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Billboards produce a tremendous return of investment for businesses locally and nationally. They can make a trivision billboard advertising nigeria outdoor ooh onestopadvert.commassive impact to sales and footfall for companies within the local area. Below are few benefits of outdoor advertising.

Outdoor advertising has a high impact
Unlike other mediums, One of the key benefits of outdoor advertising is it does not need to be invited in. Billboard advertising is part of the urban environment and cannot be turned off like television and radio.

Outdoor advertising demands the consumers attention
They deliver your advertising message 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – Why businesses often see the benefits of outdoor advertising is that outdoor advertising demands the consumers’ attention.

Businesses often see the benefits of outdoor advertising when they use billboards as they have the luxury of being a solus advertiser, their advert stands alone so it doesn’t have to compete with other businesses like newspapers, magazines and other formats.

Due to the sheer size of outdoor advertising formats, businesses have the opportunity to make a massive impact and statement within their local area.

Outdoor advertising is cost effective – 98% of people in the Nigerians see outdoor advertising every week.
This is one of the big benefits of outdoor advertising, it reaches out and engages a large, relevant audience in a cost effective way producing a great return on investment.

Local businesses think that outdoor advertising costs a lot of money and is out of their reach, but this is a myth – OneStopAdvert strive to make outdoor affordable to businesses of all sizes.

We believe that the benefits of outdoor advertising and ROI that companies get should be accessible to everyone within the local area.

Outdoor advertising works in synergy with other media formats
Outdoor advertising has been proven to work well with other advertising mediums. The impact and reach of outdoor advertising is greater and can remind the consumer of the message across other media.
For example – A motorist will hear a radio advert and forgets the telephone number, but then notice the same companies advert on a billboard when he/she is static at a traffic light junction.

Businesses see the benefits of outdoor advertising by altering purchasing decisions
We know through research that one of the major benefits of outdoor advertising is it is primary medium to reach shoppers within 30 minutes prior to them making a purchase. Outdoor can engage this alert audience who are in a buying frame of mind and signpost them to your business.
Outdoor advertising dominates engagement with shoppers in last 30 minutes prior to purchasing as it reaches 88% of those exposed to the advertising message.
Businesses using outdoor during this pre purchase period will vastly increase the chances of consumers finding out more about their product and chance of buying it.

Young urban mobile audience
The outdoor audience sweet spot makes a highly desirable and attractive target.
The people you reach most with outdoor are the people you most want to reach – young, urban, mobile, active, connected, professional and light TV viewing. These are the people who see most outdoor, and the ones who buy most because of outdoor.

The active space
The context in which outdoor advertising reaches people is the active space.
People are alert, absorbing information, out there, in a positive mindset and open to visual stimulus. They are near the shops and en route to work, home, cinemas, pubs, sports and leisure venues. They are ready and open to influence.

Impressions that last
Outdoor creatives can stick in the mind for decades. Think about the outstanding adz you’ve seen over the years. The best creative is inspiring, and brilliantly condenses the message in visually branded form, taking advantage of our strongest sense, our sight, to lock in the brand message.

The amplification medium
Outdoor works well in mixed media campaigns and always delivers unique cover. Outdoor carries the message to new people and demands its own unique form of attention. It’s also the medium which leads to the most mobile searches, and the one with the biggest word of mouth effect.

Changing the landscape
Outdoor is at the heart of change, creating modernity at every turn.
It is changing the physical, visible, tangible landscape we live in, transforming the look and fabric of cities. But it’s also changing the media landscape and allowing brands to do all sorts of new things with cutting-edge technology, in the interface where consumers engage personally with brands.

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