently, you might wonder what the advantages of digital billboards are over traditional billboards. You might also be surprised to hear that there are many unique advantages by going digital when compared to traditional vinyl billboards.

With traditional billboards you’ll have to design and produce the creative. This costs money and time, and just shy of replacing the creative if your message changes, your message will remain relatively permanent. With digital, you have more flexibility and control when it comes to your message and you’ll be able to change it faster as the need arises. Additionally, our digital inventory is located in very high traffic areas for maximum market coverage.

  • From dusk to dawn, digital outdoor stimulates long-term, consumer brand recognition.
  • Instantly engage your audience with a brilliant and bright LED display—change it weekly, daily or even hourly. Design a creative strategy to keep viewers coming back for more. Digital is the perfect medium for the forward-thinking advertiser.
  • Right content at the right time – Unlimited creative executions show case every aspect of your product, services or image
  • Efficiency – React rapidly to market conditions and eliminate printing costs and production delays. In other words, immediate delivery of your message that can be updated weekly or even hourly
  • 24 Hour Coverage – Daytime, Primetime, All-of-the-Time. Guaranteed minimum of 1350 showings of your ad per day.
  • Location! Location! Location! – All digital structures are strategically placed in high traffic areas offering optimized distribution, circulation and visibility. You are guaranteed premium placement in the highest traffic areas.
  • Reach out to thousands of people every day—do it with style and class.
  • Impact and engage your audience – Immediate delivery of your targeted messages updated weekly, daily or hourly.
  • Flexibility – Share your message the moment you need to. Adapt to the market and achieve marketing objectives quickly. Start a dialogue, create anticipation, customize programs, and build ongoing relationships with the consumer.
  • Flexible Copy. Time-sensitive messages are now possible, providing advertisers the ultimate edibility in every campaign — multiple messages, day parting, time-sensitive promotional campaigns, a live Internet feed — are now possible with endless creative options.
  • Low Cost. Production costs are no longer an issue. Eliminate printing costs and production delays. Change copy within 24 hours without any printing or installation costs.
  • Leveraging the Benefits of Digital
    Digital Billboards have brought Out-of-Home advertising to a whole new level. With messages that are easily changed, you can display different ads at different times of the day during your advertising campaign, making your message not only relevant but timely.

So, what are some ways you can use these leverage these advantages when going digital? You can:

  • • React faster to current events making your ad extremely relevant while avoiding additional artwork, production costs and delays
  • Build urgency with your audience by offering countdowns for sales events or new product launches
  • If you have specials that change frequently, going digital is a great option to accommodate them
  • If your message changes frequently, you should choose digital over permanent or rotary bulletins
  • If you have promotions that update frequently, digital would be a great choice

Questions about how digital billboards can work for you? Give OneStopAdvert a call today and tell us a little more about your project.

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