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  • Mobile billboard: A 3-sided billboard trailer with a total advertisement space of 42 square metre i.e 3m x 6m on either side and 3m x 2m at the back. Used in routes where conventional billboards are not allowed.
  • Backlit Billboard: An electronic billboard of 4m x 8m dimension encased in aluminium frames usually illuminated from within. Has a special mechanism which spreads light on the advert material in such a way that it looks like one giant television screen at night. The standard dimension accepted for Backlit in Abuja, Nigeria is 3m x 6m.
  • Motion Display: A visual display unit often encased in aluminium frames. Could be wall mounted or free standing. Displays a maximum of 6 (six) advert messages intermittently by seconds or minutes depending on the agreed timing.
  • Unipole Tower: A single-legged 5m x 15m or 6m x 18m board usually 60ft and above from the ground. Could be 2-sided or 3-sided with each face attracting a different traffic. Could be illuminated from within or on the surface.
  • Rooftop: A spectacular billboard of various sizes usually installed on high-rise buildings. Could be illuminated from within or on the surface.
  • 96-sheet billboard: A bi-polar or 4 legged 10ft x 40-ft board with a ground clearance of 20-25 ft. Its USP is its ability to give adverts better exposure than smaller boards. It is an ideal alternative for a regular unipole tower.
  • 48-sheet: A bi-polar 10ft x 20ft board. Delivers better aesthetic value than the conventional 40-sheet. Its major advantage is that it is installed in areas where space is a challenge.
  • Super 48-sheet: Basically same with the regular 48-sheet in terms of dimension except that it is taller with about 10ft clearance from the base and fitted with H-beam channels/upright.
  • 4m x 8m: Has the advantage of delivery as simply non-illuminated or backlit depending on clients need. As a backlit, it guarantees night and day exposure.
  • Roller Banner: Typically an indoor medium with about 31” x 88” advert dimension. Stands alone and can be strategically positioned during events to promote products/services. It’s portable, collapsible and easy to move around.
  • Gantry: Advertisement boards running across major roads. Could spread across a single carriage or dual carriage way. Also used alongside traffic/directional signs. Mostly double-sided.
  • Signages: A block indicating the single or multiple occupier of a building. Mostly used as directional signs in shopping malls, plazas and office complex.
  • Lamp posts: Advertisements affixed to electric/street light poles. Mostly double-sided.
  • Bridge Adverts: Advertisements or banners placed on bridges
  • Product Animation. Advertisement displayed in the size and shape of products.
  • Product Branding. Advert displays on water tank etc.
  • Outdoor Advertising. We provide traditional and digital OOH Billboard options nationwide. Our premier outdoor locations across the Nigeria. have allowed our clients to showcase their brands in the highest consumer traffic areas in every major city.
  • Digital Billboards. We provide Digital Billboards in the heart of Times Square and in select Nigeria States. Digital Billboards are spectacular, engaging and they can interact with consumers today in the most innovative ways.
  • Wild Posting. Wild Posting is synonymous with high-impact guerrilla advertising. Our Wild Posting and Large Format locations are in high-traffic, high-exposure areas for maximum impressions and exposure to the public.
  • Gallery. We can ignite a social influence that begins locally, reverberating regionally, advancing nationwide.

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